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Sissy's stroke story for Deebsflo. Part one

Cast: Dee (The Master), Jennifer James (The Movie starlet)
The Sissies: Mika, 5’11”, light brown long hair. Sammie, 5’9”, peroxide blonde, with a fringe. Bobbi, 5’7”, brown curly shoulder length hair.. Glenda, 5’4” brunette, bob-cut style, Toni, 6’, leggy peroxide blonde, long hair. Terri, 5’8” Brunette with a fringe and Alexi, 5’9” natural blonde with long platted hair.

Part one

In all his years, Dee could not recall seeing such a look of desperation and desire as he did now with Mika. ‘She’ had evidently been preening herself for hours, trying on different colored hotpants and toying whether to have her hair in bunches or not, and had taken it for granted that she would be savoring a big fat load of her master’s delicious semen.
“I’m really sorry darling, but Jennifer is coming over tonight and you know she likes really big cum loads inside her pussy. She will know if I’ve bust a nut before hand. You know that I’m rewriting her script and I’ve got to keep the guys at Sony happy. And let’s face it: she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.”
Mika hung ‘her’ head to the floor, starting to weep. “Hey, hey! Don’t baby.” Maybe Dee was getting a little soft on some of his sissies, or maybe Mika was playing up a little, but with a pang of sympathy suggested, “She’s probably had a bad day on set again, and she might be more bitchy than usual, but you can probably join us later. We’ll see how she feels. She might want Sammie’s touch. Those Shiatsu massage classes were a great idea. She does get a bit insecure about some of you, but it’s not your fault that she can’t deepthroat me! Sometimes I wonder how she gets the roles!” Dee saw his sissy smile as ‘she’ looked up to gaze lovingly into her master’s eyes with hopeful expectation before he wiped a tear from a cheek and helped off her knees, giving her loud and appreciated stinging smacks on both her bum cheeks . She looked back, evidently aroused. “I love you, Sir!” she mouthed as she left the room.
Mika went back to see the other sissies. Some were doing chores, whilst others were taking time off the Rota to top up their suntans. She went up to Sammie who was slumbering on ‘her’ front in a two piece bikini, with her hair in bunches. Mika naughtily nibbled gently on her left earlobe, knowing it would rouse her into a horny state.
Sammie giggled, lifting her head. “At least it wasn’t an ice cube this time, you little bitch!” Then lifting her sunglasses off, noticed her best friend had been crying. “Oh honey! What’s happened?” “Well you know. Jen’s coming over tonight.” Sammie sat up and gave Mika a little hug and stroked her hair. “Oh, I was denied the other week as well. He just tastes too good, doesn’t he? We all crave the taste of him and it’s really tough when that happens. Was it your turn tonight? Just think of poor Terri, she hasn’t been allowed a drop for two weeks! I must admit though, if I was Jennifer, I wouldn’t want to share him either. At least she appreciates me now and I do love to be around her, even though she’s a complete bitch. But come on. I know you! I know you’re hiding something from me!” “Well, I was hoping to give him a non Rota, clandestine blowjob just now” “You sneaky little bitch!” “Yeah, I know, I’m greedy, but I had to try to seize the moment.” Sammie nodded with empathy and honesty. “Anyways” Mika went on, “I’ve got some good news for you. By the sounds of it, she’s probably going to want you to get the oils warmed up tonight. “Yes!” Sammie exclaimed, amongst their giggling. Mika went on, “hopefully I can join you too, because she’ll want to release a lot of tension and she wants to humiliate one of us, but it won’t be you will it? Teacher’s pet!” “Hey, don’t be jealous! I can’t help having the Midas touch, can I?” “I’m sorry. Ok, I am jealous. I know you get flack from the others for it, and you don’t expect it from me!” Sammie smiled and with that they rubbed their noses together and resumed more giggling. I hope master will take our cock-locks off! The smell of her pussy really sets me off when they get going.” “Mmmm, I can imagine!” said Mika dreamily.

