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t is 10 AM and I just woke up as I fumble to turn off my alarm clock. I can feel the warm weather from outside through the open windows so I throw my pajama bottoms on my naked body and make my way to the bathroom in my bedroom.

After taking a leak I take a look at myself in the mirror. I am in good shape for a man my age, I'm about 6'1 & 224 pounds. In my younger years I was on the track team in High School and in College and I continue to run and lift weights to keep myself healthy.

I can hear music playing from daughter Liz's room as I begin to leave the bathroom and head down the stairs to the kitchen. Usually the music is never that loud because my wife Donna hates it at that level but Donna is on a business trip in Boston.

I'm about to head outside to get the papers until I notice that they are on the kitchen table. My son Max must have grabbed them before he started his morning run so I sit down and pour myself a bowl of cereal and flip through the paper.

I look at the date on the paper and see that my 52nd birthday is tomorrow. Donna is not going to be home from her business trip for another 3 days. I'm really looking forward to her return because its been over a month since my wife and I had sex last because of our busy schedules.

As I stand up & walk over to the fridge to get some OJ I hear the music stop and I hear Liz making her way down the stairs. I close the refrigerator door and see Liz standing at the base of the stairs in her cheerleader outfit.

"Morning Daddy!" Liz says as she walks over and kisses me on the cheek and walks past me into the kitchen. I eye her over head to toe from behind as Liz walks by and can't stop thinking how hot she looks as I reply "Good Morning Beautiful."

I can't stop from looking over Liz's tight petite 18 year old body. Liz is about 5'7 and 115 pounds with 34C tits and an ass you could bounce quarters off of. I snapped out of staring at Liz's awesome body and asked "Why are you in your cheerleader outfit?"

"I have practice at 12. We have to get our routine down before the game next week" Liz had responded with a smile that showed off her perfect pearly white teeth.

"Well you certainly look drop dead gorgeous dear" I stated as I combed my hand through her blonde shoulder blade length hair.

"You like it?" Liz asked seductively as she spun around modeling her body in the outfit as she giggled. I was ogling her long tan legs & hour glass figure as she spun around in the kitchen.

"I love it baby!" I responded as I began to notice my dick was beginning to get to its full erect glory and was poking through my pajama bottoms right in broad daylight as I stood there in front of my daughter.

I tried to cover up my erection by trying to slyly grab the paper & cover it over my hard on but to no such luck. I hear my daughter giggle even more as I look up into Liz's face to see thats she's not stupid.

"I know you like it, I can tell judging by your little friend there standing at attention" Liz said as she giggled while staring at my growing member.

I was about turn around and walk out of the kitchen in an embarrassed state. Then I felt Liz grab my arm and say "No, No, No Daddy. Don't worry about it, I actually kinda wanna see your cock."

She turned me around and grabbed my cock with her right hand as her left hand eased my pajama bottoms off as she kneeled down. My prick sprang to attention to my full rock hard 9 inches and almost hit Liz in the face as she was caught off guard by my member.

"Oh Daddy!, it's sooooo BIG!" Liz cooed as she was going over my one eyed monster in slow motions with her soft gentle hands.

"Well Thank You Very Much my little cutie, but I really don't think this is right" I said in an embarrassed state as Liz slowly began giving me a slow hand job with her talented hands.

"Oh Daddy!, Don't be such a prude! Just relax and let me take care of you!" Liz said as she took it a step further as she stuck my stiff member into her eager mouth.

My head is bent back in pleasure as I run my fingers through Liz's hair as I put my hands on top of her head as Liz gives me a fantastic blow job.

My conscience starts coming into play as I am torn between my morals and pleasure as I look down to see my incredibly sexy daughter in her cheerleader outfit slobbing on my knob.

As I am staring down at Liz she looks up at me and locks onto my eyes while she continues sucking me off and reads the pleasure on my face. She takes my cock out of her mouth as she giggles and gives me a devilish smile as she gently licks some pre cum off the tip of my dick.

My hands cup the bottom of Liz's head as I look her in the eyes and gently motion to stand her up and begin to lock lips with our open mouths. I am even more aroused now as I realize the taboo of swapping tongues with my daughter who just sucked my cock.

As we are openly swapping saliva in the kitchen I slip my hands underneath Liz's team sweater and start caressing her breasts through her bra. Liz returns my caress by lifting her skirt up a bit and grinds her panty covered slit against my rock hard moist exposed dick.

I break our lip lock and start licking and sucking her neck and in the heat of passion I toss my morals a side and exclaim "Let's go into the living room and get a bit more comfortable!"

The true cheerleader excitement in Liz comes out as she jumps up and down at the notion as she claps and cheers "OOOHHH Good Idea Daddy!!!!" Liz now grabs my cock and led me into the living room and sits me down on the leather sofa.

Liz slowly begins to dance in front of me as I sit on the couch stroking my rod as I watch her move her hips back and forth seductively. She then begins to peel off her team sweater to reveal her black satin bra clinging to her nice sized tits. Liz puts her arms behind her back and unclasps her bra as it fell to the floor.

I am astonished by how beautiful Liz's breasts are as I stated "Your tits are so perky and perfect" as I slowly jerked off while watching Liz's striptease. The thought occurs to me that Liz must sunbathe in the nude because her skin so perfectly tan.

Liz smiles and responds by dropping her skirt to reveal this sexy matching black thong that makes her ass look even better if that was even humanly possible. My meat feels like it grew a few inches as Liz turns her back to me bends over in front of me to pick up her skirt leaving me with a bird's eye view of her amazing ass.

With my right hand going to town on my cock, I slap Liz's butt with my left hand and grab a good handful of her full supple ass. Liz lets out a deep moan, turns her head and looks me straight in the eye. Liz is so turned on I can see it in her eyes, she smiles and drops to her knees on the floor in front of me.

