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My bestfriends dad and me

ok this is the most weird day i had and its true. one day me and my friend planned a sl**pover at her house, we got to her bed room and she said she forgot something down stairs and she left me upstairs. im thinking "what a ass" and i hear the door across the hallway opening and their he was, her dad sexy,strong,six pack,young, and had cute brown hair,hotter then hell i blushed when he seen me and he smiled and said "oh you must be my little girls bestie" and laughed i laughed to and said yes, Oh lol so might want the part when it was night and my friend left to get food for a long time..... i had a pink fuzzy gown on and i seen her dad d***k lol he still looked sexy but i idea popped in my head a really naughty idea since he is badly d***k he wont remember like always i slowly opend my door and tryed to act sexy and slid on the door frame in a sexy pose and he looked at me and smiled the tryed to open his door then he streached and i walked up to him and hugged him for a long time, he was stupid and sexy d***k and he grabed my ass and i held him more he was sooo strong and big i could never let this perfectly good man go i kissed im on the cheak and he picked me up and i think he thought i was his girl friend or somthing or he was sad and lonely from his wife because he placed me on his bed and i was hyper then ever i was liking where we were heading and he had no idea but i find it more of a dream **** then any thing else....he pulled his shirt off and i lifted my gown up to my panties he sat next to me and kissed me we got in hos bed and i was in top of him i felt somthing between my legs lol he had this huge fucking cock ive never seen befor and i grabbed it it was so hard as a rock my panties went wet... Dah i pulls off my panties and we went crazy he was so amazing i was mashing off him so fast we both where comming i moand.. oh just to let you know he wore a condom, and i sucked his dick and he stoped me after a wile and he held my down and licked me i almost came in his face but i held it in it felt like magic his tongue went up and around my wet pussy i moaned and i pulled him closser then i herd the door down stairs opening i grabbed my panties he was still licking i moand again and i pushed him away and got my panties on and he tryed to hump my ass i was telling him to stop and i put him to the bed and i told him ill be back for more , a rushed to the room whisperd "no come back" it was my friend who came home whith the food she yelled "guys im home" and ran up the stairsi was sitting in her room pretending to be texting on my phone she said "wow i hope my dad wasint weird when i was gone" and laughed i laughed to and i said he was fine why? she said because he sometimes thinks random people are his ex girlfriend and trys to do themwhen he is d***k, my eyes widen.....oh ok i went back to my phone and .......i now always do her d***k sexy hot dad yay

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