“Gosh! That’s the doorbell! Wilkins!” Wilkins, an impossibly old butler from England, hired almost as a joke, came doddering along the corridor. “Oh Madam, Master is expect…” “Yes, yes Wilkins. I know! I’m gorgeous! You’re not a bl**dy parrot! I only need your worthless opinion once!” “Very good madam” He obliged, and with further abject subservience, moved aside and closed the door, whilst keeping a bowed head at all times.
Jennifer James, the latest starlet signed with Sony, had an uncanny resemblance with Keira Knightly. Dee waited for her in the main kitchen on the ground floor and upon her entrance offered her a glass of Moet. “Thanks. Set was a disaster today darling! I fired that stupid makeup girl.” She turned around and looked out the window. “I know it’s a zombie flick but…” “Hey never mind” Said Dee, lifting her hair to one side, then breathing into her left ear, “You’ve got a fun night ahead of you” and gently but playfully bit her earlobe . Jennifer let out a long sigh and then reeled around to face him before guiding his hand down to her crotch and sticking her tongue in his mouth. They kissed passionately as he continued to play with her pussy. After a few seconds he could feel moisture from the fabric of her blue yoga pants which contained her beautiful ass and subtle yet enticing cameltoe perfectly for all the world’s paparazzi to snap up with their long lenses. Had she been on the scene a year earlier, she had recently contested, Pippa Middleton would have never won the ‘rear of the year’ award in 2011. “Mmm”, she purred and they looked at each other with sparkling eyes. “I need to take a shower, but I will need your cock presently Dee. I have a lot of stress to bust, darling” “Do you want some sissies to join us tonight princess?” “Mmm…Yeah, get Sammie up there definitely! That little faggot has got magic hands…More than one sissy? Hmmm. Well I guess I do need a recipient for my verbal abuse and I can’t really be mean to my masseuse, but I do like to humiliate little faggots and beta males...hey, why don’t you get that one that you’re so sweet with. I hope you’re not lying to me about why you have them around. They can’t all be for Simon, but I guess he is a very greedy prick though.” “Hey, Mr. Cowell is a necessary contact. He’s virtually funding our next picture, so whenever you do meet him, be very polite. He’s not out of the closet yet, so we need to keep some ‘sissy meat’, as he calls them, for him to plough into. I must admit though, you’re right, he is a bit of a prick!” “More champagne! Wilkins! Wilkins!! Chop, chop! Gosh, where did you find him?"
A bell was rung in the kitchen by poor old Wilkins and the sissies hurried into the adjoining corridor to the master bedroom (or as they called it, Master’s bedroom, aka the place where dreams come true, aka the stretching room, aka the sissy squirt palace, etc…) and lined up on their knees. With all their cocks safely locked up. Dee came through, two dog leashes dangling from his left hand. “Ok. There is some exciting news. Two of you lovely creatures are going to be joining Miss James and myself in there tonight. We just need to establish who and why.” There was a mixed reaction from the sissies. An unmistakably electric atmosphere had been created. Dee could almost hear some hearts beating. “Ok, settle down….”
The first to have ‘her’ review was Alexi: “Alexi, I know it’s been two weeks and you have been really trying, but you chipped that crystal glass that was a present from Warner, and those stingy bastards never give anything away! That thing was kind of like a damn trophy to me.” With resignation Alexi hung her head.
Terri, the next sissy in line looked up with uncertainty. “Terri, your housework is impeccable. You have made an effort with your now, tight body, and your oral skills are improved since I first put a collar around your neck, but you still can’t deepthroat me properly yet and…” “I’m really trying Master! It’s just so big!” ‘She blurted out and instantly realizing her impertinence joined Alexi in hanging her head. “Terri, you know the rules! It’s your birthday in a few days, but now you can only get one load inside your belly or your ass. You decide. Apart from that you will be punished for the next two weeks, and will neither taste me or be granted a release. Good sissies get to be with me all day on their birthdays.” He looked up the line, where Glenda was smiling and radiating intense love towards ‘her’ master. They had both enjoyed that day immensely. He looked back at Terri and could see the back of her head shaking as she started to weep. He sighed to himself before cupping his right hand under her chin and raising her tear soaked eyes to meet with his. “I’m sorry Master” she breathed and in a moment of pity, Dee popped a thumb into her mouth, which she then sucked on with great enthusiasm, bobbing her head up and down before looking at her master in the eyes with her tears still streaming. “I love you Master” she whispered, after Dee pulled his thumb out from her mouth with a ‘pop’.
Toni, the next sissy in line, looked up at ’her’ master optimistically. “Toni, I know this sounds a little unfair, but you know how Miss James feels about you. It’s not your fault that your legs are so long. She’s just a little jealous.” “I hate that limey bitch!” she seethed and was immediately slapped in the face by her master. “You just be thankful that Mr. Cowell and his friends like to use your body when he visits, otherwise you’d be out on the street saying shit like that to me! If anyone is a limey bitch, then it’s him not her! Do you understand me? Don’t push your luck!” Toni nodded and joined the others with an apology and a bowed head.
Glenda was next in line, exhibiting a warm smile that had not left ‘her’ for a week. She kind of knew what was coming but even that couldn’t really upset her. So in love was she... “Glenda. My little peach! You are a beautiful little fuck toy and in spite of your petite frame, you can now take my cock in both your holes very well. I wouldn’t share you with anyone. You are an angel, but we’ve spent lots of time together recently and it wouldn’t be fair.” Her wide smile dropped slightly, but then she nodded quickly and with understanding and obedience. About to join her companions in lowering her head in a display of sympathy for them, her master cupped Glenda’s chin in his free hand and lifted her face up to his as he bent down and gave her a gentle, lingering kiss on the lips. He pulled away, exposing the wide smile that Glenda had instantly resumed. Her eyes were closed. She was lost in pure bliss. The next in line was Bobbi, who waited quietly with ‘her’ eyes closed, but this beautiful moment had not gone unnoticed by the two, as yet unspoken to, best friends on the end of the line who had looked at each other in appreciation of this sweetness before putting their hands on each others hearts where their love and excitement were beginning to make themselves known.
“Bobbi darling, I need you to write the invitations for my important industry dinner that is coming next week. You are the most talented calligrapher in the house and there’s no substitute for the real thing. It’s just a nice personal touch. If you get all 104 ready tonight, I’ll call you in to give me my first blowjob of the day. Jenny needs to be on set by 7am, so you can tease my cock for a good hour before my breakfast. You know what your breakfast will be, don’t you honey? The ink has arrived this morning and there’s a new pen set waiting for you in the study. Get to it.” With that Bobbi off her knees and gave her master a brief hug before being given an encouraging smack on the backside and walking down the stairs, pausing once to look back at her master with a huge grin on her face.
Dee looked at the two remaining sissies. “Ok you two. I’ve got to warn you, she’s had a tough day and she might be a little harsh with you. The massage oil is in there warming up Sammie. Your presence has been requested. Mika, your work has been adequate this week and you are being chosen as a process of elimination” he lied. Mika was starting to feel a little guilty. Poor Terri! That feeling proved to be short lived. As Dee attached the leashes to Sammie’s collar and then her own, the guilt was immediately replaced by an all consuming lust and deep contentment.
With a leash in each hand, Dee led the two grateful sissies on their knees into the master bedroom. The pair couldn’t help but let little nervous giggles. As they then entered the room, in their minds powerful hormonal reactions were starting to take place. They could already smell her pussy and hear a gentle, unmistakable sopping, vibrating noise…

To be continued…

C. TWB productions 2012

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