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Learning to Love Cum

It started my senior year in college. My girlfriend Deb was a junior and she was perfect. No she wasn’t a cheerleader blonde. She was perfect because she loved sex, enjoyed porn, and when she sucked me off, she swallowed. Girls I’d been with to that point always pulled my cock out of their mouths and jacked me off on their tits or neck, the classic pearl necklace.
Deb simply loved cum. She would tell me that what I ate earlier in the day affected the taste. Some foods sweetened it up, others made it salty. Too much to drink and my cum was runny. Other food made my cum nice and creamy. She loved it creamy and sweet.
That spring semester I’d been to a professor’s home for dinner and to discuss my final paper in Constitutional Law. His wife had served a great meal. I expected Deb would love the result. I told her I just wanted to lay back and let her take me in her mouth. She performed miracles and I began to moan. As soon as I shot my first wad, Deb jerked back off my cock, a look of surprise and horror on her face. Cum went flying around the room and splattered on the floor. She grabbed an empty glass and spit into it. “Dammit”, she screamed at me, “never ever eat asparagus and have me suck you off.” I had a look of disbelief on my face. “You know what vegetable I ate tonight?,” I asked incredulously. “I know asparagus,” she said. “It gives cum the most disgusting taste.”
A couple days later I asked her, “C’mon, you can really taste the difference in my cum?” She said absolutely. She said I shouldn’t eat asparagus anymore and I should have rice, carrots. and chicken in my diet. I told her I’d try to be better and she winked at me and said “You should try it sometime.”
I let that last comment go. We continued to have fun and intense sex. I would go down on her and run my tongue and mouth around her clit. I’d suck and lick and even give her asshole a brushing and push in with my finger. She’d squirm and then buck hard on my face, gushing her pussy juices on my nose cheeks and lips. She would rest a second and I’d always move up and kiss her.
About two weeks after the asparagus incident, she had a great orgasm from my tongue. When I came up to kiss her, she held my head and licked her juices from my face. She had been so wet, her juices dribbled down my chin. She took the two fingers of my right hand that I used on her and she sucked them dry. Then she rolled me over on my tummy and straddled me. She worked her way down my back with her tongue. When she got to my ass I heard her wet her fingers and she began playing with my asshole. She pushed me to get up on all fours and she licked between my ass and my balls.
By this time I was as hard and as big as I think I’ve ever been. She rolled me on my back and I propped up my head to watch. She looked up and said, “No asparagus, right?” “Never again,” I said through a huge smile. This time she worked the head of my cock with her lips, tongue, and even her teeth. She stroked my cock and played with my ass. My body was arching off the bed. I pulled her hair to the side so I could watch. When I couldn’t hold back any more, I just went off in her mouth. It was an incredibly intense cum. She kept her lips over my cock and I could feel her swallow once. But I knew there was more cum than that in her mouth.
She moved her right finger slowly into my ass, then moved her body and knees to the side. She slowly brought her face up past my chest, looking at me intently. She hovered over my face, opened her mouth and slid her cum covered tongue onto my lips. I was so turned on, I opened wide, put my tongue in her mouth and began lapping my cum out of her mouth. It was creamy and tasted salty and sweet at the same time. We kissed intently, then pulled back and looked into each other’s eyes. I went right back to her licking her face, making sure to get every drop of cum.
We relaxed for several minutes and talked. “How‘d you know I’d kiss you and like my cum? I asked. She said she wasn’t quite sure but she really liked licking her own juices from my face. She figured if she like her juices, I should like mine. I began stroking her pussy with my fingers. She was still incredibly wet and I had hardly even lost my hard on. She came from my fingering and I put my hand to her mouth. She licked and sucked my finger like it was my cock.
We’d share cum many times more in many different ways until the end of the school year. I have some more stories about that and my adventures with cum since college.

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