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Rozia - Part 1

I had a Colombian girl - Rozia. She was slim with smooth tanned skin. She had a sweet smile, warm mouth, boobs to die for, and hips made to lure men to her inner thighs. When her thighs were parted and naked they revealed her shaven seventh heaven with a clit that, when aroused, stood taut and ready to trade orgasms with a thrusting cock. In short, she was woman! Rozia lived with a Colombian f****y in a tenement block where I used to take her home every night after we first met. We'd kiss and feel each other as we stood by the front door til she was really horny and I had a solid hard on - even if we'd fucked in the afternoon. That kinda set us up for the next day! One evening tho it was different.

On this particular October evening we hadn't fucked for a couple of days and I reckon she gagged just a bit too much! She dragged me through the front door and up the first stairs to a landing with a window ledge. There was only a small light in the ceiling so it was quite dark. The f****y's front door was on the next landing. Rozia stopped at the window, sat on the ledge and pulled her skirt up with one hand while pulling me towards her with the other. I could feel her cunt lips and clit were soaking wet as she unclipped my belt. I unzipped my jeans, dropped my Sloggis and I was ready to fuck, only briefly thinking that anyone from the other six apartments could come down while I was burying my cock into her warm, wet, inviting cunt.

And it was some fuck, although brief. I'd already set her boobs free with a single pass up the back of her thin low cut top and I had one boob in each hand feeling her nicely hard nipples. We fucked quickly. She came so easily as she always did so that made her wetter and noisier still, enough to let everyone know what was going on! I came with her the second time and shot a good load, I'm lucky like that so that she was always left dripping cum from her cunt. This night was no exception. She locked her legs behind me, not wanting me to pull out so we kissed at length and I stayed hard. I started to think about who might suddenly turn up but she was totally oblivious, pushing her cunt to and fro on my jism-coated cock.

"Fuck me again," Rozia whispered, but at that moment a door opened upstairs and there were voices. Someone was leaving and saying goodnight to whoever else was there. Still we didn't move. I couldn't, her legs around my back were clamping me firmly me to her! Then footsteps on the stairs. I slid my cock right into her, she put her feet on the floor and we drew closer as I hitched up my jeans a bit. No-one would be fooled, so we laughed. A Tanzanian girl from the top apartment came down the stairs, looking at us curiously as she approached. I was suddenly conscious of the aroma of cunt juice and spunk, no doubt about it, I thought. I wondered if the she would notice.

It was a big landing and the Tanzanian girl didn't need to come up to the window but she did. She greeted Rozia and then said she was pleased to meet me at last. She reached out for a social hug which I did without thinking. My cock pulled out of Rozia with a wet sound, my jeans fell apart and if it wasn't obvious before it certainly was now. She laughed as my wet cock pushed into her skirt. I didn't know what to say as she swapped glances with Rozia. "Never point a hard dick at a girl unless you're going to use it", she laughed, nodding towards my cock, erect and glistening in the half light. She went on "I heard Rozia upstairs, I'd been at our door for a while". She paused. "Don't mind me, get on with it again or am I embarrassing you?" With that she laughed again and went down the stairs to the main door.

This had all given me another solid hard-on and Rozia's face said 'fuck me now', a look I had noticed from the first time we met. All I ever had to do was breath on her neck and her face would say all that had to be said. She was gagging again now. I slipped between her cunt lips again, glad to have my cock back in the warm mix of my spunk and her juices. We fucked a bit longer and slower this time, but not much! Rozia was as noisy as ever and again came easily twice. As we went for a third a voice came up the stairs, "Have one for me Rozy", followed by a laugh. Then she added "I've cleaned that man-juice off my skirt. Warn me next time and I'll take it off. Better still, I've got just the right place for it!" With that she laughed again and the front door security lock clicked shut.

As Rozia came she shook violently and that was enough for me to fire my load as her cunt clamped down on my cock. After a few minutes Rozia searched for tissues in her bag - she needed them all. "You've fucked me to a standstill", she sighed, "and done mega loads again". Then after a pause "I wonder if you'll get me pregnant with all the jism you do?" Although Rozia was on the pill she was not regular with it and implants and injections weren't available. "I'd like to be knocked up by you though, bet the k**s would be good!" What could I say? So I agreed. I'll not be shooting smaller loads and Rozia wouldn't ration our fucking so we'd obviously carry on.

I went into the flat with Rozia for a coffee. As soon as we were in Rozia and her married friend Gisa went into the kitchen and closed the door. I sat with Gisa'a husband and their daughter watching football on TV. I also thought about the Tanzanian girl's parting shot. I fancied getting into her ... I could feel my cock geting hard again but I doubted I could fuck Rozia again that night. Two loads was good going. A third would be mission impossible. I supposed that a bit of Tanzanian cunt might make the difference. She was slim and tightly put together .....

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