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Becoming Emily - Part IIII

My heart raced when I heard the knock at the door. I checked myself in the mirror again and found myself hoping that he would like the outfit I had picked out. I chose a deep blue corset type top that was covered in sheer black lace. It really hugged my body and made my tits look even bigger. The matching g-string was pulled tight against my hairless mound and all but disappeared into my round ass. The black fishnet stockings encased my legs from the upper thigh down to my toes which were now covered in a pair of black platform heels. I looked hot. I looked slutty.

“Perfect.” I moaned as I gave my hair a slight tease then swung the door open.

“Hi Daddy.” I smiled .

“Oh wow.”

“You like my what I’m wearing Daddy?” standing there with the door wide open so not only he could see but also the neighbors and just about anyone else that might pass by.

“Emil….I mean Paige, you look great baby.” he smiled as he fucked me with his eyes.

“Come in Daddy and have a seat on the couch. Mommy’s gone for the night so it’s just the two of us. Can I get you a drink Daddy?”

“Scotch if we have it.” the tone of his voice a mix of nerves and lust.

“Of course we do. It’s Daddy’s favorite.” he couldn’t take his eyes off of me as he watched me pour his drink. I made it a point to bend over and set it down in front of him so that he could get a better view of the top cleft of my cleavage. The bulge that was already apparent was all the proof that I needed to tell me that he liked what he was seeing. I smiled and sat down next to him.

“I thought we would watch a movie Daddy.” a look of confusion shot across his face.

“Don’t worry Daddy. I know it’s one of your favorites.” I hit play on the remote and the large screen was suddenly light up with the images of the link that he had sent me earlier. Paige was just introducing herself and I heard him moan.

“See. I knew you’d love it Daddy.” I slid my hand across the bulge in his pants. To be fair I really didn’t resemble his daughter at all. She was a bit on the tall side and with smaller tits (I guessed them to be a B cup). Her blonde hair reached halfway down her back and her ass was shapely but kind of small-ish. This wouldn’t stop me from playing the role though.

“MMMM I think you picked a good one Paige. This is my favorite.” his hand pushed mine harder against his throbbing bulge.

“Ohhhhh look at that cock Daddy! I was nervous at first but I love sucking dick and as soon as I saw that yummy meat I had to have it.” on-screen the first cock had poked through the hole in the wall and Paige was quick to gobble it up. My fingers began to grip his cock as he switched his focus back and forth between the movie and me. The unknown man in the movie gave the signal that he was close.

“Ohhh watch this Daddy. Watch when this guy cums. MMMM watch him shoot that yummy cream down your little girl’s throat.” he pumped his load and she turned to the camera to show that she had swallowed it.

“See that Daddy? All gone. You always taught me that I should eat all my food.” he smiled at me as he watched the second dick push it’s way into his daughter’s mouth.

“Why don’t you get comfy Daddy. These pants really seem to be in the way.” he stood and started to undo his pants but I stopped him. I pushed my hands up from his bulge and pulled the button open. He looked down at me as I pulled on the zipper then slid his pants and boxers down his legs. Even as he sat back down his thick cock was spewing out pre-cum.

“You like this Daddy? You like watching your little girl sucking all that strange cock?” my small hand had finally wrapped around his dick.

“Oh fuck! Yes Paige. Daddy loves watching you be such a naughty girl.”

“Bet you wish that that was your cock huh Daddy? I bet you wish my lips were wrapped around Daddy’s big, hard dick huh?” I had moved my head closer into his lap, inches from his swollen pole. I made sure that he could feel the warmth from my breath on the head as I moved my mouth closer. Closer but not touching it. He squirmed in anticipation of a touch that wasn’t yet to come but I did slip my tongue out and just barely lap at the pearl of pre-cum that had boiled up on the tip. His entire body trembled at the slight touch of my tongue.

“MMMM look at that one Daddy. MMMM such a big cock.“ I motioned towards the screen. The video was obviously edited as Paige was now stripped down to a pair pink cotton panties and another cock was just poking through the wall. This one was much bigger and longer than the first and it was fully hard. She audibly squealed at the site of it as she used both hands to stroke it a few times before sliding it into her mouth. I straddled Daddy’s lap, pushing myself against his raging hard-on.

“As soon as I saw that guy’s dick I knew I was going to take up inside me Daddy. Look at it. MMMM watch his fat fucking cock going up inside your daughter’s tiny little cunt.” I was grinding against him as on the screen Paige was bending over to allow the stranger access to her pussy. Soon she was ramming back on it roughly, the only thing keeping her from screaming was the cock that had emerged from the hole in the opposite wall and was now lodged firmly in her throat.

