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Cajun Ass Queen Part 2

Cajun Ass queen Part 2
By lilguy
Two Plump ass Women fight over a man, continues

Cajun Ass Queen Part 2

Author Note- This was a commission I did for more info

Things were a bit hectic for Tom over the next couple of days. The people in his audience could tell there were some animosity between Tom’s Wife Jane and Caj. They all knew Jane was gorgeous. She showed off her body wearing expensive clothing that showed off her round shapely ass. Her body was plump and filled with power. But Caj was also hot and very confident. They seem to have hatred toward each other. Tom was stuck between these two Amazon beauties getting teased by them and using control. Caj would constantly say humiliating insults about his wife and seducing him. He was asked to eat her ass and fuck her in the office. It was like his dream turn into a nightmare, seduces and controlled by two big women. His worked could tell that the boss was losing control over everything and that these two women were really the ones in control of the business. Every lunch Jane would come in strolling with her thick big ass in something skimpy. One of the outfits she liked to wear as sparkling backless dress that pushed up her tits. Jane would joke that her dress cost more then Caj would make in a year. Caj said she could sale her jewelry and buy up Caj and her f****y home kicking them out. She loved to toss her wealth and privilege into Caj face. Days had passed.
Tom was lying in the bed with his wrist tied up. His ankles were tied up as well and stretch out. Jane had spent the night milking his cock for hours. It was now morning after she let him get a rest. Her plump ass was on his face smoothing him with her warm ass. On the table was a bowl filled with fruit that was eating. There was wine and cheese. His cock was rock had from her riding his face
“Ready for work dear…work with that piece of Trash” She Said
“Mmmmf yes dear”
“Ready for our Yearly Bar B Cue tonight. I sent out the mail to all those people at works. Even your fat secretary. I want them to see my body, to worship and drool over my body. I want that fat whore to know who owns this cock” She Said
She cut on the TV, rubbing her ass into his face. The television was on. She got up shaking her hips, showing off fat legs and ass. Her big ass claps as she brushed her beautiful hair. Jane smiled back at him shaking her hips.
“Your face looks so nice with my pussy juice on your face” She Said
She walked over to him and grabbed his cock stroking. It was rock hard in her hands. She spat on her hands getting it wet and then his cock. His cock was soaked with her spit and pussy juice. He moaned as she molded his cock into clay.
“It is hard for that bitch to seduce you without any cum in it” She Said
She licked his shaft. His tongue was going up and down his cock soaking it. The tongue was circling his cock head tasting the pre cum from his cock. She grabbed him balls and was sucking them stroking it faster and faster. His cock was squeezed hard. His tongue was circling around his balls making him shake. Her finger was pushing deep into his ass hole, milking his prostate. Tom was shaking as pleasure was going through his body
“Ohhhh god that feels so good” He Said
“Mmmmmm a conquered cock is always so delicious” Jane Said
She rubbed his cock against her breast, pouring oil on her tits to make it slide up and down. He was being driven wild as she started to tit fucked him. His whole cock disappeared between her heavy tits. She felt him squeezed his balls and slammed her tits on him. When her fingers weren’t playing with his balls, she was playing with his ass. He wanted to cum right there but she wanted to make it last.
“Ohhh shiit”
“Who dick does this belong to” Jane Said
“You Goddess Jane” Tom moaned
She laughed and took his cock and started deep throating it hard and fast. Her drool dripped down his cock soaking it. She grabbed his legs to pull him in deeper. She manages to blow him and lick his balls at the same time. Her tongue was sliding up and down his cock while she was in his mouth. He felt like his whole body was floating in air. She had grown skilled at giving blows jobs over the years. Sense Caj started working for him she made sure to suck all the cum out of his penis, or made him jerked off till it hit the floor. She wanted to make sure it was none for that poor bitch. She savored the cock enjoyed hearing him moaned and whimpers at her expert blows jobs. She could keep him on the edge as long as she wanted. She got off on this control. Jane saw herself a true dom that could break and control a man with sex, by giving him more than they could stand, or teasing them by giving him too little.