Before I know it Liz is between my legs with her face buried in my crotch as I sit here on the couch. Liz is taking her time and is teasing my cock with her mouth. She circles up and down and around my cock with her talented tongue. Liz is working her saliva on my throbbing dick and getting it even slicker.

Liz begins focusing on my balls as she takes each one separately into her hot mouth and sucks on them as she alternates between the two of them. Liz then releases her mouth from my balls and grabs them with her hands as she begins fondling them and gently scratching them with her long nails.

Liz then takes my rod and sticks it between her beautiful breasts and starts titty fucking my cock. Liz licks my dick as it goes up and down between her fantastically soft rack.

I look down at Liz and in the heat of passion scream out "Stop teasing me already and suck my cock!" Upon my request she obliges and soon engulfed my prick. Liz is a pro, she takes her time and eases her hot mouth up and down my dick slowly while running her tongue in circles around my shaft.

Here I am with my only daughter deep throating me as I am grabbing her by the hair slowly forcing as much of my prick into her mouth and throat as possible, needless to say I feel like I am in heaven.

The pleasure I am experiencing from the taboo of receiving a world class blow job from my daughter is too much as I blurt out "I wanna fuck your brains out baby!"

Liz stops sucking my dick, looks up at me and releases her mouth from being buried in my crotch as she stands up and replies "You Better!" Liz proceeds to drops down her thong to around her knees to reveal that she is perfectly shaved bald.

I break away from my view of Liz's bald snatch and look up at her and smile and coyly say "Just like your mother!" Liz winks at me as her hands can't help but play with her pussy as lightly teases her twat. I look down to see that the thong is still around her kneecaps is soaking wet and her inner thighs are also engorged with her honey pot run off.

I am so turned on by seeing how horny Liz is that I grab her ass from behind with both hands and pull her forward into my lap. Liz doesn't miss a beat as she props herself up on my lap and grabs my throbbing pole and eases it into her gash.

"OOOOOOOO, Fuck Daddy, Your so Big! OOOOO make this last, I don't want you giving in so early" Liz says, as she slides her pussy gently down my dick and lets out a loud moan that I'm sure the neighbors could have heard if not the freaking whole neighborhood could have.

Liz's pussy is tight, she isn't a virgin thats for sure, but she is definitely the tightest pussy I have fucked since my Big Man on Campus college days.

"You Got it Baby!" I replied as I proceeded to lick my fingers on my left hand and slip my fingers one at a time in Liz's butt hole.

"OOOO, that's right Daddy!, Now your getting Dirty, the way I like it" Liz groans as I slap and grab her ass with my busy hands. Liz begins bouncing up and down on my cock in a quicker pace and starts building some momentum and then switches it up by pacing herself and slowing down and starts grinding back and forth on my dick.

As Liz is gyrating on my cock we lock lips and begin passionately french kissing. Our tongues are dancing with each others as Liz's right hand starts caressing my washboard six pack abs.

I feel like I am going to blow my load as I hear the sound of Liz's ass clapping from bouncing up and down rigorously on my prick. Liz stops bouncing on my dick and starts trying to take in my cock as deep as possible into her slit. She puts her arms around the back of my neck as she tosses her sweat matted hair back and looks me seductively in the eyes and states "Fuck Me Doggy Style Daddy!"

I don't hesitate as I lift Liz off my throbbing meat and stand her on her feet as I give her directions to get on the living room carpet floor on all fours. I get on my knees and come up from behind her and ease my dick into her hot gash.

I start slowly fucking Liz as my right hand drifts down to fondle her clit as my left hand is spanking Liz's ass lightly. While I am doing this Liz has her elbows on the ground to keep her balance as she pinches her nipples with her ass arched up in the air.

Liz turns her head to look at me and says in sheer ecstasy "Fuck me faster and harder Daddy!" as her eyes rolled into the back of her head & bit her lower lip.

Hearing that turns me on so much as I pick up the pace and make faster and fuller thrusts. I remove my hand from Liz's clit and put both of my hands on her hips to pull her body harder on my cock and so I could spank her ass with both hands.

Soon enough Liz's butt is turning a decent color red from my spankings as I can hear the sound of my balls slapping against her body in tandem with Liz's moans. I feel like I am going to explode inside of Liz at the rate we were going.

All of a sudden we hear "What the Fuck!?!?!?!?!?!?!" as we both stop and look up to see my son Max standing at the foot of the living room with a look of astonishment on his face. "So I see I'm not the only one your fucking Liz!" Max says in a state of disbelief.

"Get over here in stick your shaft in my mouth!" Liz commands. Max doesn't miss a beat as he drops his running shorts to the floor and tears off his sweaty tank top. Max walks over with his semi flaccid prick in hand and kneels down with his cock in front of Liz's face and shoves it in her mouth.

I continue to fuck Liz from behind as she continues to go to town on Max's cock. Every once in a while I throw in a harder deeper thrust that pushes Liz forward which causes my son's dick to go further down Liz's throat.

I keep spitting and lubing up my fingers and playing with Liz's asshole as I look over to see Max with Liz's hair bunched up in his hands as she blows him. Max has a face of bliss on his face as he would occasionally look down and then roll his head back in satisfaction.

We fucked like this for another five minutes give or take. Liz's asshole was expanded and gapping by now by all of my fingering. Max releases his shaft from Liz's mouth and states out loud "I wanna fuck you Liz!"

When I hear this I pull out of Liz and looked down to see my cock and Liz's snatch glistening with her juices of excitement. Liz turns to me asks "You don't mind do you Daddy?" in a very sexy innocent tone.