“Yes Paige. Daddy loves watching his little girl getting fucked.” his hands latched onto my ass and began to pull me tighter against his pre-cum lubed cock. My body was positioned perfectly so that his rigid cock was grinding against my clit. I lost all interest in the movie at that point.

“You wish that were your cock don’t you Daddy? You wish it were you that was fucking my slutty little pussy. You know what happened after this video? I got fucked by a group of strange men Daddy. They used all my holes. You‘re little Princess got gang fucked and loved every second of it.”

“Please Paige. Please!”

“Please what Daddy?”

“Suck my cock. Suck Daddy’s cock like you did those strangers. Show Daddy what a slutty little whore his daughter is.”

I couldn’t get to my knees fast enough! His cock was visually twitching as I pushed my tongue against the underside and worked my way up the head slowly. His body jerked involuntarily as my lips finally closed down against the swollen bulb and I took him in deep.

“Oh fuck yes Paige! Suck my fucking cock you little fucking whore! I spend all that money to send you to that college and you just end up on your fucking knees for every swinging dick in town! Fucking whore! Now Daddy’s getting something in return!” there was a hint of anger in his voice as he started to pump his dick in and out of my mouth. I pushed a hand down my panties and vigorously rubbed my hungry cunt.

“That’s Daddy’s little slut. You getting that fucking whore cunt ready for your Daddy?”

“Oh Daddy! My little hole has been ready.” I smiled briefly before he stood up and f***ed his length back into my mouth and continued to use it for a few more minutes. Finally he withdrew from my mouth and pulled me up to my feet. I instantly grabbed his wet cock.

“MMMM you going to fuck me now Daddy?”

“Soon baby. First there is something I have been wanting to do for a while now.”

He pushed me back onto the couch, roughly f***ed my legs open and started to kiss up my thighs. I moaned and my back arched as he got closer and closer to my little pussy.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing these anymore tonight.” he stated as he pulled my g-string off and tossed it aside.

“Look at that pretty little teenage pussy. Looks even better than it did on the internet.” he laughed even as he started to lick my slit.

“Oh fuck yes Daddy! Eat my pussy! Eat your daughter’s little pussy!” as his tongue worked it’s magic in my clit I was instantly thought to myself that if he fucks even half as good as he eats pussy then I was in for a great night.

I watched as his tongue danced quickly against my clit as 2 fingers were pushed up inside me. I moaned louder and louder and my hands clawed at the material of my corset that was covering up my tits. Daddy noticed this and smiled as he reached for the zipper that ran along the front and pulled it down.

“Let Daddy get a look at those perfect tits.” he said but he was more focused on the snack he was making of my drenched pussy. No matter as I was soon roughly squeezing my own tits and pinching my nipples as his tongue and fingers brought me closer and closer.

“Finger my ass Daddy!” I screamed out. Daddy smiled as he coated a finger in my juices and pushed it up my tight asshole.

“Oh I think I can do better than a finger baby.” I didn’t have time to react before he slid his tongue down to my virgin butt and rimmed me. I felt the tip of his tongue push against me and I came. I shook and I convulsed as Daddy ate my ass.

“That’s a good girl. Cum for me Paige. Cum for your Daddy.”

“Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me now! Ohh my god do it! Shove your fucking cock up your daughter’s filthy fucking pussy!”

He stood up and kissed me. First my neck, then my mouth. His hard cock felt heavy against my tummy as he reached for his pants and fumbled to pull a condom from the pocket. I instantly snatched from his hand.

“You don’t need that Daddy. I want you to fuck me bareback. I want to feel the skin of my Daddy’s big dick inside me.”

He kissed my mouth again and then my tits. I reached down and grabbed his cock and positioned it at the opening to my sweet little hole.

“Do it Daddy! Push that big Daddy cock inside me and fuck the shit out of your little girl!” he didn’t hesitate at all and I yelled as his dick slammed up into me, filling me with every inch all at once and pounding me relentlessly from the start.

“Am I still a little whore Daddy?” not sure why I asked that but it was the first thing that came out of my mouth as he hammered me.

“Yes Paige! Such a filthy little fucking whore! Take my fucking dick you slutty little bitch! Take your Daddy deep!”

“Oh god yes Daddy! Yes! Yes! Yes! Use me Daddy! Make it hurt! Punish my slutty fucking cunt!” he mindlessly threw his dick up inside me, his balls slapping against my ass, his hands digging into the flesh of my young tits as he pulled me to him and slammed forward into me at the same time.

“Oh god Daddy! I’m cumming Daddy! I’m cumming! Your little girl is cumming!”

“Fuck yeah! Cum you fucking slut! Cum for your Daddy! Cum all over my fucking cock!”

