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Black Neighbor & My Wife-Part 2-True Story-Ple

This is Part 2 -Please read part One first- This is a True Story- Please Comment

Jerome took his thick black cock and rubbed it softly over my wifes lipos, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to taste his manly mandingo dick.(Like when he talked about my daughter and what he wants to do to her as I am sucking him ). Finally he pulled away and walked across the room to another chair and said "If you want this dick crawl over here and get it". My wife crawled on her Hands and Knees and got between his legs and put her lips around his beautiful dick and started to moan- I think she got an orgasm just from knowing she was sucking his black dick. He kept teasing her with it until finally he held her head and pushed it in a little deeper and she choked a little- he gave me a cocky smirk and said " I think she is ready for my dick now- don't you ?" and I said Yes I think she is ready . I asked my wife "are you ready to be fucked by Jeromes's big black dick " and she pulled her mouth off his cock and said " Oh God YES !!" .
My dick was rock hard knowing he was going to fuck my wife and she was so Hot and In To it ! He picked up my wife and carried her to our bedroom , kissing her sweet soft lips as he carried her- she moaned the whole way up the stairs.. he laid her on the bed and told her to lay on her stomach with her face at the foot of the bed-she obediently listened - he pulled her head to the end of the bed and leaned over her and slid his big beautiful black dick into her mouth and began moving it in and out- telling her how he is going to fuck her with his big black dick and how much she will love it and how much I wanted to see her enjoy it. He pulled out and turned her around and climbed on top and kissed her some more- kissing down her neck ( I told him how sensitive her neck was ) and I think she had another orgasm ! I got down bewteen her legs and licked her pussy, sticking my tongue in and out -in the past this always made her want a dick and that is the reacton I got from mher now- She begged for a dick..Jerome's dick ! He rubbed his dick over her slopping wet pussy and told her to tell him "fuck me with that big black dick"- She looked up at him with her eyes glazed with pleasure and told him"fuck me , fuck me with your big black beautful mandingo dick" . He slid his dick inside her and I couldn't help having my first orgasm. She moaned and pushed her sweet white pussy up against his long thick caramel dick. He fucked her for the next 3 hours !! His cum was dripping from her pussy and I wanted to lick it up so badly but didn't want her to know I loved his dick too. Finally she got up to rinse off and Jerome was laying on his back and I was on the floor beside him where I watched him fuck her for the last 3 hours. I finally had my chance to lean over and suck her juices off his delicious dick, I sucked and nibbled and thin licked his big fat black balls too . He layed there like a king , and in my eyes he was ! He was the king of my house , the king of my wife-as far as I was concerned he could feed and fuck her any time he wanted- I was his total cock sucking servent !
He got up and told my wife he had to leave and she asked him if we could do this again and he said "of course". After he left I laid by my wife and kissed her face which still had drops of his cum - I kissed her lips, sucked her tongue ( tasting his cum ) - if she reaizedI wassucking his cum she didn't say anything) I kissed down her stomach and got down between her legs and softly licked her pussy and she starting tosay "no" - I guess she knew if was full of Jeromes Cum but I said I wanted to make her feel good- to lick her swollen pussy a little to ease the swelling I told her...I licked and sucked , then fingered her as I sucked to bring out the lat remnants of his cum..I loved sucking her pussy and tasting Jeromes Cum made it that much better. I think she knew now that I was tasting his cum and loving it. We fucked almost every Saturday night for the next month. ThenI decided that Jerome should come and spend the weekend with us once a month at our summer home down by the lake in the woods- It was there that my wife brought me into the picture and fed me Jerome's dick- That will be in the next part to come....

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