"I don't mind at all. I'm actually gonna sit in my favorite recliner and watch you two" I exclaim as I stand up and slowly rub my dick as I was walk backwards and plop myself down in the chair.

"OOOOO, your kinky Daddy, I like that!" Liz says as she stays on all fours rubbing her pussy while she watches me get comfortable.

"Yea, we should have started having the same kind of fun way before this" Max proclaims as he lays down on the floor awaiting Liz to mount him.

As Max says this I notice the size of his cock, he is FUCKING HUGE!. Max's dick has to be at least 12 inches long and it has to be at least as thick as my wrist. It's not that I feel intimidated by his larger size, I am proud more then anything. This really turns me on for some reason as I continue to wank it.

Liz gets up and stands over Max facing me as she poises herself and begins to squat down. Liz hovers over Max's cock as she takes her right hand guides it to her box and begins to ease down onto the shaft.

Liz is wearing a grimace on her face as she impales herself on my son's prick. Seeing my daughter's cunt get split by that monster cock is utterly amazing. I keep edging my orgasms while I'm masturbating so that I won't cum.

By now Max and Liz have found a rhythm and really have started going at it. Liz keeps on bucking up and down on Max's schlong while her ass and Max's balls make this erotic clapping noise as they slap against each other in their passionate fucking.

I can't stop but be fixated on Liz's perky tits as they jump up and down with her movements. She must sunbathe in the nude because she has no tan lines & her nipples are brown from tanning.

Max then extracts his cock as Liz takes his queue and repositions herself as Max soon takes his b**st and positions it at the opening of her butt hole. Liz takes the initiative and sits her ass down on his cock.

This sent an electric charge through Liz as her face of pleasure soon went to that of pain as she eases herself down on my son's dick. Liz keeps moaning out loud as that face of pain comes back and forth between a face of pleasure as she slowly picked up the pace.

I can't even imagine how Liz is able to fit that prick inside her butt hole. It makes me think she must have done anal a few times. By now Max is getting most of his meat up Liz's asshole as the eyes in her head seem to be popping out of their sockets.

After a few more minutes of fucking like that Liz gets out her sitting position and in the process removes Max's member out of her ass. She then gets on her knees to the side of Max's bodying still laying on the ground and in my full view Liz inhales his cock with her mouth.

I am so turned on from seeing my daughter being an Ass to Mouth slut that I blurt out "Do you like the taste of your own ass?" as I continue jerking off to their hot show.

Liz responds in a muffled "Mmm hmmmm" which I can only assume means yes as she gorges on that schlong. After Liz sucks all of her ass juices off of Max's cock I'm getting to a point where I can't watch anymore. My dick is throbbing and its bright red from me beating it.

Max gets up from the floor and picks up Liz and cradles her in the air. Max sticks his cock in Liz's slit as her legs wrap around his waist and her arms are interlock around Max's neck. Max is really drilling her in mid air as the sound of his balls slapping against her ass echo through the room.

At this point I can't take it anymore & I yell out "Max!, Bring that Cock Queen over her and plop her ass on my dick. We're gonna Double Penetrate this beauty!"

Max walks over the few feet over to the recliner with Liz still wrapped around him. Liz turns her head and looks at me and then down at my cock as her asshole is at the tip of my cock.

My son places her down as my dick has no problem entering her ass probably due to the fact that Max had already stretched that shit out just a moment ago.

Liz lets out a big moan and screams "OOOOOO Fuck!" as she releases her hands from Max's neck and places them on the arms of the recliner.

My cock is rooted deep to the base of my balls in Liz's ass as Max thrusts his dick in her pussy. There can't be more than a half inch of skin between Liz's orifices as we can feel our cocks rubbing against each other inside of Liz.

Max buries his cock deep inside Liz's snatch as she takes the initiative and puts her hands around his neck again in order to gain leverage and begins bouncing up and down on my dick.

Soon enough all three of us found a rhythm as Liz kept bobbing up and down on my cock and Max continued thrusting into Liz's box. We were really hitting a fast pace as we were fucking the bejesus out of Liz's holes.

"OOOOOO Fuck Yea!, You guys are the best Father and b*****r ever!" Liz moans as we continued to really go to town on her.

Hearing that sent us into overdrive as the tandem of our cocks assault Liz's orifices. The thing that sent me over the edge though was the feeling of me and my sons cocks grinding against each other inside of Liz and our balls slapping against each other.

I soon felt my balls tightening and I knew I was gearing up to blow my load. I yelled out "I'M CUMMMMMINNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!" as I grab Liz's ass cheeks and pull her down and plant her on my cock.

I cum like a buckshot into Liz's ass. I feel like I unloaded gallons upon gallons of cum as I kept shooting my load into my only daughter.

Max kept fucking Liz's box as her pussy locked on to his dick as she was still planted on my rigid cock. I noticed that Max was getting closer and closer to his orgasm as I felt his thrusts getting longer and deeper.

All of a sudden Max pulled out of Liz's snatch which sent Liz back on to me and my still erect dick and f***ed us to lean back into a recline position in the chair. Max adjusted to this and put his leg on the arm of the chair and hovered his cock in front of Liz's face as he jerks off his cock in anticipation of blowing his load.

I have a birds eye view over Liz's shoulder as I am only inches away from Max's dick in my daughter's face. All of a sudden my son blew his massive load all over Liz's gorgeous face.

Max was blowing a load like Peter North as he kept cumming all over her face and tits for what seemed like forever. Max finished shooting the remainder of his load and backed away from the recliner with his cock in hand and plopped himself on the couch.

Liz and I were projected up in the recliner from Max's departure from the chair. Liz who was still sitting on my semi-erect cock twirled around on my cock to face me. Her face and chest is plastered in Max's man gravy.

