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By first big black cock!!

i went to a gay club in my neighborhood that i knew had alot of black guys and as soon as i walked in i had guys all over me but i knew that i really only wanted one guy that i saw once i walked in. so i walked right up to him and asked if he wanted to get out of here. without a moments hesitation he put his drink down, grabbed my hand, and took me to his car. while we were driving back to his apartment he asked if i wanted to get started right then and i said sure so he wipped out his giant, pulsating, fat, black, cock and i just got overcome with lust. i immediately buried my head in his crotch and just did whatever came naturally and how i liked getting it done to me. i dont know if it was 10 seconds or 10 hours to get to his apartment but all i remember hearing was "alright slut, thats enough munching on my dick for now, there will be plenty of time for that all night" so we got out and walked up to his apartment. once we were inside he closed the door and dropped his pants. once i saw the fat dick again i couldnt help but get on my knees and start sucking again. i was able to get it all the way to the back of my throat a couple times and i just kept imagining this giant piece of black dick being shoved deep into my tight white whore ass hole and i got harder and harder. just by sucking his fat cock i started to cum a little bit. after he blew his load in my mouth he suggested we go to the bedroom and i got really excited. we went in and we started to undress and he went to his bedside table and pulled out a box of condoms. i know sizes pretty well so when i saw XXL on the side i almost freaked out cuz my ex had a hard time doing anal with my dick and im only a medium condom. when he took the condom out to put it on i asked if i could wrap that giant ass wrecker and he gladly let me. theres something incredibly amazing about putting the condom on the big black cock that is about to make you its little cum slut. after i put the condom on, he tells me to bend over the side of the bed and my heart starts racing. as he steps forward i can feel my ass hole shrinking so i focus all my energy on expanding it and getting ready for this giant black ship that is about to crash into my asshole. then he grabs my hips and starts pushing the head into my ass and i wince a little bit and he slowly puts all of it in my ass. im glad that i was facing away from him or else he would have laughed at my eyes that were bulging from the giant dick being rammed into my ass. once he finally had gone balls deep into my tight asshole he began fucking me. his favorite thing to do was go all the way out to the tip and all the way back in balls deep over and over probably cuz it felt good, but mostly i think its just cuz he loved hearing his dirty little slut moan when he did it. after he did that for awhile he then would go balls deep then out two inches then back all in again over and over super fast. and when i say fast i mean ive never even seen someone fucked that fast, and especially not that deep. he did that for so long and it felt so good that i literally came all over the bed while he was fucking me. it was weird feeling all the cum drain out of my balls knowing that soon all the cum in his giant sack would soon be draining into the thin condom that separated his giant black cock from my whorish asshole and while i thought about that i started muttering "im such a fucking black cock slut" over and over and the more i said it the more true it became. i was slowly beginning to wonder how i ever lived before this giant cock destroyed my ass and made me into the dirty little slut he was now pounding and at that moment i began to really get into it. i turned around and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him close to me and said "is that the best you can do? i almost fell asl**p up here!! youre fucking me so slow and light!!" once i returned to my previous position on all fours he really started fucking me, and with each stroke i could feel my asshole expanding to new limits i never thought possible and knew i would never be able to return from, but i didnt care. all i could think about was making sure that i always had a way to get more of this giant cock to fuck me whenever i needed it and as i thought all this what i was muttering changed to "im such a fucking black cock slut, but i love it so fucking much" and right then, he thrust deep into my asshole and blew his load. and i know it was into a condom, but i could still feel the edge of the condom expand and feel the hot sticky liquid through the latex and i came again all over the bed. we both stayed in that position for awhile just breathing deeply and when he pulled out i wanted to do one last thing, rip the condom off and drink the cum i so desperately wanted to be in my ass. after that he gave me his number and said if i ever wanted to do anything like that again, to call. my first question was "do you have any buddies that would like to join us?" and he said if i gave him enough heads up that he could get at least 3 or 4 more big black cocks to ream my asshole. once he said that i got another hard on, but i just walked out and began walking the mile back to the club but i couldnt get the boner to go away so i dipped into an alley and pulled down my pants and began stroking my cock and thinking about 5 black guys using my ass and my mouth as dumpsters for their amazing cum. it didnt take long for my to jizz and i caught every drop and put it on my fingers and shoved it deep in my ass so i would know a little what it felt like to have cum inside me. on my drive home thats all i could think about, 5 black guys fucking me over and over and once one of them came in either hole, that there would be another giant black cock to take its place and that the fucking wouldnt stop until they said so. just talking about it now gives me a giant boner.

so thats my story of my first BBC to fuck me.

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