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My First Gay Experiences Part 1

It was winter and my girlfriend had broken up with me at the end of summer after four years together. Over the last few months I had been meeting new people and having a good time. I had also been watching a lot of gay and cock porn recently and had started to maybe consider myself a little bicurious. Not really sure if I was wanting to actually follow through I still surfed craigslist. To tell you a little about myself I am 6`3 and 230 ibs of muscle and I don`t look or act the least bit what would be considered `gay`. The idea of a skinny boy didn`t appeal to me for some reason. I wanted to touch a real man`s cock. The idea of just touching another man, stroking his hard cock, sucking and teasing it, all just started to become more and more of a desire.

One winter day I finally saw the ad that got me. He was also recently out of a relationship was in good shape, a little hairy which I liked but the thing I noticed the most was his thick, uncut cock. For once the thought of putting my hand on another man`s throbbing, hard cock made me throw all caution into the wind and message him. It was already late 10 o clock but he said he would come over after showering because he was so horny. The second I realized he was coming over I got a little nervous but to ease my fears I started to stroke my cock and the excitement quickly got my 7.5`` cut cock as hard as it would get.

When he came to the door I could feel my excitement at looking at him. The pictures were real and he was quite attractive. He laughed a little nervously saying he usually doesn`t do this and I said the same. He must have noticed the bulge in my shorts because within 10 seconds he grabbed and whispered in my ear asking if I was ready.

We went upstairs to my room and he pushed me on the bed and started sucking my half hard cock. If he was new to this he was very good. He sucked hard, he sucked slow, he twirled his tongue around. I wasn`t close to orgasm yet but I was definitely enjoying his mouth. I told him `my turn`and we switched positions. I undid his jeans and saw the bulge in front of my face. Although it was the first time I had given head I wasn`t that nervous. I licked the outside of this shorts and stuck my tongue through the slit on his boxers. He groaned with pleasure and pulled them off.

After seeing his erect, uncut cock I knew I would never be the same. It was easily inches if not more with a nice excess of foreskin. It being my first cock I told him I was going to go slow. I took his grunt of pleasure as a sign to go ahead. I started stroking high up on his cock retracting his foreskin and watching it slide over his head. As I did this I got bold and started to lick his nipples, loving the feeling of my tongue over the hair. He wanted me to bite them so I did gently and I loved the sound of his moans.

I started kissing back down to his cock. I then started licking his shaft as I lightly touched his balls like how my girlfriend used to do. Before he could ask me to take him I took a man`s cock into my mouth for the first time. I loved the feeling of that soft hardness. I moved slowly up and down trying very hard not to sc**** with teeth. He grabbed my head and started moving me down further on his cock and faster. It reminded me how huge it was! It wasn`t long before I realized I was gagging. His moans were increasing and the gagging wasn`t too bad so I continued to take his member in and out of my mouth. Right before he was going to cum he stopped.

``Lick my ass`` he told me. I wasn`t too keen on this but I soon found it wasn`t too bad and doing that while stroking him brought him great pleasure. While I was doing this he asked me where I wanted his cum. I told him to cum on my chest and face. So he climbs on top of me and starts stroking his cock. I am watching intently stroking my own cock. His eyes are closed and his grunting and face distortions mean he is close. As I start stroking my cock faster he yells ``I`m cumming!`` and since I can`t see well in the dark I more feel it start to come on my chest and my chin.

I came to a realization then that I am a complete cum whore. I love the feeling of cum and of touching a cock right after it came. I am stroking furiously while gently stroking his dick. The feeling of a just drained, cum covered cock as you stroke it is the best. I came soon after with some f***e. He was still on my chest and my cum hit him good in the back.

We started laughing and as he was leaving we agreed to meet again...

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