"That was so much fun Daddy, I love You!" Liz says as her lips meet mine as we open mouth kiss. I am getting Max's spooge all over my face but I didn't mind because I am so horny.
Liz's cell phone began ringing as she twirled around and gets up from my now deflating cock. I can see Liz is leaking out a massive amount of my load from her asshole as she headed over to her phone that was in the corner of the room by her cheerleading outfit.

Liz picks up the phone as she is bent over from the waist without bending her knees with her legs parted a bit and I get a good view of her cum stuffed asshole. I watch the cum trickle down between her legs from her ass.

I looked down at my cock and see my dick is covered in my spunk and their is a puddle of it by the base of my balls on the recliner. At this point I really don't care that my jizz is on the recliner I am just exhausted and amazed about our little fuck session we just had here.

Liz picks up the phone and stands there with the phone up to her cum glazed face as she plays with her pussy with her free hand. "Hey Heather!" Liz had said as her free hand went from rubbing her pussy to pinching her nipples.

"Practice is canceled!?!?!, Hell yea I'll go to the beach with you! I just got to clean myself up a bit" Liz said with a giggle. "Can you pick me up in an hour?, alright cool" Liz says as she hung up.

My little girl then cupped her hand beneath her asshole and squirted out a nice load of my spunk out her ass into her hand and then dangled it into her mouth. "MMMMMM, I'm going to get a shower, Thanks a lot boys!" Liz says as she walked out of the living room and ran up the stairs.

fter relaxing and regaining my strength for a little while longer in the recliner I decide to pick up the clothes that were discarded around the house. I don't bother to put my own clothes on as I make my way up the stairs so I can get a shower.

I throw Max's clothes in his vacant room as I turn to make my way to my own room. I find Max at the end of the hallway still naked sporting a flaccid but still very large cock. Max is standing outside of the f****y bathroom awaiting a shower, which is currently occupied by Liz.

"Have Fun Daddio?"

"Are you k**ding? That was a blast! I haven't had that much fun in a while"

"Good, I'm glad! I'm also glad your approving of this because Liz and I have been hiding it for a little bit now"

"How long have the two of you been intimate with each other?"

"Well it first started maybe about a year ago, we would watch each other masturbate. Not long after that Liz brought home this porno that was circulating around school that two of her friends are in. When we were watching that porno together we got really hot so we took it past masturbating in front of each other and had sex."

After hearing this I realize I'm still holding onto Liz's clothes as I place her skirt and sweater down on a near by chair as I bring her thong up to my face and slowly deeply inhale her underwear. My daughter's thong is still a bit damp with her juices as her musky smell fills my nose and I begin to feel my rod getting hard again.

"I love when Liz wears her cheerleader outfit! It gets me so turned on, all my friends and guys on the team always comment on how hot Liz is and what they would do to her."

I myself am sporting quite the woody now from hearing this from my sons mouth. Before I even realize it I find my daughter's thong wrapped around my cock in my hand. The feeling of Liz's silky smooth thong on my cock sends shock waves through my body.

Max and I are now masturbating openly outside of the bathroom where my baby girl is cleaning up her body from the fucking we just gave her.

"Does your mother know about the two of you?"

Just then the door opens up as Liz stands there watching us while in a white string bikini with red cherries printed on it. My question goes unanswered as my daughter stands in the bathroom doorway watching us.

"You little horny devils can't get enough, can you? Look at you Daddy! Your jerking off your cock with my thong! Maybe you boys need some help?"

Max and I both let out groans of ecstasy as Liz alternates between blowing one of us and jerking off the other. I truly have never seen anything hotter then seeing my little girl with my dick down her throat as she is jerking off my son.

Liz then takes both of our cocks and connects our cocks at the heads and holds them there as she wraps her mouth around both of our touching helmets.

Liz began caressing the bottom of both of our cock heads with her tongue. While Liz focuses on our docking dicks with her mouth she takes her hands and begins pulling on our ball bags and lightly scratching them with her long french tip nails.

The only thought that runs through my mind at this point is if these little trysts between me, my son and my daughter are to continue how am I going to be able to keep this as a secret from my wife?

"Ahhhh Fuck s*s, No one blows cocks like you do!"

Liz giggles in response and looks back and forth into our eyes as her tongue does laps around our helmets polishing them with her saliva.

Liz then breaks the connection between our cocks and begins sucking on my ball bag. Liz is taking her time as she sucks on one ball at a time until she sticks my entire sack in her mouth while lightly jerking my shaft off.

The feeling of Liz's soft tongue massaging my testicles is amazing but the taboo of knowing it is my daughter who is devouring my balls makes it even hotter thus making me even harder.

Max grabs Liz by her hair as he pulls her mouth away from my ball bag and turns her focus onto his nut sack. I watch as Liz gobbles on Max's huge ball bag as she yanks on his shaft.

All of a sudden we hear the beeping of a car horn as Liz stops snacking Max's nuts as she stands up.

"Shit!, I'm sorry guys! That must be Heather. I don't wanna keep her waiting, we gotta get to the beach before the traffic. I'll make it up to you two later. I Promise! In the mean time while I'm gone, please don't blow your loads, save them for me! Oh and Daddy, You can keep that thong!"

Liz runs to her room and grabs her beach bag and runs down the stairs and out the door. Max and I stand there in front of the bathroom sporting our hard ons watching Liz's ass bounce in her bikini as she runs out of the house.

"Well, you heard the lady! We can't shoot off our baby batter, so take a cold shower and lets watch the Doubleheader in the living room"

"Sounds like a plan Dad!"

As I enter my room the phone starts ringing. I go over to the nightstand and pick up the phone to find that it is my wife Donna on the other end.

