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Dessert after a night out

Its late we've just gotten home from a romantic dinner. Ur wearing a dress, black, it hugs ur curves in all the right places. Ur hair is done real pretty falling on ur shoulders and down ur back. Ur so beautifull I think bout how I'm the luckiest guy in the world cause u love me. U look at me I'm in a suit and tie, my collars losened a lil from kissing u on the way home. U take off ur heels walk up to me and kiss me. I wrap my arms around ur waist and pull u close. The wine from dinner and the few drinks afterwards have us both feeling buzzed. Then all the sudden I pick u up off the groung and carry u in my arms to our bedroom. I open the door the lights are off when I bring u in. The room is lit up wit the orange warm glow of candles. There's dozens, of all differtent shapes and sizes casting their glow about the room. I had a friend come by and lite them when we were on our way home to surprise u. I lay u down on the bed look into ur eyes and say " kristen, I love u,u make me happier then I could have ever imagined ." U say u love me to and kiss me. Ur dress is pulled up around ur waist, I'm lying between ur legs. I trace my finges from ur hip all the way down ur leg and back up again grabing ur ass gently but firmly. My tounge in ur mouth ur hands on my chest undoing the buttons of my shirt. U pull my shirt off gently biting my lip. My hands are up ur dress groping ur body u reach ur hand in my pants finding my hard cock u wrap ur hand around the saft sliding ur fingers up and down. I roll us over ur on top. Ur pussy is so wet I can feel how turned on u are through my pants. I slide ur dress over ur head as u grind ur pussy on my hard cock through our close. We both give a lil moan. I flip u on ur back kissing u deeply. My fingers play up the inside of ur thigh getting closer and closer to ur pussy. I breath in ur ear and kiss ur neck as I slide a finger over ur panties the tip of my finger slitly spreading ur pussy pis through the thin cloth. Ur so wet ur panties damp. U moan as my finger touches ur clit, flicking it back and forth. I run my tounge down between ur tits across ur stomack to ur panties my head now between ur legs I take ur panties off trowing them on the floor. My tounge is on ur clit, I put my mouth around it sucking I pull it in my mouth rubbing the tip of my tounge quickly on ur clit making u maon and push ur crotch in my face. I change speed and direction my tounge all over and in ur pussy. U pull away a lil bit and push me on my back. U undo my belt taking my pants and boxers off. U take the tip of my cock in ur mouth and play with my balls u feel me shiver, it feels so good. Sliding ur mouth down my saft I moan as u slide up and down. U lick the tip again then pull me on top of u. We kiss ur arms w****d around my back ur legs spread the tip of my cock is touching ur pussy. I roll my hips forward and slide inside u. We both gasp with pleasure. Were kissing and licking each others bodies as I'm sliding in and out. I speed up a lil my cock going deeper. I grap ur hands in my and pull ur arms above ur head. Ur body streached out our hips working in motion. Ur backs arches as u cun moaning in my ear. Not slowing down u grab my ass pulling me inside u so deep. I breathing heavy I'm so aroused my cock has never been harder. U cum again I flip u over on your nees and slide in u again. I'm pumping hard and fast grabbing ur ass in my hands. U quicklu cum again I'm getting close ur pussy so warm and wet on my cock ur going to make me cum. U roll on ur back grabing my cock u guide it in side u. I'm thrusting fast now. Were both in the heat of the moment moaning and breathing hard. I feel u start to squirm under me and know ur getting close. I go deeper pulling all the way out and slaming my cock all the way in. Its too much for both of us. U scratch a path down my back with ur nails as u cum moaning I thrust again and again then so deep as I cum inside u. I kiss u and hold u close my cock still inside u. I slowy pull out u bend down take it in ur mout licking it clean. U lay down beside me still naked ur tits against my chest. U can feel my cock on the inside of ur leg no longer hard. I kiss u, u say u love me and u want me to hold u in my arms all night. Me fall a asl**p lying naked holding each other my hand in urs.

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