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A teaser...

**This is just a teaser of what I am working on at the moment**

So, here I was, staring into the mirror of the bathroom in the hotel room I’ve rented for the weekend in the capital. A big smile plastered on the reflection in the mirror, I could not stop smiling. Why? Because I had the luck of the devils this night, been to some underground clubs enjoying the vibrant underground scene, I was not much of a dancer, but Swedish girls loved to dance, and especially in those clubs with a throbbing base and colorful lights, making their blond hair and white teeth glow in the dark sweaty clubs. But why did this make me lucky? Han on, I will come to that.

I splashed my face with cold water to bring me back from the slightly d***ken haze, trying to focus, dried my face on one of the white towels and dropped it on the floor as I exited the bathroom and stepped into the dark bedroom, only lit by a few candles by the mirror wall, oh yes, another reason why this was a lucky night, I had gotten a room where one of the walls just was a big mirror with a desk in front of it and on the opposite side of the room where a King size bed.

But I stopped in my step and had to take a breath because in the room a girl was standing, looking at herself in the mirror making sure her make-up was perfect. A blond bombshell, hair falling down to her shoulders, a “fluffy” white blouse, with one shoulder bare displaying a purple bra strap, that hinted that beneath it there was a pair of decent sized firm breasts, a skinny waist where a thin belt held a black skirt in place, a short black skirt that hugged her ass tight, and halfway down her thighs the skirt ended and her long legs carried on down into a pair of black stilettos, how she could dance in those shoes I couldn’t figure out, but she sure could move to the music back at the club. This girl was fine, really fine and way out of my league but I guess she wanted to slum a bit with a country-lad instead of the regular cityboys tonight, and THAT was what made me lucky.

She looked at me and giggled, striking a pose where she rested on one leg and having the other one out from the side, one hand on her hip and the other one pointing at me.

“Don’t stand there, come here baby, or don’t you know its rude to stare…”
“eh… Well, You’re stunning so can’t really help that.”

My reply was weak, but it was all that came out of my mouth as I walked over to her, took her hand in mine and gripped her chin with the other, flashed her a wolfish grin before our lips in a kiss, and fireworks erupted, our tongues started to dance as my fingers went from her chin into her soft blond hair, gripping it firm and then pulled her head back, away from the kiss. A moan escaped her mouth and her eyes stayed shut for a moment, and just as she opened them up I turned her around with a flick of my wrist, making her tight ass press against my crotch, our eyes meeting in the mirror as I looked over her shoulder, her chest heaving heavy, making her breast swell under the blouse.

Slowly my free hand started to move from her hip over her fit stomach up over her blouse and then squeezing one of her tits, once again she moaned, our eyes still locked in the mirror. My hand then travels down, over the stomach again, over her skirt and in between her legs, slowly it travels up under the skirt, my fingers stroking over her stay-ups, her breathing increasing as my fingers finally reaches her soft silk panties, and I could swear I could feel moist through the fabric, slowly I rubbed the fabric between her legs, making her moan slightly and closing her eyes. So I remove my fingers, slide them around under the tight skirt, struggling to get ahold of the edge of her panties and yanking them down to her knees and then I run my hand up again, not stopping until my fingers rested on her wet, warm opening.

“Please…” she whimpered and looked at me in the mirror, I could feel the lust trying to overtake me, but I kept in check, far easier than the throbbing urge in my pants that where feeling more and more claustrophobic. But I wanted this to be more than a quick shag in a hotel room, I wanted her to remember this, give her an experience she would share with her girlfriends over a cup of tea and with blushing cheeks.

**To be continued**
Full story will be posted shortly.

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