Donna tells me she has a surprise for my birthday I can't wait to find out what it is but I think we as a f****y have a bigger secret.

As I'm talking to Donna on the phone I lay on our bed and I bury Liz's thong in my face and continue smelling and tasting them. As I am doing this I can't help myself from lightly jerking myself.

Max enters my room in a towel that shows he is still pretty hard as he asks if it is Mom on the phone.

I inform him that it is his mother and he asks if he could talk to her.

I tell Donna that Max wants to talk her and that I should get a shower, I tell Donna I love her and hand the phone over to Max.

I notice as I hand over the phone to Max that he starts undoing his towel and starts playing with himself.

It makes me wonder if he too wants to fuck his mother or if he is still thinking about his s****r as I leave Liz's thong on my bed as I enter the bathroom to start my shower.

While I'm in the shower I can't help stroking myself as i envision Liz and Donna blowing me at the same time.

I come pretty close to blowing my load in the shower but hold back at the previous request of my daughter.

I finish my shower and start drying myself and enter my room to find Max is still laying on my bed with Liz's thong in hand jerking himself off and he is still on the phone.

Max is in a state of bliss with his eyes closed and my presence in the room is unbeknown to him as Max is slowly jerking off.

"Mmmmmm Yea how does that feel? Do you want more you filthy slut?"

My heart skips a beat when I hear this as I try to remain quiet in order to listen in on more of this phone sex to see if Max is still on the phone with his mother.

I try to slowly move over to my dresser while in my towel but I foolishly trip on one of my shoes and alert my presence to Max.

"I gotta go, the Doubleheader is about to start. I can't wait to see you tonight!"

Max then hangs up the phone and removes Liz's thong from his cock and leaves it on my bed.

As Max gets up from my bed he states he is going to get changed and that he is going to put on the Doubleheader. I mention that I'll meet him down in the living room as he closes the door behind him and exits my room.

It has gotten much warmer from earlier this morning so I throw on some mesh basketball shorts and a white shirt and open the all windows in my room. I then brush my teeth in my bathroom and head down to the living room.

I head into the living room that has a nice breeze going through it. Max has opened up the sliding glass door to combat the heat.

The game is about to start as I sit down on the couch next to Max who is also wearing mesh basketball shorts but no shirt.

The first game was a close one. UNC had just had pulled out a victory over Duke in a double overtime thriller.

We were now on to the second game between Stanford and UCLA when I noticed we were both still semi hard through our mesh shorts but I try to focus on the game.

Through out the game though I saw we were both pretty hard probably from seeing all the cheerleaders at the game and all the sexy ads during commercials. I can see we're both rubbing ourselves as we see the cheerleaders on the TV.

"So I noticed while you were talking to your Mother you were seriously beating your meat. Do you wanna fuck Mom?"

"Are you k**ding? I've been fucking Mom for a while now, even before Liz and I started masturbating in front of each other. While I was talking to Mom on the phone I was dreaming that I was fucking Liz and pulling out and Mom was there sucking off Liz's juices off my cock"

I'm shocked to hear my own son has been having sex with my wife but at the same time it turns me on even more. It makes a little bit more sense now though why Donna has been too tired sometimes for sex outside of our busy work schedules.

"Your not mad that I have been fucking Mom and Liz are you? We were keeping a secret it a because we didn't know how you would react."

"Nah, I'm not mad at all I'm actually even more turned on then I was before"

After I say this I pat my son on the inner thigh to reassure him as I feel the huge erect girth through his mesh shorts before I remove my hand.

"Actually I was having a similar dream when I was in the shower while you were on the phone but I was dreaming that your mom and s****r were both blowing me at the same time"

As I said this I realize our shorts are pulled down and our rock hard dicks are out as we lightly stroking them in circular motions.

During the remaining duration of the first half Max and I are shouting out fantasies of ours involving Donna and Liz as we continue jerking off.

As the game is heading into halftime I ask out of curiosity about the porn tape that Max referred to earlier that had two of Liz's friends in it.

"Oh Hell Yea!, Your going to Love it Dad! Let me grab it!".

While Max runs up the stairs up to his room I get completely naked and slowly stroke my shaft to the cheerleader halftime show.

Max comes back down the stairs with the tape in hand and pops it into the VCR. As Max makes his way back to the couch I suggest that he should make himself comfortable. Max agrees as he disrobes and sits next to me on the couch.

A title on the screen pops up in pink lettering saying "Pool Side Sluts", I'm surprised to see a title because I figured this would just be some amateur video but it looks pretty professionally edited.

"Pool Side Sluts" opens with a very sexy blonde in a bikini top and daisy duke jean shorts teasing the camera on the stoop of a door.

I immediately recognize this blonde as the girl who works the cash register at the local grocery store. I believe her name is Dana, thats what her name tag at the grocery store said at least. I've always fantasized of shoving my cock up her big ass as she is bent over bagging my groceries.

After about two minutes of this tease footage the film cuts to a couple of older guys playing cards on a patio table.

The camera pans around showing the guys who are playing and I realize one of them is this guy who goes to the same gym as me. His name is Mr. Long, he is friends with my buddy Ray from the gym.

The cameraman then focuses his lens downhill next door to the pool of the neighbor's backyard to reveal three women in bikinis jumping into the water. The camera continues it's medium length focus on the three women as they play in the water and splash each other.

I can't exactly make out their faces of the girls due to the distance of the camera but I'm kind of growing impatient to get to the action.

"When is it gonna get to the action?"

"Soon, very soon Dad. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!"

The camera is focused on the women who are now out of the pool and have gotten rid of their bikinis. The cameraman then says "Man, Oh Man! Am I glad that I bought this camera!"

