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Dance floor seduction

I was on the dance floor. moving my tall athletic built body to the beat of hip hop trying to out dance the guys in my group. as i was pulled to the side by what seem to be a medium height 120 pound black woman curved like a sports she started dancing with me.

we got intimate as i felt the lump in my pants grow hard by her bumping and touching against me with her firm apple bottom shaped ass. she looked back at me smiling. as she was impressed to feel my 8inch white shaft getting hard. when she suddnely left me there.

she came back with a friend as we danced together when she whispered into my ear. i want you to fuck us with that cock you swinging at immediate reaction was to smile at her and tell her... you can dance but can you fuck?

they pulled me out of the club and into a car we went. they drove a suv which had foldable rear seats as i wisked into the back with the one girl. my pants was on my ankles before i knew it. as the suv started i felt a pair of warm firm lips suck my cock and a small hand stroking it. slowly at first she was feeling the girth.

her pibk lips was filled with a hard white cock beging for her black pussy as i moaned out holding her head. she carried on sucking me while her friend watched us in the rear view mirror. her hand was rubbing her pussy as she moaned concentrating on driving and watching.

my cock was at point of exploding as the girl stopped... she mounted me as i pulled her skirt up she wasnt wearing underwear. she grabbed my cock as she lowered her tight wet black pussy onto the tip moaning as my cock pierced into her.

i could feel her shake and tremble on me as she took it in more and more. we came to a drive way where we dove into a garage.. as i was working this black pussy the door opened...

i threw both of them onto the couuch as i started fucking the driver. her pussy were tighter and wetter than her friend. as i penetrated her hard i felt her cumming on my cock. her friend laughed as i rammed my cock deeper down the friends pussy making her moan out loud.

i carried on fucking her till she couldnt handle it anymore. tutning to the friend as my white cock started pounding and ramming her black pussy.. i felt my orgasm cumming closer as i held her hips firmly she begged me to blow my cum in her. . .when suddenly i burst out moaning as i shot a warm stream of cum into her pussy and ass ....

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