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The Ex Wife of My Best Friend

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What I report here happened at the turn of the year from 2010 to 2011. I was in my uncle's house enjoying the party at the turn of the year along with several friends, of all people Josi was the ex-wife of my best friend Andre. She was wearing a short dress leaving her thighs to the sample, and that nice pair of legs she has, or accompanied by a butt as big or small, let's say an ass that pleases any man, the top of the dress is such that has no handle leaving her breasts exposed a little more, well, a pretty woman in her early twenties.

Josi always respected like my s****r since Andre is like a b*****r to me, well, we were all hanging out, dancing, drinking, until I noticed that Josi kept staring at me, I pretended not to notice and continued enjoying with the crowd.

That woke tanning and little by little people are gone, until we me, my uncle, and Daiane Josi. Not long after, Josi has come creeping to me, asked me to put his hand on her left breast as she said her heart was racing too, because she was finding it weird (weird I thought it came to me asking for it ), told her to give me his arm for me to check her pulse was normal that course, she thanked me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek went out for a smoke.

I went to her and asked for one I smoke, she said that this was the last, oh I said I would go to the station to buy a wallet and she asked to go along, grabbed my bike and were heading toward the station, on the way she hugged me and was stroking my belly which made me a boner at the same time, we reached the station and tried to hide my erection and of course she noticed, bought cigarettes and decided to buy a bacardi with energy to take on the house my uncle.

When Josi came back there doing the same caress my belly and had one point she put her hand on top of my dick and gave a tight, almost fell of the bike due to the good feeling that she made me feel at that moment, we at my uncle's house and she looked at me and made a guy who was willing to take rolls and entered the house, went in and to my surprise my uncle was already in the room putting the rolls in Daiane because you could hear the groans of them in room that made me look with a horny bitch to Josi and would not even know if she was my best friend's ex just went up to her because she was sure that she wanted it, I got beside him and looked into his eyes did not need to say a word I've been kissing her grabbing her waist in getting involved in a hot and lengthy kiss, sat on the couch.

She came up to me and stopped kissing her mouth and was kissing her neck and then sucking her breasts was already at that time were those perky nipples pink as well, while I sucked on her breasts lifting her dress and getting that plump ass that wore a black thong panties buried in the tail, it made me even more horny, she took off her dress leaving only her panties getting undressed and also let her fully nude sitting on the couch, grabbed at her hair and brought her head toward my cock she was sucking so good that it almost made me gosar in her mouth, she was running her tongue on the head and went down the tongue until the bag.

Had a few moments she put the balls in his mouth and my dick punhetava'm just remembering the hard cock she was sucking for about ten minutes and asked her to stop because it would be my turn to give back to sucking, I took her to the other room I had the house put her in bed four pulled her panties aside and started sucking her pussy, she gave a few moans and clutched the bed sheet and it made me to continue sucking faster and faster, I began to suck the passing switch to suck her ass and her pussy and that she was leaving increasingly horny she spoke to me not so hot tava too soon would enjoy if I kept this up so I decided to suck his ass and put one finger in her pussy, it seems that That was what was missing for cum because she groaned so good that I remember so far.

I took it and stuck another finger and began to speed up and she started rolling around saying that they too hot tava tava enjoying our moans and his words left burning until my dick so hard that tava, she said it was for me to put my dick her she wanted to feel it all in, let her in the same position, four with the panties aside and started to put my dick slowly to enjoy the feel of that pussy squeezing my dick, she was gyrating in rhythm and was accelerating to gradually took on her waist and started giving each firm and strong thrusts making her moan quite tasty, I began to curse her and she told me she liked more cursing, swearing her a whore, slut, bitch, bitch, then with a hand I pulled her hair and with the other I gave slapped and cursed her, it was not long and she said she was coming and it was too good to be treated like a whore, she asked me to lie on the bed because he wanted to ride in a little I lay down my cock and she came over stood on tiptoe and drove my cock up her pussy and began an up and down, she started slowly and soon was increasing the pace and I was going the same speed that she that wonderful vision see her swallowing my cock, I had moments I was holding in her ass and just below metia fast making her moan very soon afterwards she lay down on me and started messing penalizing the hip and as she did so I continued to curse and give slap your ass.

There was a moment during sex that she said she had long wanted to give me that just had not risked because I was with Andrew and knew that because we are great friends I could give you an out, she hardly knew what ever I coveted, finally putting continued in that position until order placed by a finger in his ass, it sparked further calls she was and she started rolling announcing another even more enjoyment, not restrain myself to enjoy along with her because of that horny was that sex, told her he wanted to eat his ass,

And it became a little difficult at first saying it would not hurt more in depth what she wanted was a bel scrolls buried in the trench, put her four took her panties and gave a dab on your ass making her shiver I spent the whole saliva entry gully and was putting my dick in your ass Apertadinho, she told me to go slow tava that hurts a bit, I asked if she wanted to stop and she said no but it hurts that tava tava tasty, so I told she was putting more and relax until everything went, I started doing light movements and she was getting used to my cock in his ass then she asked me to go faster which I did immediately began to punch hard in his ass and I was cursing she said my dick was too hot for me to enjoy what was inside your ass, held firm in his waist and bombei increasingly fast, started hitting again on his ass and saying that she was a slut who had a very cu it was nice to enjoy it with my cock buried in her ass, she told me swear more because she was enjoying with a dick in the ass, I started to get faster announcing that tava also enjoying and was filling his ass fucking that enjoyed delicious we had at the time, after we enjoy called her to go take a shower and get to the bathroom and my uncle were there Daiane,

hopefully in a little room and after they left we entered, I started soaping the back of Josi and soon my dick was hard at it she turned and began a delicious blowjob, she was sucking for a long time art she stood up to ask hold it on the wall and cram that much ass and started to put in her pussy, we changed our position and asked her to hold my neck and put her legs around my waist, his legs have sinned and sunk it into the wall, asked her to put my cock in her pussy, I was getting into and she was moaning pretty hot in my ear saying they wanted me he enjoyed in her mouth, told her that she would come down to his knees and was held in his hair and put my dick in your mouth cumming deep down the throat making her swallow all my cum.

We just went our bath and rest.

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