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B*****r and s****rs

---This story is complete fantasy. Any relation to real people is a coincidence.---
Sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

It was about three years ago that I moved out and got a home on my own. Before I moved I lived with my f****y of 5. It was my dad: 43 years old, about 5'11, stocky built; My Mom: 44 years old, 5'8; Lauren my s****r: 5'1, 17, slim body but with C cup bra; and Taylor my other s****r: 5'4, 16, slim body with B cup bra, but an ass that was absolutely astonishing. Me and Lauren were twins, both had blonde hair, blue eyes, but I got the tall gene.

One day I came home form work and the house was empty. As usual I went to the fridge and grabbed a drink an sat on the couch to watch some TV. About 15 mins later I heard a car pull in our driveway. I wen to the window and looked to see who it was. Lauren had just pulled in and was getting out when I realized that she was crying. I met her at the door and asked what was wrong.

"Nothing" she replied.

"Oh come on now, I can see that you were crying what is wrong?"

She pushed past me and went to her room. I followed her waiting for a reply. She flopped on her bed and said, mom and dad arguing has gotten to me lately. I can stand it anymore"

Recently our Perry's had been instantly arguing. It was keeping the three of us up all night and Lauren and Taylor have Been taking it pretty hard.

"Im sorry little s*s. I wish I could do something abou that but I really can't."

"I know," she replied, " I just wish they would stop or something."
At the moment the front door opened and slammed. Then opened again and slammed again. Instinctively I grabbed a bat and was about to leav Lauren's room, but that's when I heard moms voice. She was yelling. Then dads voice came in, yelling too. Behind me Lauren started to cry again. I went to her and sat next to her. She leaned on my shoulder and I hugged her. After sometime the door opened and slammed again. I heard dad cursing mom and then silence. I whispered to Lauren "Stay here"

I walked out of her room and into the living room and saw dad sitting on the couch clenching and unclench ing his fists. I stared at him then proceeded into the room. He heard me and looked up. 

"Why the Fuck does your mother have to start all this shit?!?!"


"I mean seriously?!?! I'm about done with that bitch"


"She is so fucking lucky I dont  just beat her ass"

"DAD!! You need to calm down"



In an instant he had stood up and punched me in the mouth. (Not something I wasn't used to.) I fell over onto the coffee table in the middle of the room. Dad continued to pick me up and throw me back down onto the coffee table causing it to break.

Lauren came out and started to scream at dad. He looked at her and started walking toward her. I stood up and pushed him into the wall to get his attention from Lauren. He looked back at me and punched me again. Lauren ran back into her room and called 911. I stood up and punched him back catching him off guard. Bad move, because all I did wa make him madder. I didn't really care though. As long as he was away from Lauren.

 For the next 5 minutes he was beating me until
The cops showed up and arrested him. A paramedic had treated my wounds and then a officer came over and asked me some questions. I told him everything that happened and during the middle of another question Taylor arrived home. She was worried for me but after a while she saw that I was ok and went to find Lauren. About an hour later after everyone had left, the three of us were sitting in the couch silent.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Lauren asked me.

I looked towards her and nodded. She made a weird face then asked, "Do you need more ice?" 

"Lauren, I'm fine. It isn't any different than what happened last time. Except for the police. But I swear I'm fine"

Taylor  put her head on my shoulder and looked at me. I turned to her and gave her a smile. She smilled back and turned her attention to the TV. After a few hours Taylor had fallen asl**p and Lauren was almost there. I gently picked Taylor up and carried her to her room. As I was walking back to the living room, Lauren was awake and headed to her room. I gave her a hug goodnight and went to lock the front door. I turned off the porch lights and headed toward my room. On my way, I passed Lauren's room and noticed her door was open a little. I looked through the crack and there she was. Standing there completely naked with her back to me. I could feel my dick getting stiff. 

'This is wrong' I thought to myself. But I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She then bent over to look through a drawer and I could see her pussy between her legs. She looked so amazing. She stood up and turned around. I backed away a little bit so she couldn't see me. Her boobs were perky enough she really didnt need a bra to wear. It was the first time i had ever noticed that. She stared for a minute then headed toward the door.

'Shit' I thought.

Just as she was almost to the door, her hand reached up an hit the light switch. It went dark and I could hear her light foot steps then her bed creaking.

I tiptoed back to my room and laid down. I couldn't get her out of my head. She was so beautiful. I Noticed I still had my hard on and decided I might as well resolve it. I grabbed the lotion from my nightstand drawer and squirted some into my hand. I lathered it on my dick and started to stroke it. About 15 mins later I heard noises in the hallway. I quickly stopped and got out of bed to see what was going on. I was putting my basketball shorts on when my door opened and the light was turned on. I was temporarily blinded. I couldn't see but I heard a voice. "oooh. Looks like someone was having fun." then I heard giggling.

After a couple of seconds I could finally stand the light enough to see. I looked toward the doorway and saw Lauren and Taylor. They were both standing there completely naked and posing in such a seductive way. Taylor walked up to me and grabbed my hard on that was easily seen through my shorts. She stood on her tiptoes and placed a small kiss on my neck. She then started to stroke my cock through my shorts still kissing my neck. Lauren walked up and started to push me back on to my bed. I felt the end of it hit the back of my knees and I flopped onto the bed. Lauren was tugging my shorts down while Taylor came around and laid on top of  me. She started kissing me the slowly pushed her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues played a little bit and she stopped and looked back. Lauren had already pulled my shorts and boxers off and was now staring at my 8.5 inch hard on. She hesitated but then put he hand around it and started to stroke it. She then licked the head a couple of times then put it into her mouth. I let out a sigh of relief when I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her mouth. Taylor giggled and adjusted herself. She moved up and positioned her self with her clot right over my mouth. Without hesitation, I started to lick around the Taylor's pussy lips and felt her shiver with enjoyment. 

Lauren started to move faster making sure to add a little twist and circle her tongue around the head of my cock. I was starting to build up but I held it back to make it last longer.

I stopped licking Taylor for a second.  She looked down at me in protest. I then gently started to probe her pussy with my tongue. She moaned with excitement and started to rock her hips with my movement. We ended up with a rhythm and after a few minutes, and a lot of moaning, she exploded with an orgasm. Her sweet juices were running down my chin to my neck.

That sent me over the top and I ejaculated my hot cum into Lauren's mouth. Taylor rolled to the side and I looked down at Lauren. She opened her mouth to reveal my cum and then swallowed it all, leaving nothing. Taylor kissed my cheek and was laying by my side. Lauren crawled up and laid on the other side and curled up to me like Taylor. We fell asl**p like that.

More to come in the future?

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