I recognize the voice but I can't exactly put my finger on whose voice it is.

As the cameraman says this he focuses the camera back on the rest of the guys who are now also disrobing as they watch the action. The mysterious cameraman follows their lead as he takes off his shirt and drops his shorts as you can see his penis stand to attention.

The cameraman then sits back down and reveals through the lens of the camera that all the guys have hard ons as their focus is now on the women and not their card game.

The camera pans to the action next door and reveals that one of the girls is now rubbing sunscreen on the others. This continues until all three of the women start getting intimate and begin having a full on three-way lesbo sex fest.

While the camera is focused on the action you hear "Oh Man Ray, I hope your getting all this on camera!", the camera pans to the voice to show it was Mr. Long who is vigorously jerking his dick.

As Mr. Long says this I think to myself "No, could it be? Is it my friend Ray with the mysterious voice who is the cameraman?"

Just then I get confirmation as the camera is turned around to show Ray's face who displays a shit eating grin as he then points the camera down to show him jerking his shaft.

I can't believe it but at the same time I'm so turned on by this revelation that i stroke my penis with longer thrusts.

As I do this the guys on the tape situate themselves closer to the action as they take their chairs and line them up next to each other to face the action.

The camera pans back to the action next door as the three girls are really going at it now. After a few more minutes showing the girls in action, Ray points the camera down showing him pleasuring himself.

Ray then looked left and right with the camera to show all the cocks lined up that were getting off watching the action. By my quick count of the line up I counted eight guys.

Then one of the cocks had blurted out "Thats it I can't take this tease anymore, we gotta go down there and get our dicks serviced I can't do it myself anymore."

All the guys on the tape agree as they get up and head down the hill towards the gate that was shared by the properties.

I look over at Max who has a smile on his face while he is watching the action.

"Just calm down hot shot! Remember your s****rs request!"

"I don't know if I'll be able to or you will be able to when you see what's next!"

I turn my focus back to the TV as the camera's view is coming up on the three girls as all the guys begin clapping. A female voice speaks up and then asks "Oooo, Mr. Long who are all your friends?"

Ray cuts the camera's view to the voice to reveal it is GINA GUCCIANO AND HER DAUGHTER JAMIE!!!!!

I can't believe it! Jamie is one of my daughter's best friends; I've know Jamie and her Mother Gina for years.

Jamie and Liz met in Girl Scouts and our families have been friends since then. I've always wanted to fuck Gina since we first met. Gina is a very young and successful mother and she has always worn small tight sexy outfits.

Jamie hasn't fallen far from the tree either. Jamie herself is quite sexy and has caught my eye numerous times over the past few years as she was growing up to become a beautiful woman like her mom.

"See, I told you Dad! How hot is this? But wait there is more so don't blow your load!"

I took Max's queue and slowed down to a complete stop as I sat there watching the blow bang action with a hard on that fells like a steel rod.

I must say Ray has quite the talent; the camera work is very professional as he caught all the action and added his own narration to all the dirty talk that was going around.

Just then Max and I hear the front door close.

"Ok Guys, We're Home!"

"We're?" Max and I say in unison as we turn around to see Liz, her friend Heather and a big muscular guy I have never seen before walk into the living room.

I am a little embarrassed being in the presence of this other guy while my son and I are watching porn together.

"Daddy, this is Nick, don't worry he is cool."

"Nice to meet you Nick!"

I shake Nick's hand as I sit on the couch with a full hard on.

"How was the beach sweetheart?"

Liz and Heather are now on either side of the couch next to Max and I in their bikinis.

"It was alright, we worked on our tans at the nude beach but we were kinda disappointed because there were no other cute boys to join us"

"Join You?" Max asks in a puzzled state as Heather reaches down and is beginning to slowly caress his cock.

"Yea! Nick was fucking the both of us on the beach and we wanted other cute boys to join us for a little group action but we couldn't find any until now" Heather said as she began open mouth kissing my son.

Heather is Greek and she has one of the most fantastic tanned hard bodies. Heather is about 5'2 and 110 pounds and I'd say her measurements are probably 32A-24-36.

What Heather lacks in the tits department she certainly makes up for it with one of the most amazing asses I have ever seen.

"I see Max has shown you the tape. What do you think of it Daddy?" Liz asks as Nick begins kissing her neck and slowly unties Liz's bikini top as her tits spring free as Nick then bends my daughter over the couch with her face placed directly next to mine.

"This is the hottest thing I have ever seen, my cock is aching right now. I can't believe Mrs. Gucciano and Jamie are in this movie!"

"My father is one of the guy's in the tape, it is a big hit in our f****y too" Nick states as he fondles my daughters breasts as he soon drops his shorts.

It appears as if Nick has stuck his dick in my daughter's ass judging from the grimace on her face.

I look at the TV screen to see the action has advanced from the blow bang I had seen previously to now two of the girls getting a train run on them by all the guys.

I then turned my attention to my right to see Max now has Heather on top of him riding him cowgirl style.

Heather sees that I feel left out as she leans over and locks her lips around my one eyed monster as Max starts fucking the shit out of her pussy.

Seeing all this sex around me puts me over the edge. I lay my head back on the couch as I put my hands on Heather's head forcing my cock down her throat as far as I can.

As my head is lying back on the couch Liz is hovered above my face while she is getting fucked in the ass by Nick. Liz takes the opportunity to lock lips with me as our tongues dance in our mouths while it feels like my dick was hitting Heather's tonsils.

"oOoOoOoOo Fuck Nick!, Shove that Monster deep in my ass!!!"

You can her the sound of Nick's balls slapping against Liz's pussy under this scream of passion.