“Ohhh going to cum”
“Shoot it in me baby” She laughed
She took his entire load and swallowed in. She felt the long cream go down his mouth. She grabbed his now extra sensitive cock and stroked it. His body was shaking as another stream of cum came out. She walked calmly to the bathroom and washed her hands. She started to get dress and wore a swim suit, with tigress colors. She looked amazing, the G string gripping her ass. Tom eyes widen. The bra pushed her tits together making it look like it defied gravity
“Do you think this will look good at the party?”
“Yes Goddess” He said even though he knew it may be skimpy for a business party. He loved it and couldn’t take his eyes off it.
“I think the colors bring on the a****l in me” She said turning around shaking her ass “You truly are an ass lover aren’t you. You can never take your eyes off me”
“Yes Goddess”
She smiled putting on her lipstick. She took off his ropes. She tossed his clothes at him.
“Get Dress boy…time for work” She Said
He did as told. She had him get on his knees after her dress
“Kiss my ass goodbye slave” She Said
“Yes Mistress”
He went to work walking funny after the day with him. When he walked in he saw Caj sitting on the table in a short blue skirt, no panties. His eyes widen as she he saw up the dress. She was wearing a Belly shirt, blue with plenty of cleavage. It showed off her round belly.
“Close the Door and locked it would you Tom” She Said “Unless you want the whole work to see my dripping wet…pussy”
He quickly closed it.
“We mustn’t do this”
“Oh please like you could resist this ass” She Said
She turns around showing off her ass. It was glistening with baby oil, much wider, and much more fantastic then his wife. Despite cumming recently he got hard against.
“Clothes” She Said
He hesitated
“Well I guess you don’t want you hot cum streaming in my ass” She said biting her lip she parted her ass cheeks bending over showing her deep crack. “That you don’t want all this pounds of ass…90 inches of ass squeezing every drop of cum out of you”
“Damm you” He Said
She let out a loud sultry laughed. She knew she had him right where she wanted him. She was in complete control. She saw a look of defeat on his face. His hard on was raging. She pinches his cheeks.
“ahhh poor baby…don’t look so defeated. I will make it all worth it. Now take off those clothes. I want to see the mouth watering cock of yours”
He couldn’t resist. He took off his clothes. She held a letter
“Saw your wife declaration of war disguise as a Bar b Bue invite...and want to say game on. Didn’t think the fat ugly whore had the balls. How you could fuck those ugly saggy tits...when you have these at work is beyond me…do you smell my ass. Do you smell my wet pussy in the air…does it make your cock hard”
“Ohhh yesss”
“Well stick it in me then” She smirked
He pushed his cock in her ass fucking her against the desk.
“Do you think your wife know your fucking my ass, while at work. While she shops for her clothes she thinks turns you on...your here fucking me” She Said
He gripped her ass, pushing it deep in while he while her muscles were sucking him in. He moaned as his balls slapped her. The phone rang and she reaches out and grab.
“Hello…sorry Tom won’t be able to come to the phone for a while. Poor dear having hearts problems from stressful activity” She looked back watching his cock disappear into her thick ass “Isn’t that right my dear. Yes his knees are buckling, his body sweating. The poor dear really need to lie down. Oh how did it happen...think the boy sometimes bite more then he can chew…he got more of a work load then he could handle. Oh yess sure he be all right with a little tender loving care”
“Ohhh fuck” He Said
“Going to enjoy this little party…harder…HARDER!!! You can do it as hard as you want with me. I am not like that prim and prissy wife of yours. I can actually handle a big fat cock like yours. In fact I think I will go to that Bar B Cue of hers and make quite a scene. Maybe I will fuck you in her room while she is outside talking and chatting up her friends about various bullshit”
She was grinding it him making quick work of his dick. Tears of joy were running down his face as he was plunge deeper into her ass. His wife could take his whole cock but not with so much ease as Caj could. He grabbed hold of her shoulder as he put his whole back into it. She was pushing back on him as she gripped the desk.
