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Fucking a Friend

Please bare with me this is my first story.

Back in highschool I was never the biggest player. By the end of my 4 years I only had sex with three girls, but it was great every time. This is the story of my second, because it was especially sexy.

Her name was Berg, a nickname given to her by friends. Admittedly, not the classiest or sexiest nickname, but it didn't matter. Because while she didn't have the most beautiful face, Berg had a rockin body.

She had small D-cup breasts that she usually hid behind band T-shirts or hoodies, and a nice thick ass for a white girl that, while it didn't give her the hourglass shape, I would become obsessed with.

We knew each other for a long time before having sex, we worked together at a restaurant that we constantly flirted and goofed off at. We worked nights unsupervised, so it gave us a lot of free time. It was while we worked together I got obsessed with her ass, because she would always wear low cut pants, so whenever she bent even a little bit, whatever thong she was wearing would be sticking out, driving me crazy. It was even worse on the days she decided not to wear panties. I always felt like she did this on purpose.

Anyway, we never fooled around at work, despite the fact that our other coworkers would use the store after hours as a hook up spot. This left me thinking i'd never get the chance to hook up with her.

I was wrong.

About a year after I quit the restaurant, and she graduated, we had our awesome night together. It was some random weekend, and for whatever reason we were texting each other flirting and goofing off. It was while we were texting she asked if I would give her a ride somewhere. I agreed and drove out to get her and bring her to someones house.

We flirted and shot the shit as we drove and then I dropped her off. Thinking this was the end of it, I went back home. Not 5 minutes after getting home I got another text asking if I would take her to a different place. At this point I was starting to question my manhood, but I still went and got her. This time as we flirted back and forth I decided to go for it.

"You know Berg, you owe me for all this back and forth crap."

She smiled and nodded her head. "I know, I'll give you a couple bucks for gas."

"I don't want money, but I'm willing to take something else." I gave her a wink to further express my meaning and she just nodded her head.

I dropped her off and went back home once again thinking that'd be the end of it. But i'm really happy I was wrong. About an hour later I got a text message that went along the lines of:

"Hey so I really need some dick in my life. No strings attached, just pick me up and we'll go somewhere. Just don't tell anyone about it."

I asked if she was serious and she said yes, so I quickly grabbed some condoms and broke all speed limits as I went to pick her up.

After getting her, we beat around the bush a lot (not her's as i'd find out she was bare) trying to find a place we could park to do it where the local police wouldn't interrupt.

"Are you sure you're ok with this? Isn't it gonna be weird to have sex with a friend?" It was a bad question on my part, but I was nervous. I only had sex with one other girl up to this point.

"Yeah, I've had sex with a bunch of my friends. It's no big deal." With that comment I thought maybe I could get a friends with benefits out of this, but that's for another day.

Soon she directed me to a place behind an old warehouse where an old boyfriend used to bring her to fuck, and made me promise i'd never tell him we did it there. I agreed and she asked if we should go to the back seat.

"Actually, I was hoping you'd give me head first." I said looking at her meekly.

"Sure." She said as I undid my pants and got my semihard cock out for her. She leaned over the seat and immediatly took the full thing in her mouth. While i'm not huge, it was still surprising. She just started sucking, running her tongue along the length of the shaft and twisting around it. To this day it's one of the best blowjobs i've ever gotten.

I used this time to play with her ass, rubbing, squeezing and spanking it as she sucked me off.

It didn't last long as I gave her no warning when I blew my load in her mouth. I thought she'd get mad, but she just swallowed it and smiled as she said we should go to the back seat now.

She went to the back seat, and after I zipped up my pants I followed her. I moved to the center of the back seat and she straddled my lap, and started to slowly dry hump me as we made out. It was so good that I had completely forgotten that my cum had just been on that tongue a minute ago.

While we made out, her hands went under my shirt and up on my chest, then through my hair, while mine were on her ass, or groaping her breasts. Soon they made their way underneath her shirt and pinched her nippples though her bra. That got her excited as she moaned into my mouth. She unzipped her hoodie, and took that, her shirt and her bra off so I had easier access to her tits. They were amazing.

