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Essex Granny - Throbbing Hairy Fanny

I took a job with a cleaning agency in Essex a couple of months ago. One of my clients Mrs Flanders was a well-off widow who lives a couple of miles away. I've been working for her twice a week now. She picks me up and drops me off, always slips a couple of extra quid in my wages, bless her.

She's a young 65 year old, tall, curvy with blonde hair, still good looking for a woman her age, she looks like she's lived a bit, not rough, but not too fluffy round the edges. When I fist saw her she reminded me of one of my housemistresses at school. I ended up telling her this, and boy has my fanny hole been wet and throbbing ever since.

We got chatting one afternoon after I'd finished cleaning her kitchen. I could feel her watching me as I was cleaning the oven. I've been with a couple of women before when I was in my twenties. I knew what she was after, or thought I did.

We sat on the sofa and had a chat for about 20 minutes, nothing major, just girltalk. She asked me if the money she gave me was enough for me, and did I want to earn any extra. I knew that look she gave me, I knew she had something in mind. She was having some friends over for a dinner party later in the week and asked if I fancied helping out. I agreed and she drove me home.

She picked me up at 5:30pm and drove me over to her house. She pulled into the garage and locked the door behind us with the remote key. I'd never been in there before, she always pulled into the drive when ever she drove me there. She turned the engine off and looked over at me. I looked back, her hand slid over, onto my thigh while she explained what she wanted me to do.

My fanny nearly jumped out of my knickers when she lead me over to a small shed in the corner of the big garage. She opened the door and I saw the padded table and massive selection of sex toys, paddles, clamps, hoods, the fucking lot. I'd done a bit of roughty-toughty with my ex husband. He used to like to tie me up with my ankles in the air, fanny spread open while he slapped my arse with his slipper, pretending to be my boss. The dirty bastard gave me a taste for riding roughshot, but I hadn't met anyone after him who was into it.

I'd wanked myself off a few times at the thought of being bundled into the back of a works van by a couple of builders, taken to a deserted outbuilding where they would take turns to give my cuntyhole a good poking with their big fat cocks. I hadn't had a good shag for about a year by the time I saw the shed for the first time. I was so horny that even my arse hole was gagging. I wanted to ram one of those toys up my shit hole there and then.

Mrs. Flanders handed me an old fashioned dress, pinny, some of those bloomer knickers and a proper old fashioned frilly hat that servants used back in the olden days and told me I was to wear them throughout the night. She then went on to explain that she was going to keep me in the shed, bent over the padded table, legs spread, arse in the air with my ankles tied to the table legs. Boy was I looking forward to this. She really didn't have to pay me for this kind of work as her plaything.

She sat on the chair in the corner of the shed and watched me undress. I wanted to put on a bit of a show for her but knew that she would probably want something a bit more fitting. I acted all dutiful and shy as she smoothed her hands over her skirt, watching me peel my clothes off. When I got down to my bra and knickers, I scooped up the dress and pretended to cover my modesty as I removed my undies. She repositioned herself in the chair a few times as if she was trying to get comfortable. I knew she was pushing her weight down onto her hairy old pusspuss to try and relieve the throbbing up her hole. She crossed and uncrossed her legs, she was fucking loving this.

When i was fully dressed in my old fashioned servants outfit, she called me over and asked me to help her with something. She made me kneel down in front of her on all fours. Her legs parted slightly as she sat in the chair, she gently pulled my face towards her knees and opened her legs wide. She pulled my face further in so that her skirt covered my head completely. The thought of spending a couple of hours with my head up her skirt had crossed my mind once or twice before with this horny old girl.

She took her hands off my face and left me there, head up her skirt while she very slowly started to thrust her hips at my face. I was tempted to reach up, yank her knickers down and toungefuck her there and then. Like a good girl, I stayed on all fours waiting for an instruction or prompt, as not much conversation had taken place throughout the start of this horny night's work.

I took a chance and rested my face against her soft thighs, I edged my face up her thigh, a little bit closer to her knicker covered fanny. I started to sniff and breathe her in. The gentle thrusting became a bit quicker as my face got closer to her knickers. I lapped my face against her thighs and let out a couple of gentle moans. My own fanny had been on the throb for about 20 minutes. I wanted her to throw me over the table, rip my bloomers down and ram one of those rubber cock-a-doodle-doo's right up my shitter.

She gently pushed herself towards me then slowly gyrated her knicker covered cunty over my face. She thrusted very slowly against my nose and pushed herself down. I sniffed deep, she smelt as horny as I actually felt. I did short quick sniffs then one big deep inhale. I could feel her big swollen cuntyflaps being rubbed all over my face. I was just about to sink my teeth into her vageflaps when she stared to slowly rise from the chair, making sure my head stayed up her skirt.

She slowly got to her feet and pushed the back of my head so that my face was squashed against her fan-fan. She reached down and whipped her skirt up, tucking it into the waistband in one swift move. I was now on my knees with my hands working round her ankles, up her calf, round her knees, up to her thighs while she gyrated her cunt round my face.

The lack of conversation and slow deliberate moves this sexy old girl was laying on me made for a very horny situation. She's let out a couple of dirty sighs and filthy little appreciation noises but hadn't actually said much. I was finding this very very horny. When a woman gets horny, the feeling starts round the clittyknob, then round the fanny flaps, so by the time it's spread to your cuntyhole you're just about to burst. My arse hole was on the throb now, which doesn't happen that often for me. I wanted her to plug both my holes with something hard, just to ease the throb. My fanny felt three times it's normal size. Also, the hornier I get, the wider my fanny becomes. I'd never been this horny in my life before, and I hadn't even touched myself. This old girl had already out-done every man I'd ever shagged and she hadn't laid a finger up me, yet.

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