“Ohhh you feel amazing”
“Cause I amazing…grab my tits” Caj Said
He let out a moan as he felt himself ready to cum.
“Shoot it on my big ass baby”
He pulled out and started to cum on her.
“Mmmmm good boy” She Said.
She got up and took his cock in her mouth.
“Does your wife know every time she sucks your cock she taste me” She Said
She grabbed a wedding photo of Tom and his Wife as she started to suck him. She took his entire cock in her mouth. Her cheeks were getting red as she was working his cock like magic. She squeezed his balls taking him in deeper.
“Think I am going to give your wife a little party present”
She pulled the wedding picture out of its casing. Tom was about to cum. He squirted all over the picture. She smiled and put it an envelope. She stood up with some cum still dripping from her ass. The droplets hit the ground.
“This will do” Caj Said “You should clean yourself off. You have a party to get ready for” Caj Smirked
Later that night
The house was very expensive with multiple rooms. When you walked in the house you saw a big picture of Caj in a red a sparking dress. The floor was marble and the backyard had a balcony and large swimming pool. People from work were swimming or eating. Jane was walking around in her swimming suit she showed off the other day drinking cock tail with Tom walking behind her, with his head down and looking at his ass. Tom was in a swim suit showing off his muscles. He had a huge tent in his swim short for the world to see. He lost the sense of shame with these two women after him. A lot of the other women stared. There young women with playboy bodies and nice curves. But none of them had the ass of Caj and Jane. As far as he was concern only two women exited and that was his Wife and Secretary
“What a lovely house” One of the workers Said
“Thank you I design in myself” Jane Said
She looks fabulous smoking a long cigarette in her finger. Her body was dripping wet from taking a few laps around the pool showing off her curves...
“How do you keep a ladies’ man like Tom” One of the men laughed
“I had my ways…don’t I tom” Jane Said
“Yes you do dear” Tom Said
“Shall we have a seat” Caj Said
They walked over with another couple from work. Their names were Rick and Beth. The table had long cloth on it show people couldn’t see who what was happening under it
“You were saying you brought a new House” Jane Said
“Yes it was wonderful…fine...5 bedroom aparemtn” Rick Said
Jane slipped her hands into Tom short and was playing with his cock. Tom tried not to let anyone notice but Jane hands were skilled
“Isn’t that wonderful Tom” Jane Said jerking faster
“Yes sure…mmmmmmf”
“You ok dear...your face getting red” Jane Said in mock concern.
“Yes your sweating” Beth Said
“Much of been something he ate. Lately he is dining on all sorts…of TRASH” Jane Said
“Better watch what you eat my boy” Rick said lighting a cigarette “Where getting older, we can’t drink and eat like we use to. In fact playing to give up these nasty things. Down to a few cigarettes a day”
She pulled his short down and was jerking faster. Her hands were sticky with suntan lotion, lubing up and down his cock. With her other hand she was eating a piece of cake.
“Don’t worries I make sure Tom only dine on the finest things” Jane Said
“Ohhh….yes I will”
“How you get your garden so nice” Beth Said
“Ohhh lots of watering..I really good with my HANDS” Jane Said “The best way when you have a stubborn weed is to keep pulling and pulling on it till something burst out. Also you got to take care of certain pest. There always ugly pest that try to destroy something beautiful. So when you find it you have to crush it. Isn’t that right Tom”
Tom was gritting his teeth. He was close to cumming.
He cock short cum down on her hands. Her hands were soaked with cum. It took every bit of self control to stop her hands from shaking.
“Look like I got some frosting on my hand” Jane Said
She started to lick her fingers clean. The site of that was driving him wild even though it looked like and innocent act to everyone else. People heads started to turn as Caj was walking into the backyard. She was wearing a two piece swim suit. It was a cheetah design showing off the colors. The Bra was a few sizes to small squeezing her ample breast. Sweat was dripping down her belly and sexy curves. She was showing that her breasts were much bigger then Jane firmer to.
