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Cum to Granny

The last story I wrote, I told you guys about my summer job at the nursing home ("Bath Time"). I couldn't get enough of that old lady and she was pretty fond of me too by the end of the summer. After fucking her the first time, I kept beating off thinking about her warm toothless mouth swallowing my prick, her hands groping my nuts and her tight hole. Sure, I was getting my fill of pussy from my girl but the desperation that this old lady showed made for a guaranteed fuck. No having to beg and work for it.

I would go into her room and shut the door during times when I knew no one would be around. He blinds would be drawn for a nap but we did anything but. She would greet me with a smile and instruct me to massage my prick until it grew inside my pants. I would then take it out and she would place her wrinkled hand on my hard shaft and stroke me up and down. When my precum would start to leak she'd polish my knob and then take me in her hot wet mouth. Could this old grandma ever suck cock. She could get me so deep and would gulp and gasp. Her head bobbing as her mouth worked me good. She'd suck my balls and lick and lick while I fingered her hairy cunt. I would have loved to shave it but the nurses probably would have something to say about a resident shaving her puss!

Sometimes she'd order me to jack off for her and cum on her saggy tits. She's smear my hot load on her skin and then eat it with her fingers. Other times I'd stand and jack my cock as she spread her lips and gave me a full view of her pink folds and little clit. I'd pump my dick and spit on her cunt. She's groan and rub her clit in little circles. Other days I'd bury my face in her cunt and eat her until her body shook. She was too frail to buck her hips or move around a lot but her pussy would spasm and she'd groan. I walked her to the bathroom once and when she was done I bent her over the sink and fucked her from behind as she fingered her clit. Pumping her full of my hot cum was awesome! Sometimes, she would lie with her legs spread and i would watch my load ooze from her slit. I'd get hard and have to jerk myself off in the bathroom as i couldn't stay with her to long.

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