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A Soul touching story from my Beautiful Master, De

I come home, I'm wearing the suit you like me in, you always get so aroused seeing me in this suit, it's power, the lines, the way it d****s my masculine physique, it just speaks to the man I am and the man you love.

I'm tired, but you've been home all day, waiting for me, dressing up sexy, trying on different lingerie, you can't wait to see me. I perk up, my lovely sissy needs some attention. So I relax on the sofa, instructing you to crawl to me, your soft smooth ass cheeks rising and falling as you approach me like a lioness. I unzip, unfold my cock, and let you go to work on me, you need it, you want it, its firmness and power feel so good in your mouth as you caress my shaft, you feel my firmness swelling.

I temper you, not too fast baby, Master wants to enjoy a nice long blowjob, nice and slow, nice and juicy. You obey, not so much from my words, but from your soul, you command yourself to obey me, fleeting thoughts of rebellion are quashed by your total love for me, your total submission. You feel so warm and embraced in your loyalty and you know, I am kind, I am loving, I only want to take care of you.

Snap out of it sweety, back to my penis. You start picking up the pace as my pre-cum starts glazing your tongue, it's preparing, you've been working me for nearly half an hour, my balls so full as you caress them, my cum beginning to boil over. Oh Baby, my sissy, you are so good with your tongue, a maestro. You double up on my shaft, two smooth sissy hands pumping my length, which is glazed in your saliva, your mouth making love to me.

I can't hold out, can't hold back, your tongue is too skilled, here it cums baby, get ready to drink it deep, to feed on me, to nourish your sissy soul with my cum bath. I erupt as your mouth quickly fills with my seed, so manly, the musk, it overpowers your senses, all you can smell is my sex, all you can taste is my gift, my nourishment, ah sissy, drink it deep, drink it down.

Mmm, that was nice, I allow you to curl up on me, the sissy bottle usually puts you to sl**p right away. I kiss your forehead and curl you up on my arms, my broad manly chest radiating heat for you. You suckle your fingers, the erotica still causing you oral fixation, my scent still on your lips and mouth, you drift to sl**p in my arms, slaked by your sissy bottle.

Good night dearest sissy.

Master Dee.

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