I lift my head up to see Heather making eye contact with me as my dick is forcing it's way further down her throat as she bobs up and down on my son's rigged cock.

After a while I feel like I am going blow my load as I pull Heather off my shaft by her hair.

I look over at the TV screen to see some of the girls getting Double Penetrated as I try not to touch my cock fearing that I will shoot off my load.

I remember about my cock ring up in my room that will help me not blast my load. I excuse myself as I state that I am going to grab my cock ring.

When I come back down I find Liz is getting Double Penetrated and Heather is riding Max's face on the head cushion of the couch.

I sit right next to my son and watch him in all his glory. I then look up at the TV to see Gina Gucciano sucking on some Monster Black Dick and realize I missed something so I'll have to watch this again some other time.

I slip on my cock ring and then pick up Heather off of Max's face and sit her on my face as we lock into a 69.

Heather has a really small slit that she keeps shaved completely bald. The frame of Heather's body is so small that her butt hole is so close to her pussy that my nose is buried in her brown eye while I munch down on her box.

I alternate my mouth's focus on Heather's pussy and asshole, both of them smell and taste spectacular.

I swirl my tongue around Heather's brown eye and plunge it in and out as my hands are on her butt spreading her ass cheeks as far apart as I can.

As I do this Heather is returning the favor by giving me the greatest blowjob I have ever received.

Heather goes up and down slowly on my cock as she takes her time and slowly inhales my cock inch by inch further into her throat until she reaches the base of my dick at my cock ring.

Heather then lifts her talented mouth off my cock and adjusts herself off my face and slides down my chest and props herself on top of my dick.

As Heather is setting herself to sit down on my prick cowgirl style I look over to see Nick sitting on the couch next to me with Liz's face buried in his junk as she is getting plowed from behind by her b*****r.

Heather eases herself down on my rod slowly and she is short of breathe due to my massive size invading her small slit.

When Heather gets comfortable with my monster in her snatch she begins picking up the pace as she jumps up and down on my cock.

"oOoOoOoOo Fuck Mr. Palmer your cock is fucking Huge!"

While Heather screams this she looks into my eyes with passion as she throws her head full of long brown hair back in ecstasy as she bobs up and down on my dick.

Heather then adjusts herself as she turns around to ride me reverse cowgirl style while she is still planted on my dick. The feeling of my cock deep in Heather's vaginal walls as it grips my dick while she swivels around my cock is dynamite as she then gyrates up and down and grinds back and forth on my cock.

I feel like I am gonna blackout as this tight petite 18 year old friend of my daughter's rides me like a mechanical bull.

My hands latch onto the back of Heather's thighs right under her supple butt cheeks lending support as bounces on my rock hard pole.

I turn my focus on Heather's ass bouncing on my cock and look up to see Heather looking at me with a look of lust in her eyes.

Heather then leans back and latches her lips onto mine as our open mouths begin to make out sloppily.

While we are lip locked I slip my dick out of Heather's snatch and remove my right hand from her thigh to find her sopping wet honey pot.

I feel a mouth on my cock and I break our passionate kissing to look over Heather's shoulder to find Liz on all fours being plowed from behind by her b*****r.

I then look to my left to see Nick standing on the couch with his cock buried in Heather's face as she is still lying on top of me.

Liz is really cleaning up my dick as she is taking all of my shaft down to the base meeting my cock ring and keeping it deep in her throat before coughing it back out.

Liz then turns her focus on my my balls as she sucks each one at time before shoving the entire sack in her mouth and sucks on them like an ice pop before spitting them out again.

Liz then takes my cock and slaps it on Heather's pussy in a teasing manner as Heather then slides her lower body down in anticipation to get my monster slammed in her cunt again.

Liz surprises Heather and myself however by then taking my dick and shoving it up Heather's puckered asshole.

Heather's response to this is spectacular as she spits out Nick's cock that was fucking her face, as she seems to be out of breath.

I capitalize on this as I now grab Heather around her waist and begin to thrust my cock into her magnificent ass at a fast and hard pace.

"OoOoOoOoOo Fuck My Ass, OoOoOoOo Fuck Yea pound that shit"

Heather is bucking on my cock while I grab her small tits from behind. Heather then takes her hand and slaps at her pussy and and plays with herself while I fuck her ass.

"Come on Nicky stick that big boy in my slit!" Heather yells in passion as Nick then steps down off the couch and gets himself into position.

I stop my fast hard pace and keep my cock buried deep into Heather's asshole as Nick is getting himself comfortable.

Nick soon slides his gargantuan prick into Heather's pussy and begins a slow thrusting pace.

I feel Nick's cock gliding against mine through Heather's thin membrane of skin that separates us as Nick slides in and out of Heather's cunt.

I begin to match Nick's slow pace as we create a great tandem of either lunging our cocks deep into Heather at the same time or having or dicks lunging into her holes at separated times.

"Fuck me harder and faster you bastards!"

Heather shouted this as she grabs on to us for dear life as we follow her command and pick up our assault on her holes.

I feel like I'm going to blow my load as I continue lunging my cock deep into Heather's ass.

I look at Nick and see a look of evil possession while he grinds his teeth as he slams his schlong into Heather's pussy.

Nick and I begin to tire as we soon withdraw our rock hard pricks from Heather's hungry holes.

I slide out underneath Heather leaving her on the couch in a state of disarray as her legs are sprawled out revealing her gaping holes showing the damage we had done.

Liz is still on all fours and is getting plowed from behind by Max in the same place.

I think to myself my two k**s must have gotten quite the birds eye view of their friend Heather and her holes getting assaulted by Nick and I.

My thought process breaks as I hear Liz & Heather's screams of passion as I look down to watch Liz eating out Heather while Liz's ass bounces like jello from the hard thrusts from her b*****r Max.