“Am I late for the party” Caj said
She wasn’t wearing her glasses. She had a six pack of beer in her hands. Her nails were painted red. She was wearing a G string showing off her billboard size ass shaking with every step. Pounds of ass bounces up and down threatening to knock men down.
“I brought some party favors” She Said
“No you’re just on Time” Jane Said
She got up to treat her and gave her a hug.
“When I am done you will be fired and sent back crying to the trailer home” Jane Said whispering in her ear
“Will see about that” Caj said back
Jane blew some smoke in her face
“Only thing where going to see is your ass bent over my table, crying taking it from a strap on” She whispered
Both girls breast were pushed into each other showing their plump asses to the crowd. Tom got up to try to calm things down
“Ladies wouldn’t you like to sit down” She Said
“Don’t think anyone of else gave your permission to talk” Jane Said
“Yes be a good pet...and get us both something to drink before you find yourself over your knee. And try not to trip...we wouldn’t want to break that erection of yours” Caj Said
He put his head down and went over
“See you got him trained at least” Caj Said “Imagine how he is when he has a TRUE goddess…and not a saggy tittied bitch holding him down”
“This bitch…made him the man he is today. And its QUEEN bitch...your illiterate red neck. I about have culture, sophistication and a GREAT ass. All 3 of which you lack”
“Hmmm be sure to remember that next time he sucking my sweet cunt and his cute face is soaked in my pussy juices”
He came over with the drinks. He had a bl**dy Mary for Caj and cocktail for Jane. Both girls took a drink.
“This will be good to watch your husband sweet cum down tonight” Caj Said
“Already drain him as you can see” Jane said pointing to the stain in his shorts.
“Always more where that came from
She walked over to the pool showing off her butt.
“Hmmm the water looks nice”
He bit his lips watch her. All eyes were on cast as she calmly strutted toward the water. Caj kicked her shoes off showing nicely painted pink toes. She leaped in making a big splash. She started to swim letting her thick ass stick out the water, water flowing down it like a waterfall. All the husbands watch in Awe. Some who didn’t think they were into big women had the mouths open wide never seeing anything so hot. Their skinny bitch wives were looking on with a snarl
“Yea drink it up bitches” Caj thought to herself. She could feel most the men eyes on her, namely Tom’s eyes were.
Her back looked beautiful as her hair was laid down. Tom saw her thick legs moving back and forth nice and gratefully. It was like she was wearing practically nothing. Her nipples were erect sticking through the bra. The Bra was slipping off again showing some pink nipples. She swam back and forth and then towards Tom
“Want to Jump in…its fun to get wet” Caj Smirked
She looked back at Jane and winked. She was swimming a back stroke show he could see her big breast. Jane watch glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Tom eyes looked like it was about the leap out of his head.
