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Sex on the beach in Gran Canaria

The sun was shining brightly as we stepped onto the beach, flip-flops kicked off we walked a very short distance while I unfastened the clasp on my bikini top, slipping it off letting the sun warm my bare breasts, stopping for a moment I stepped out of the bottoms and placed them in the rucksack along with Ian’s shorts. Naked the sun warmed our bodies as we heading towards the dunes looking for a quiet place to settle.

The wind whipping the sand against us like rough sandpaper on wood, it stung our legs as we moved over the sand. Only the small bushes provided a break from the wind as proven by the amount of people hiding behind them, we happily walk along the beach passing clothed and other naked folk enjoying the sun.
In the distance a large clump of bushes proved to be out target, a few minutes later we were walking around and found our spot in the lea of the wind, surprisingly no one else had made it this far as the area was ours alone.
Towels laid and sand shaped for comfort we applied sun cream to all the places that would get you locked up in the UK and settled down to the peace and the heat.

It wasn’t long before we heard a noise as and a young guy arrived.
He was in his 20’s naked with a totally shaven body and head, a fit looking guy with an average sized cock, uncut, he smiled, finished sorting his pack out and sat down just to the right out of our sight behind another clump of shrubs.
As the minutes passed by all that could be heard were the wind and the sea and a few insects buzzing about their daily work. The sun warmed us both and a dreamy peace settled over me, I drifted off into my own world, my mind cleared and for the first time in ages I was at rest and happy.

I felt a warm hand rubbing my leg and realised it was Ian, softly the strokes moved up and down, it was nice, and my leg moved to the side a little and was rewarded with gentle fingers over my inner thigh.

MMM this was nice, I started to get aroused and wet.

I pulled my feet together and towards me, my legs flopped to the sides causing my now wet pussy to part. I could feel the breeze in my inner lips and it was good, and got much better as a finger slipped into me and started to play on my G-spot. I moaned quietly to myself. A rustling noise to my right stopped the game and his hand went back to my leg only to return a minute later as he worked me towards an orgasm.

Now his hand was on my tummy, having slipped back out of me suddenly, I calmed a little, he kissed the side of my face and squeezed my nipple but not hard enough for me, I wanted him and was giving off all the sign’s I thought. His fingers rubbed my clit then two fingers slipped in on my spot. Working it hard, my back arched and I was well on the way to my orgasm, moving my legs to the side as an open invitation he got between them, I waited for him to enter me, instead he leant over me and told me the young guy next door had been watching us, saw me with fingers in my pussy, and had taken some photo’s and was probably watching us now.

Ian had tried for ages to get me to go to a swingers club and have sex with him, I know he would love to see me with another guy or guys, but the idea never turned me on, I love him and that was all I needed.

I needed him now mind, I needed him to stop pussyfooting about and fuck me, did I car if we were being watched?

Like hell......... I spoke to him quietly “come on the garage is open, cum park your car”.

I put my feet on his buttocks and pulled him towards me, I was so wet he slid in, in one go, only stopping when his balls hit me. We kissed like it was our first time and looked into each other’s eyes lovingly.

Ian spoke.
“You know he is probably watching us again, watching as I fill you with cum, wanking his now large cock off, he is desperate to fuck you as well, you sexy slut. Does that excite you knowing you’re being watched, knowing another man wants to have sex with you?”

I grasped his body with my legs pulling him harder into me.

“And if it did excite me would you mind?”

“Mind, Mind, your having a laugh I would love to see you with someone else between your legs”

“Stand up and see if he is about then”

I wanted sex, and full on sex, my pussy was aching it needed filling and if it took two guys to do it then that was fine, I had not thought about other people watching all I knew was I wanted to be pleasured and hard.

Ian stood up and 20 feet away was the young guy now with a much grown cock standing hard and proud, snapping away taking our pics.

I got to my knees cupped Ian’s balls in my hand and took his pussy wet cock in my mouth and started to give him a BJ, at the point of cumming I stopped and lay back down on the towel, I was so horny, so wet I wanted cock and then some.
I parted my legs holding them high in the air, “forget him and fuck me please” Ian needed no second offer and holding my feet on his shoulders slipped into me and banged away hard.

I moaned, he moaned, and I felt him shoot off in me before slipping to the sand exhausted.

I looked at the young guy in front of me, hard and desperate to fuck me, without thought I sealed my fate and lifted my legs in the air, legs trapped on his shoulders, my hands pined by his arms 7” of young hard cock banged its way up me, I moaned loudly several times and still he banged away, Ian watching from the side rubbing his cock hard again, my eyes rolled my mouth open, this was better than word could describe.

Ian lay so I could suck him off as the young’s thick member filled my hole, and soon filled me with more cum as Ian shot off in my mouth for the first time. It was warm and a little salty but not an unpleasant feeling and had the effect of making me horny again. I lay back down, rubbed my clit and offered myself to the young guy again who was only to ready to fill me, as was Ian to finish me off.

After the wildest 30 mins I have ever had I was full of cum, and as Ian walked me to the sea thick semen dripped out of me and down my leg, it was wonderfull!!

In two weeks time I have decided I will be more risky, and do it again but in stockings!

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