Nick and I stand on either side of Liz as we watch the action while we are jerking off our monster-sized dicks.

I look down and see my cock is a reddish purple color and it's so hard it practically hurts so decide to take off my cock ring.

After I remove my cock ring I hear a familiar grunting noise and I look over to see Max pull out of Liz and rush over to the right side of Heather on the couch.

Max directs his cock right in the face of Heather as Max only needs to jerk his cock a little bit before he began unleashing his load onto Heather's face.

Max's first rope hits Heather directly in her right eye causing her to fidget. Max's second rope shoots across the bridge of Heather's nose into her hair and a little bit on to the couch.

Max's third rope is his most copious one as it lands on Heather's forehead which is followed by his last rope which falls on Heather's right cheek.

Max drains the remnants of his load into Heather's mouth as she pulls Max into her mouth and begins sucking him dry.

Nick didn't miss a beat after Max had pulled out of Liz and continued fucking my daughter from behind.

While watching the action I grabbed my balls and played with them with my left hand as I slowed my jerking pace on my cock with my right hand so I wouldn't blow my load.

Liz was getting deep stroked by Nick so hard that it was thrusting her face harder and harder into Heather's gash.

Heather continued to suck my son's cock as she would occasionally pull Max's dick out of her mouth to spread his jizz around her plastered face and put my son's cock back in her mouth.

Nick began grunting and getting spastic with his thrusts. I knew his orgasm was on the way.

Nick then pulled out of Liz and rushed over to the couch on the left side of Heather and directed his cock to Heather's face as she removed her mouth off of Max's now flaccid dick.

Nick's first rope shoot on an upward angle across Heather's left cheek, nose, forehead and into her hair.

Nick's second rope shoots directly in Heather's left eye, which makes Heather fidget again.

Nick's third rope shoot across Heather's left cheek, upper lip, right cheek and lands on Max's abdomen.

Max then took his finger and scooped up Nick's jizz off his body and stuck it into Heather's mouth. Heather sucked Nick's jizz off Max's finger and spit his finger out before sticking Nick's cock in her mouth to polish him off.

"I know you like to watch Daddy but why don't ya come over here and keep me company and stick that monster in me?"

I acted upon Liz's request as I came up from behind her and straddled myself over her propped up little behind and eased my aching cock into her awaiting asshole. I had no trouble sliding in due to the amount of traffic going into that sweet little ass.

While I was plugging away on my daughter's ass I was watching Heather as she kept eye contact with me the entire time while she was blowing Nick & Max's cocks.

Occasionally she would take their dicks and smear their baby batter around her face right before sticking their pricks back into her mouth.

Seeing that and the grip of my baby girl's ass had me go over the edge as I pulled my schlong out of Liz's ass and pulled right up in front of Heather with my cock pointed point blank into her face.

The boys pulled their dicks back away from Heather's face because of my presence but they kept their semi erect pricks close by.

My first rope was a big one and it hit directly on Heather's nose in between her eyes and splashed into both of her eyes.

My second rope splashed on Heather's upper lip, into her open awaiting mouth and onto her chin.

I directed my third rope to cover Heather's forehead as it carried over into her hair.

I then directed my fourth rope back at Heather's open mouth as I shot my load into it as I then shoved my cock down her throat and emptied the rest of my load in her warm orifice.

I was amazed how much I came for a man my age as I felt like I was going to blackout from the f***e that I came as Heather alternated between sucking our cocks, rubbing them all over her face helping her spread our jizz before shoving our cocks back in her mouth.

All of a sudden we all heard clapping as we all turned around to find my wife Donna standing there clapping in a short black skirt and a white dress shirt.

"Well, when the cat is away the mice will play!"

"Mommy!" Liz screamed in joy as she got up and ran up to Donna in her naked state and hugged her mother and kissed her on the mouth possibly giving her a taste of Heather's snatch.

I stuttered from the shock of Donna's presence as I managed to say "Hi Honey, How was your business trip?"

Donna walked up to behind the couch where Heather and all three of us were as she brushed her hand through Heather's jizz soaked hair.

"It was alright, we didn't get as fucked as we thought we would have gotten. Unlike pretty little Heather here" Donna said as she bent down and kissed Heather on the forehead.

"Oh yea, about that, umm how much of that did you see Honey?"

"Oh right about the time you and Horse Cock Johnson here were running a train on little Miss Heather"

Donna read the embarrassment written all over my face.

"Relax honey, I was actually thinking maybe we could have a little early birthday party here for you with our present company."

"So this must be the surprise you were telling me about over the phone that you were coming home early."

"Actually the real surprise is that I won us a trip for 4 to Miami from the company raffle"

"Oh shit Miami! That's great Mommy, When do we leave?" Liz asked as she jumped up and down which made her fantastic boobs bounce like crazy.

"In two days, on your father's birthday. I already set up our flight plans. You can work on your tan"

Donna then slapped Liz on the ass before throwing her own dress shirt on the floor and stood there in a black bra and began to unzip her skirt.

Donna's skirt hit the floor showing off her fantastic aged rock hard body in a black thong and bra.

"Well are we going to get this party started or what?"

"I think us guys need a little time to recover but in the mean time I think you should watch this movie Mom" Max said as he hit rewind on the tape.

"A movie? Isn't that gonna kill the mood?"

Donna sat down next to Nick who was in between my wife and Heather as wife began nursing Nick's flaccid member back to health with her hand.

Liz sat on the arm of the couch next to Heather and was on "clean up duty" eating our baby batter off of Heather's face.

"Not this movie Honey, this Movie will get the party started off right" I said as my prediction rang true and the party went all night long.

The End.

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