“Well look like a beach wale” Jane Said
She was parting her legs as she swam. It showed off some nice camel toy. As Caj swam faster her pussy sucked in part of the swimming suit. It showed the outline of her pussy. Her pussy hair was shaven showing a dripping wet pussy that wasn’t part of the water. People gasp. She was swimming with confidence like she didn’t even notice her pussy was showing. Her body looked glorious. The sun was beaming off them. Her big breast shine off the water showing ever curved. All the men hard rock hard erection watching her. She smiled knowing she could take anyone wife with ease and fucked them within an inch of her life. She knew that if any the wives said anything she would be able to kick their ass and beat them. Jane was the only one that had any competition against her. Caj had met many women like Jane in her life time. They were uptight, stick in their ass women who dominated their men. She loved watching them get breaking down into submissive…making them eat her pussy out after the men cum in her pussy. She would make sure the man came at least two times inside her show her pussy was totally drenched in it. She would watch these women licked the cum out of her as tears run down her eyes. She would then fuck both husband and wife, making them both cum with ease, showing them that there both were totally sluts to him. Caj knew she was dominating woman with a love of showing off her big ass sense she was young. She stole her stuck up teacher Husband and made her watch him fucked him every day. She had commanded that teacher to never touch herself, or anyone. She put both husband and wife into chastity. She would be the only one they fucked
“Take a picture boys it will last longer” Caj Said “Anyone else want the Jump in”
The men wanted to jump in but their wives gave them cold stares. A big smug smile was on Caj face. Her smile change when she saw Jane pushing Tom into the corner. She put her hand into her pants playing with his cock. She started kissing his neck. He moaned, but despite this his eyes were still on Caj. Caj smiled and went back to swimming showing off her ass. Jane stopped and slowly walked into the pool. People quickly turn to watcher ass. She stood there in the pool letting the water dripping down her breast. She started swimming around doing long strokes as Tom watch. She ran her hand through her hair pushing he breast out. She winked at some of the men and then licked her lips. She knew most of people at Tom job dream of fucking her and sometime it was good to let him know about that. That why she wanted people to swim and be in their swim suits at the part. That way Jane could see the rock hard erections in all the men shorts. She smiled see men desperately trying to hide their hards on
“Face it your out class….you old bitch” Jane Said
“Hmmm I think your husband like the older women. Plus even though I am older my tits are firmer...aging like find BITCH” Caj Said
“Will see about that. Tom eyes may stray but he will always come back to this firm ass.”
She turns around putting her ass against Caj as they stood in the shallow end of the pool.
“You pardon me…I think I going to get out of the pool now…starting to smell in her” Caj Said as she was walking out showing her fat ass dripping with water. She grabbed the towel “Anyone wants to dry me off”
4 men came by to dry her off. She smiled as hands were on feeling her huge folds of flesh. She needed a way to get Jane separated from Tom. She wanted Tom alone.
“Need to use the girls room” Caj Said
She walked around. Minutes passed. She knew Jane would come in and check on her and not wanting her in her house alone. Jane walked out of the pool.
“Bitch probably going to try to steal something” Jane Said to herself.
Jane walked inside. Caj was watching her form upstairs hiding. She walked down stairs and went outside. She walked up to Beth.
“Hey Beth…you still have that Charity you were running” Caj Said
“Why Yes”
“Think Jane was asking about donating some money to it.”
“Really” Beth Said
“Yes her inside” Caj said “She is inside”
Caj knew Beth would talk Jane ear off giving her sometime to talk to Tom alone. Tom was standing in a corner eating a hot dog. She walked up to Tom and went behind him. She covered his eyes with her hand and put his hands down his pants grabbing his cock.
“Guess who” Caj Said nibbling on his ear
“We mustn’t do this out here, Jane may…”
“That fat whore inside…she about me and you got downstairs, have some fun. Heard you have a guest room”
“Come on you know you want this wet pussy dripping on your cock” She Said. With that she took the hot dog in his hands deep throat it swallowing it with ease. His eyes widen watch him work it before she took a big bite gulping it down
“Yes well” He Said getting hard in her hands. She took him by the hand and they walked downstairs.
She took him to the guess room and pulled off his swim shorts swing around showing his rock hard cock.
“Mmmm all that for me”
She turns around and took off her top. She showered her back and thick ass. She looked back at him and licked her lips. She grabbed her ass, slipping a finger deep in her ass.
“I bet you always dream of an ass like this when you were a k**. Tell me how often you dream of fucking me” She Said not showing him her breast let.
“Every day” He Said
“What do you dream about when it comes to me” She Said bending over and slipping off her panties. She parted her ass cheeks
“Of licking whip cream off your ass and fucking it” He Said
“Ohhh you nasty fuck” She Said
She turns around and grabbed her tits pushing it up. She took her giant tits and started sucking them. Her spit was dripping down as she was squeezing her breast, pinching her nipples. She licked around the top of the nipples. Her hand went between her legs dripping down on her hand. She started licking her fingers tasting her own juices
“Mmmmmmm sweet” She Said
“Please I need you”
“Really …BEG” She says putting her foot on her bed and parting her pussy lips
“Please…Goddess…fucks me. Please Goddess Cajun” He Said
She ran her hands through her hair
“Well sense you asked so nicely” She smirked
She slowly walked toward him letting him take in all her body. She straddled him taking his cock inside her.
