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Working Holiday

Just back for a works tip to Spain, 11 days in a place i wont name as I dont want to give the game away, but I had a great time.

Last time I was there was a lads holiday 9 years ago, this time I ended up with a house to myself because the guy who was supposed to cover the job was planning on bringing his wife and k** so the house was booked, when he dropped out I said I would do it.

Ended up in a nice house with a little pool, was not too busy around there so no neighbors to complain. Good stuff.

Like I said I was there on a lds holiday years ago and had a bit of cunt (english & scottish and one irish) but I always thought spanish cunt was beautiful, theres no chance of catching local cunt - they usually hate the tourists so I thought it would be better to just get a spanish whore and do it that way.

On one of my days off I took a 90 miniute drive to a brothel I read about so I could fuck some spanish cunt, when i got there it was early enough but there was some good meat on display, a very nice small spanish cunt and the usual bunch of bored looking eastern European cockworkers. But there was this one really nice black girl, the only one who smiled, turns out she was french but I had to have her.

Was not disappointed, very nice girl, age 24 and selling it for five years, considering she had probably fucked at least five guys a week for five years - thats well over a 1000 cocks - she was super tight, great body. fucked her and got sucked then took a break in the bar for a bit and went for a second go, expensive< all told over €400, anal was offered and taken, but well worthit.

Got another whore by chance, she was doing the walk of shame after an all nighter and I seen her at the junction at the end of the block, great stuff, she said €80 per hour and I said lets do two hours, she ended up staying for closer to five. had a swim and I even made her a sandwich, also got sucked off while I was sitting on the edge of the pool. Anal was not on the menu.

Had a bit of luck with some cunts on holiday, more trouble than they are worth, in the end I fucked two and got a handy and a bj from a third.

One was mental, sucked me off down near the shops at the edge of the beach and after I cam jumped up and kissed a mouthful of my own cum into my mouth. Filthy cunt was up for it, got a decent fuck into it after that, no anal.

Got a bj from a tubby girl from brighton, i offered a lifter to her and 2 mates, mentioned I had a pool they could use, stupid bitches thought it was like beverly hills having a rented house with its own pool. She sucked me off while her friends were swimming, I tought about her good looking mate during it, was an ok bj, too slow and not enough sucking. got a handy in the car after dropping them off at their hotel. No chance of anal.

Last one was a nice girl, 22 from bradford and on holiday with her two mates and their boyfriends, her boyfriend had to cancel as he got a last minute job. this pissed her off and I think she tried to fuck every cock in town.

When I saw her in a bar it was easy to tell tell that her friends were pissed off with her, both the 3 cunts a drink and it was that easy Lousie was willing to go back to mine.

Usual fuck and suck, she had a great bj style, very wet and plenty of eye contact, best i've had in ages, apart from whores of course. Had a fun fuck and even eat her out, she was an easy three finger size cunt so I went for all four fingers and then gave the thumb a shove in. What a girl she just looked down and me and said and you going to put your hand in? I said yeah and she said ok.

Gave her a slow fisting and she loved it, we both had a lot of fun. Afterwards she wanked me off while we kissed, she stayed in the house and we fucked anain in the morning, think she noticed being looser from the fisting as she did not seem as into it, i pulled out and fisted her again while licking her clit, that did the trick. Her cunt did smell a bit funny but what can you do.

I knew she was leaving so I had nothing to lose, while fisting and licking her i had a wank to get close to cumming and right before i popped i pulled my hand out and pushed my cock into her hole. Was very loose and really wet, i came in about 10 seconds and she started pushing me off and giving out but i could see she was not too bothered about it, would guess she had had plenty of unwrapped cocks in there. tried anal she said she did not want to as she had tried it and I quote "when i was in school and it hurt", after a bit o pestering a half abottle of wine she gave in, had a shower to clear her out and lube her up. back in the bedroom I could get 2 inches in and then she cramped up, still managed to cum, much tigher than her cunt.

She was laughing when she went to the toilet to clean the cum out asking me if i thought her boyfriend would notice that ahe was looser, my thought was that as i had done my best to make her cunt the size of a shoe box there was no way her boyfriend would not notice but I said no i'm sure he will never know.

So if your 22 year old girlfriend has just returned from holiday and her cunt is now the size of a shopping bag then all i can say is "your welcome".

Spain was great, bring plenty of cash to buy cheap shops for the cunts in the bars and you will get a result, failing that the whores are very good.

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