He slammed into me a few more times and then I locked my legs around him to keep him from humping me. I was cumming and I was cumming hard and he could feel it as my already tight little hole constricted around him and my juices flooded his twitching member. He kept himself buried in me, motionless and let me cum and maybe so that he would blow his own load earlier then he wanted to.

“I want to ride you Daddy. I want to fuck that cock.”

We changed spots and I straddled him and guided my young slit down onto his wet cock. Fuck did he feel good and soon a found that I was lost in sexual frenzy. My round ass slapping down wildly against his thighs, my tits bouncing as he guided me up and down with his hands on my waist. I was suddenly aware of one hand sliding own to my ass and a finger attempting to get into my asshole. I remembered how good it felt when Dylan fingered my there while I rode him earlier and how hard I came when Daddy ate my ass.

“MMMM you like that tight little asshole Daddy? You want to fuck me in the ass Daddy?”

“But you said….” I put my hand on his mouth. I knew what h was going to say. During our e-mail exchange I told him that I had never done anal but I ever since my experience earlier I had become interested in it and it just seemed right for this “Daddy” to take my cherry….so to speak.

“Tell me you want to fuck my ass Daddy!” I screamed as I rode his cock.

“I do Paige. I do! Daddy wants to fuck his daughter’s well used ass!”

I grabbed a small bottle of lube and handed it to him as I bent over and spread my ass for him. My pussy was literally dripping as I felt the liquid being smeared around my virgin opening. It was cold but soon warmed as Daddy started to push his cock against it. Surprisingly enough that while it did hurt, it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling.

Daddy stopped when he had about half of his length in and started to slowly fuck me. I felt myself slowly start to loosen up and he was able to push a bit more into me each time. Eventually he had his entire length up there and I was actually pushing back. Craving it all inside me. Wanting to be the perfect little fuck toy for Daddy.

“You love fucking my tight little ass don’t you Daddy?”

“Oh fuck yes Paige! So fucking good! So tight! I thought you would be a lot looser after all the cock that’s been inside you.” he was pumping my ass firmly now, driving himself in and my head into the floor.

“Oh yes fuck me Daddy! Fuck my slutty asshole you dirty old man!” his pace quickened. His grip on my ass cheeks intensified.

“Paige! Oh fuck! Paige, Daddy’s going to cum.”

“I want it Daddy! I want your cum! I want my Daddy’s cum in my mouth! Fill my fucking whore mouth like those men in that video. Make me taste my ass and shoot your cream down my throat!” my own orgasm flirted with me as this mature man pummeled my ass for a few more minutes then pulled out. I rolled onto my back and he straddled me, pushing his cock back between my lips. I held the shaft and jerked it a few times before I felt him let loose with a current of jizz. I tried not to act shocked as the first wave flooded my mouth, I had to tilt my head forward a bit as not to choke. Daddy pushed my had away from his cock and finished the job himself. I held my mouth opened and he shot stream after stream into my cum loving mouth.

“Show it to me. Show Daddy his cum.” I opened wide so that e could see the outcome. My young slut mouth filled with his seed.

“MMMM swallow it now Paige. Eat your Daddy’s cum you filthy fuck whore.” I gulped dramatically and felt it slip down my throat.

“All gone Daddy.” I said in my best little girl voice.

“Oh fuck. You have no idea how long Daddy has wanted to fuck you Paige.”

“Even before you found my glory hole video?”

“Oh yes. Long before that.”

“MMMM really? How long Daddy? How old was I the first time you stroked that cock for me? The first time you shot a load thinking about your daughter?”

“Oh baby I don’t think that’s a question that I should answer.”

“Please Daddy. I want to know. I think it’s so hot that even my own Daddy thinks about doing me.”

“Oh shit, I guess the first time was when you were about 14 or so. You had on that little red bikini and well, my cock reacted. I had such a hard-on and your mother wouldn’t give it up. Eventually I found myself in the bathroom jerking off and I couldn’t stop imagining you.”

“MMMM did you cum hard thinking about my tight little pussy?”

“Yes Princess. So hard.”

“You want to know a little secret Daddy? Even then I was kind of a slut already.” I giggled and then stretched out on the floor.

“Oh?” he was starting to get hard again as I fabricated a story.

“MMHHMMM. I would wait until you and Mom were asl**p and I would sneak out to get fucked. And it wasn’t just by boys my age either. Sometimes it would be older men and even a couple of your friends Daddy.”

“If I had known all that then maybe I should have fucked you.” he smiled at me as he stroked himself hard again.

