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Exhibitionism in the airport

Let me start of by saying everything you are about to read is 100% factual they occurred 2 years ago to me personally and it is a deeply erotic memory for me.

So here I was completely out of my mind desperately staggering through the airport in Rome. About 5 hours beforehand I'd gotten d***k and swallowed a litre of cheap corked wine (not fun) and if I didn't have friends with me I wouldn't have made it through the front door. But with them half carrying me I made it to boarding where I had an hour to sober up.

Leaving my friends I practically collapsed into a stall in the airport toilets not aware enough to lock the door. One disgusting thing led to another and about ten minutes later I found myself on my knees with my face resting on a (clean) toilet bowl. I had my ass sticking up in the air my jeans and boxers around my ankles making a nice pretty display of my boyhole.

Then the mystery man with the greatest timing in the world opens the unlocked door to use the stall and gets a perfect view of my round sexy ass my virgin hole and all while I'm on the floor helpless and in the doggy style position.

But what he did next I will be eternally grateful for. Most men would just close the door and walk away but he chose to stand there for at least a minute me not moving him holding the door open and just staring at me like he was trying to fuck me with his gaze and when I worked out what was happening I felt the biggest hardest erection I have ever had before or since shoot up and I knew he could see my rock hard cock hanging down from between my ass cheeks. We were both getting off on my little display.

Eventually he closed the door but the lock was on the inside. After a second I dragged myself up onto the seat and jerked off hard and loud moaning like a whore and pumping my cock so hard people could hear the banging of the toilet seat as I was slamming myself up and down on it.
Heres what I was jerking to.

My fantasy
In my mind the mystery man was one of the big sexy Italians I had seen around Rome. Like the mystery guy he watched me but after he saw my cock get hard he left the door open grabbed my hips and started violently fucking me just pounding my ass like i was his personal fleshlight my head bouncing of the toilet lid. While people were coming into the bathroom and seeing me get fucked so hard. Then when he dumped a huge load of cum into my ass and another one in my face he wiped his cock off on my ass patted me on the head and walked away.

The reality
But that was just a booze fuelled sex fantasy what really happened turns me on far more. While I was jerking to that Italian god using me in public the unlocked door which had been closed was slowly swinging on its hinges having bounced back after the guy slammed it. I didn't even notice til I and already sprayed the floor with my cum. But there was a gap easily wide enough for me to see the door and for everyone walking in to see me having the most depraved hardest wank of my life. THIS WAS A BUSY AIRPORT I don't know how many men saw me hammering my cock and heard me moaning like a whore maybe ten maybe twenty or thirty but it had to be quite a lot I wonder if any of them stayed and watched as I came splattering the floor and my legs with cum but I hope a few jerked off to it later.

That experience changed me forever made me not only admit to myself that yes I was Bisexual but made me WANT to be bisexual. It gave me the exhibitionism fetish I have now and to this day I jerk harder to gay sex in bathrooms than any other porn.

Thankyou dumbass waiter that didn't notice my wine was corked.
And the mystery man who stared into my asshole like it was a magic 8-ball.
Thankyou to every guy who didn't get security when they saw me wacking off.

And thankyou for reading this it's the first time iv'e told anyone.

oh and sorry to my friend who had endure a 3 hour flight with me reeking of my own cum. :)

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