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lori, Lacee and Mary were best friends and lesbians. Lori loved Lacees's huge tits and Mary loved Lacee's bald pussy. They spent a lot of time sucking and licking Lacee. Mary also loved using her strap on with both girls. They shared an apartment and the sex was hot and plentiful every day and night. Tonight they were sitting around in just panties when the girl across the hall knocked on the door. She was a very pretty busty gal and quite friendly and visited the girls often to play. The three friends decided to share her tonight. As she got in the room Lacee grabbed her and they began to undress her.

They soon had her naked and shoved her onto the bed. They tied her hands and feet so she could not move and they smiled seeing her with her legs bound and spread. Mary began to kiss her giving her lots of tongue as Lori stared to suck on her nice big tits. Lacee started to rub her pussy giving her clit a lot of strokes between two fingers. The girl was going crazy with the three girls working her over. Lacee then shoved two fingers into her cunt and began to finger fuck her. As she felt the girls cunt pulse she fucked her harder. She had her cumming faster and faster.

Mary then straddled her face and rubbed her pussy all over the girls mouth and the girl wasted no time licking and sucking her. Mary began cumming fast and the girl lapped all her juice then she shoved her tongue into Mary's cunt and began to tongue fuck her. Lacee now gave the girl another finger in her cunt and was fucking her hard. She took her other hand and rammed two fingers in her ass and heard the girls scream as she ate Mary's cunt. Lori began to bite and chew on her nipples as the girl kept cumming harder and harder.

Mary then got up and Lori then sat on the girls face and began to grind her pussy as the girl licked and sucked her. Mary put on her strap on and told Lacee to eat the girls pussy as Mary fucked Lacee in her cunt. As Mary had Lacee's ass in the air and was fucking her hard and deep with the strap on Lacee yelled "Spank my ass. Spank me hard as you fuck me." With each plunge with the strap on Mary spanked Lacee's ass till it was beet red and sore. After a long while fucking Lacee, Mary pulled out of her cunt and told Lacee to move and then she plunged the strap on in the girl and went deep and hard and began to fuck her with no mercy. Lacee grabbed a nipple with her teeth and bit and sucked the girl as she was being fucked hard.

Lori yelled at mary to fuck the girls ass. "Ram that strap on all the way in her and fuck her hard. Make her our ass bitch while I let her lick my ass." Mary then fucked the girl in the ass with the big strap on. Mary yelled "untie her and let's get her on her knees so we can really fuck her ass and spank her till she is raw." They untied her and got her on her knees and Mary shoved the strap on back in her ass all the way and continued to fuck her hard and deep. Lori and Lacee then began to spank the girl's ass. They kept spanking till her ass was beet red and raw. Lori then shoved four fingers into the girls cunt and finger fucked her as she got her ass fucked. The girl yelled "Harder. Fuck me harder. I want it deep and rough." Lori laughed and said "She is a real fucking slut. She loves it rough." The girls spent the next hour fucking the girl hard and spanking her ass then her tits till they knew she would not sit and maybe not walk for a couple days. But she always came back for more from the three girls and the girls loved fucking and spanking her in all her holes.

As they let the girl back on her feet her tits and ass was bright red. Mary grabbed her and tongue kissed her and said to her "was that rough enough tonight? Come over tomorrow and I am going to go buy nipple clamps and pussy lip clamps and a nice riding crop to whip you with. I will give it to you as rough as you can take it. You really love it rough. You are a tough bitch." Then each girl tongue kissed her and felt her tits as she began to leave the apartment naked. They couldn't wait till tomorrow night to test the pain level of the young girl.

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