“MMMM maybe one night you would came in to check on me. I heard you coming down the hall and I didn’t have time to put my bed clothes back on I just jumped under the covers and pretended to be asl**p. As soon as you walked into my room you could smell sex. Your cock swelling up as you watch me sl**p. You figure nothing wrong with a little look right? When you peel back the blanket you see that I’m only wear this. These sexy fishnets and these slutty fuck me heels….nothing else. MMMM Daddy, you peek between my young thighs at my hairless pussy. You rub that thick cock through your pajamas. I hear you moan when you notice some man’s cum leaking out of my little hole. You know at that point that your little girl just got fucked and it turns you on doesn’t it Daddy?”

“Oh yes baby. Yes it does.”

“As I fake sl**p you pulled your hard cock out and stroke it as your other hand rubbed up against my slimy little cunt. Ohhhhh Daddy! You look up and find that my eyes are wide open and I‘m watching your stroke yourself.”

I grabbed his hand and started to mimic the little scenario I was laying out for him. His hand rough against my slick mound as he stroked his meat.

“MMMM Paige, you been being a naughty little girl huh?”

“Oh yes Daddy. So naughty Daddy. So fucking slutty.” I ground my young pussy against his hand.

“Somebody has been fucking my little girl huh?”

“I can’t help it Daddy. I’m just horny for cock all the time! MMMM and you have a pretty nice looking dick yourself Daddy.” I reached for it and began to stroke it nice and slow, feeling it harden and throb in my hand.

“Oh Daddy fuck me with that hard cock. Please Daddy! I didn’t get to cum earlier and I really want to. I want to cum Daddy! I want to cum with your fat cock in my tight little 14 year old cunt Daddy!” his body trembled, seemingly spurred on by my age-play.

“Oh Paige. Daddy has wanted to fuck you so a while now and had I known what a dirty little slut you are I would have.“ He moved so that he was between my thighs and I could feel the weight of his cock against my slit.

“Well you know now Daddy. So fuck me. Shove that fat fucking cock up my cream filled cunt and fuck your daughter.”

“Filthy little jailbait whore!” she grunted out as he rammed his cock back up into my used hole and began to hammer it into me.

“Oh god yes Daddy! Yes! Yes! Yes! Use me Daddy! Punish my slutty little pussy!”

“Oh fuck! If my little fucking whore of a daughter wants to get fucked then Daddy is the one that’s going to fuck her!” he slapped his hands across my tits and then grabbed them. His fingers digging into my flesh as he mindlessly pounded my pretend u******e pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck your slutty little Paige Daddy! Oh god make me scream Daddy! I hope Mommy hears me being a fucking whore and how good my Daddy is fucking me!” his hands slid up from my tits and pinned my wrists to the floor and continued to f***e himself into me. I felt my orgasm approaching fast and wanted….needed to feel him cum inside me.

“I’m going to cum baby. Daddy’s going to cum so fucking hard for his little slut.”

“Oh yes Daddy! Yes! I want it Daddy! I want your cum. I want it so fucking bad Daddy!”

“On your face? My little fuck slut want some Daddy cum on that pretty face?”

“No Daddy! Cum inside me! Cum inside your little daughter! I want that sticky dirty Daddy cum deep inside my little unprotected cunt! Fuck me Daddy! Fuuuucccckkkk meeeeeeee!” I began to cum and cum hard. I felt his thickness probing deeper and deeper, throbbing, aching for release and then it finally hit. His head swelled up and I felt the first of many spurts of his seed flood my body. He held himself ball deep inside me as we came in unison. His orgasm fueling mine and mine doing the same to his until we both collapsed next to each other on the floor. We stayed that way for a good 30 minutes, just enjoying the after effects, but eventually Daddy had to leave. To be honest I did feel a little slutty as he put his clothes on and I just lay there naked with his cum drooling from my red, puffy little pussy.

He was about to walk out the door when he stopped, his hand inside his jacket pocket. I was still laying on the floor as he withdrew a small red box.

“I completely forgot. I bought this for you. I had intended to give it to you before but it slipped my mind when I saw you.” I got up and he handed it to me.

“What is it Daddy?”

“Open it Paige.” he smiled as I opened the box. It was a thin gold necklace with a charm with the words “Daddy’s Little Slut” written in small letters.

“Oh thank you Daddy. Here, help me put it on.” I turned to allow him to work the clasp then turned to show it to him.

“How does it look?”

“MMMM perfect. I really hope that we can do this again Paige.” staying in character as per our agreement. He kissed my lips.

“I’d love to Daddy.” and with that he left and I retreated to the bathroom for a much needed shower, stopping to admire myself in the mirror. My hair was disheveled, a post sex glow about my face and I could feel his cum slowly running down my thighs. I felt amazing.

After my long, hot shower I sprawled out on my bed. I was feeling borderline horny again as I replayed the nights events I my head and thought about calling Sasha but sl**p hit me hard and fast.

“I’ll call her tomorrow.” I yawned as my eyes closed.

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