I spent some time groaping them and licking them to make her turned on even more. Soon she sc****d at my jeans with her nails.

"We should lose some layers." She said in this horny sexy voice and I quickly agreed.

She got off me so she could take her pants off, and I quickly peeled off my shirt when I turned to watch her. She giggled as she pulled her pants down.

"I'm such a slut, i'm not even wearing panties."

I have to admit, I wasn't even thinking when I did this next but looking back i'm proud I did. My hand made it's way between her soft thighs and started to caress her wet slit. "You're the sexiest slut I know." Not the best line, but it worked as she grinned and started to kiss me again.

Two fingers pushed their way inside her while I continued to thumb her clit. She was loving every second of it, as she continued to moan out between kisses, her tongue assalting mine now as we made out. Soon she stopped kissing me all together and was focused on riding against my hand.

"MMmmm, oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Fuck!" She moaned, or rather yelled as she came against my hand. I enjoyed every moment of it as I slowly took my hand back, but she quickly took it and licked her own juices off of my fingers. Just that was enough to get me rock hard again as I took off my pants and boxers.

I quickly took one of the condoms I brought and slipped it on before returning to my position in the center of the seat so she could straddle me again. As she lifted her leg to get to the other side she asked, "Did you bring condoms?" Her question was answered as she ran her hand against my hard cock getting ready to slide it inside. "Good... um i'm gonna warn you. I kinda fuck like a pornstar."

I had no idea what she meant, I mean i'd watched porn sure, but fuck like a pornstar? How could that be bad. "You're not gonna hear me complain." I said smiling as she slid my hard meat inside her. Sure, I was wearing a condom, but it still felt damn good.

I found out what she meant as she went full speed bouncing up and down on my cock right away. I guess it was go big or go home with her as I watched her lovely tits bounce in front of me. I took this time to use one hand to grab her bare ass, and the other to squeeze and pinch her nipple.

The sound of her thighs slapping against mine was so sexy as she continued to fuck the hell out of me. She would lean in to make out with me and then lean back to start bouncing harder and faster and moan. This was driving me crazy, and sadly do to my inexperience I came after around 20 minutes.

She didn't get off, but didn't seem to care as she got off my lap and started to catch her breath. "That was fun." she said as she went to grab her pants. I took the spent condom off and tossed it out the window, the cool winter air feeling good into the car.

"I can go again in a few minutes." I said looking at her. She smiled and put her pants back on the floor.

"Ok, same way?" She asked as she rubbed her pussy a bit.

"I really want to fuck your ass." I said with a grin.

She smiled and turned her ass towards me. "It's not the first time i've been told that." We both laughed as I rubbed her ass, then rubbed my cock against it. There wasn't much room in the backseat, so I was mostly leaning over her as I fingered her ass. She let out a gasp and bit her bottom lip to hold back a moan.

Soon after playing, my cock was hard again and I put it into position. "I'm not gonna use a condom." I said as I poked the brown opening.

"That's fine." She said as she turned her head to look back at me.

That was all I needed. I slowly pushed my hard cock into the hole and let it sit for a minute once all the way in. I almost came just from that, and it was so tight it was squeezing me from all sides. "Oh damn!" was the moan I let out as I waited to thrust.

After a few moments I started to thrust slowly into her, but that didn't last as she started to pound into my groin with her ass. She obviously liked being in control and it was making us both into horny a****ls. I reached around and pinched her nipples as she thrusted into me, making her go even harder and faster against me and moaning louder. I was letting out grunts and other noises as we fucked.

"Oh shit, oh shit" I moaned out as I blew an even bigger load inside her ass than I did into the condom earlier. Luckily, that got her off as she screamed out. Her juices sliding down her thighs.

"Oh fuck that was good!" She said huffing as she tried to catch her breath. I smiled and said Hell yeah as we sat back trying to relax.

We both got dressed and I drove her back to her friends house and that was the end of it. I never fucked her again, but from that night I got set up for my first threesome.

When I got home there was a text on my phone from Berg saying:
"We'll have to do that again sometime."

And a text from another friend of mine I really wanted to fuck saying:
"So I heard you fucked Berg!"

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