“Ohhhh shiiitt” He Said
She put her fingers in her mouth as he started sucking her fingers. She ran her hands through her hair as she was pushing her body into him pushing him into the bed. The bed collapsed under their weight riding her up and down pulling his whole body up and down.
“Ohhh shit…you feel so good”
“Don’t you cum let baby…want it to last? Just look at my giant tits jumping up and down swaying around in your face making you dizzy. You never could take my pussy. I love seeing how it breaks you down, making your little knees buckle. I loved watching your hands and arms shake as I take your cock for my own. Watching your whimpering as my whole weight slammed up and down on you. Watch you cum and cum again making you cry out my name”
She was holding his hands down.
“Ohhh fuck I love you” He cried out
“I know baby” She Said
She started kissing him him, pushing her tongue deep into her mouth. Caj had a long tongue and was wrestling his tongue down. His body was shaking as her pussy squeezed him hard to prolong him from cumming.
“I love fucking you in that whores houses” She Said “These tits own you (cupping her tits) I love the way you always soaked my tits with that sweet cum”
She grabbed his hands and put it on the ass
“See the way my whole body moves as I fuck you. The way my celliuate bounce up and down, the way my tits jiggle. Feel the way my ass moved back and forth” She Said
He was massaging her ass and she started sucking her tits. He moaned as she licked her tits, running his tongue back and forth.
“Suck it faster”
“Ohhhhh God you taste so good”
She grabbed his ass and pushed him into the wall. She was fucking him against the wall taking complete control.
“How my pussy does feel…hu you want to cum”
“Please let”
She gave a wild sultry laughed
“You cum when I say cum boy” She Said “Say PLEASE GODDESS…PLEASE LET ME CUM”
She grabbed his legs holding him and fucking him faster and hard.
“Please Goddess Cajun...LET ME CUM”
“Ok boy”
She was show into fucking him that she didn’t notice Jane sneaking up behind. He was about to cum. She pulled Cajun off him. Cajun was slammed to the floor. Jane grabbed Tom cock and put it in her mouth. She felt the cum go down her throat. Jane stood over Cajun. Anger was in Cajun eyes. She decided that was a last of his cum she would taste.
“Sorry baby…his Jizz and body is mind” Jane smiled smugly “NOW GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT OF MY HOUSE your whore before I throw you out”
Cajun had death daggers in her eyes. She took her clothes and put it on as she walked out.
Jane was lying on the bed drinking wine as Tom was running her a bath. It was night time outside. The phone rang. She picked it up.
“Hello bitch” Caj Said on the under end of the phone.
“Still haven’t given up”
“Oh didn’t call to fight…in fact leave you a gift. When I was walking around your house left something in your desk” Caj Said
Jane opens the desk and she saw a letter. She opens it and was shock at what she saw. It was a wedding photo with dried cum on it. Under the pictures were pictures taken from a hidden camera off Tom fucking her in all sorts of position? There was one picture of him kissing Caj ass with the words written “This real ass looks like bitch”. Another was of Tom fucking her on her desk while Caj giant tits were pressed into the wall. Tom eyes were close as he seems to be in totally bliss, slamming his hard 12 inch cock into her. Caj was looking at the camera giving it the finger/
“See you may think you had the last word. But you were already beat by a superior woman. I been stealing men from bitches like you sense I was a teenager. You all talk and know action. You have no idea how to truly please a man” Caj said.
“You fucking bitch”
“How does it feel when you suck your husband cock...that you taste my ass you BITCH? That was taken today. While you were planning your little party, your husband was screaming my name as I fucked him for every drip of cum.” Caj Said
“Going to kill you whore
“Have a nice night...BITCH”
Caj hung up. Jane tossed the phone against the wall.

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