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The Ther****t

I got very busy at work for about two and a half weeks, and had little time off. Needless to say, my love life suffered, but I was too busy and tired to worry about it. One Friday night as I arrived home, Gloria the next door neighbour called me to say she was invited to a friend's homee for dinner, and asked if would go with her. I told her I needed a relaxing night out, so I agreed. "Wear something nice's kind of a dress-up event." I told her I'd be over in an hour.

One hour and five minutes later, I knocked on her door, and she invited me inside. She was putting on her earrings, and looked stunning in an apricot coloured dress which buttoned up the front, and wide cream belt, dark shiny hosiery, and creme coloured high heels. Her hair was done up in a sidesweep, and she wore brown lipstick and eyeshadow. The dress was form fitting, and I could see her full breasts under her bra outline ubder the fabric. "Wow,!" she said as I stood there, "Don't you look hot." I was wearing black dress pants, an open white button down shirt, a silver-gray sport coat, and my signature cowboy boots - grey snakeskin. "Yeah...I clean up fairly well," I laughed. She gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek, and said, "Let's go in my car tonight." We walked to her garage, jumped into her Coupe de Ville, and headed for our destination. On the drive, I had to f***e myself not to look at her gorgeous breasts and legs....wasn't easy. She told me her friend, "Elizabeth" was a college roomate and for years was a psycological issues practitioner - or as Gloria put it, an "almost shrink". She had never married and was seriously debating retirement. Her home was in a smaller rural suburb which took nearly foruty five minutes drive. When we arrived, I was impressed by the size and privacy of her home and grounds.

We rang the bell, and were greeted by an absolutely stunning woman who warmly hugged Gloria, and extended her hand to me upon introduction. "Please call me Liz, Trev," she smiled. She was close in age to Gloria, but looked to be about twenty pounds heavier and an inch or so taller. She had shiny raven black hair and steel blue eyes, and very much resembled the American actress Jane Russell. She was wearing a copper coloured silk blouse, the buttons of which were well occupied concealing her breasts which I guessed were 38 or 40C. She had a rather small waist and full hips which were covered by a black satin skirt. Charcoal hosiery trnasitioned into shiny black high heel pumps. Her brilliant red lipstick was a striking contrast to her black hair and fair complexion. We sat down in her study to get acquainted and have cocktails.

Over an hour passed when she stood up and asked Gloria to help her get dinner on the table. As they went to the kitchen, I realized two things. "Liz" was very warm and outgoing, and the way she and Gloria looked had caused my loins to start vibrating. Dinner lasted almost two hours with conversation ranging all over the map. It was nice to see Gloria and Liz laughing over shared events in their lives, and they included me in their exchanges. Liz suggested we go into the f****y room to relax and have after dinner drinks. During the conversation that followed, Liz described her work to an extent, and discused methods of counselling which she routinely used. Gloria asked of she still hypnotized some clients, and she replied she routinely did. I was interested in that technique, and asked several questions. Liz told me the procedure actuallt is very simple, and not as theatrical as the movies portray it to be. Gloria said she had always wanted to try hypnotism, but never had the opportunity. Liz said, "Why don't we try it now?" Gloria laughed and said she thought it might be entertaining. Liz explained the process of hypnotizing - and it was very simple - but said no one under hypnosis could be made to do or say anything they normally wouldn't want to do. The controls were simple as well. When the person went under, the hypnotist would always preface their remarks by saying the person's name first. The word "TIME" would bring the person around, but would keep them open to more hypnotic action. "RESUME" would again induce their hypnosis, and "END" would bring them fully out of the session with no recollection of events.

Gloria was first to go under, and Liz put her throught the usual "cluck like a chicken", "walk like a duck", and "pick you nose" gags. We laughed, and Liz used the "TIME" amd "RESUME" controls to demonstrate their effectiveness. It was my turn next, and after my session, I found both women rolling with laughter. Seems they used the opportunity to ask me some rather personal questions, and performa couple of physical feats I wouldn't have done with an audience. Gloria suggested she try it on Liz, and so it went. She asked Liz if she had a boob job and tummy tuck, and laughed maniacally. Liz calmly stated she had neither. We did rounds of this game with each one getting sightly more sexual. I had no idea what I said, but they seemed to enjoy it. Liz did let the comment out that she was pleased that I "liked older women".

I sat watching and listening to them try to outdo each other, and suddenly realized I had not heard the "END" command from either of them. I felt fully awake and in control, and after a bit, decided to exact a payback. I looked squarely at Liz, and said, "Liz...RESUME". She immediately stopped speaking and sat quietly on the sofa. I looked squrely at Gloria, and said, "Gloria...RESUME". Same reaction from her. Payback would, indeed, be sweet.

I said, "Gloria...would you like to touch Liz's breasts?" She softly replied she would, and began to caress Liz's breasts. I said, "Liz...why don't you touch Gloria's breasts?" She nodded, and began to rub Gloria. I became instantly hard, and said, "Liz...are you wearing lingerie?" She answered she was, and I asked her what it was. "A black bra, a black half slip, charcoal pantyhose, and a black panty." I looked at Gloria and said, "Gloria...are you wearing lingerie?" She said she was, and I asked her what it was. "A brown bra, matching panty, and suntan pantyhose." she replied. "Gloria...aren't you wearing a slip tonight?, I asked. Her answer was, "No...damn it...and Trev likes them so much." I said, " you like having sex with younger guys?" She calmly said, "Yes...very much." I asked her if she would like to have sex with Gloria, and she said she would. I looked at both of them and said. "Liz...Gloria...take each other's clothes off, but leave the lingerie on." I watched fascinated as they took turns removing their outer garments, and soon sat quietly on the sofa. Liz's body was magnificent, and with her weight loss and exercise, Gloria's was a close second. I removed my clothes and said to Liz, "Liz...will you masturbate me with you slip?" She stood up, removed her slip, and began rubbing my throbbing penis with it. I said, "Gloria...why don't you caress Liz's breasts?" Soon, I said, "Liz...please put your slip back on and take Gloria and me to your bedroom." When we got there, I had Liz sit on her bed, and Gloria sit behind her with her legs straddling Liz's hips. I said, "Liz...I would love to rub my penis on your that okay?" She said, "Oh yes," and I began rubbing my penis over her bra and the tops of her breasts. I said. "Gloria...please rub Liz's back." I moved down until I was straddling Liz's lap, and began to rub my penis across the slippery fabric of her slip over her pantyhose. I wanted to have intercourse with Liz, but felt it was not right. I said, "Gloria...go into Liz's drawers and find a slip to wear." She selected a dark beige half slip, and put it on. I said, "Gloria...lay down on the bed next to Liz, and take both of your bras off." I pulled Gloria's pantyhose ans panty down, spread her legs, and said, "Liz...I want you to rub your breasts on Gloria's face while I have sex with her." Liz moved up behind Gloria's head, and began to rub her nipples across Gloria's face and moan with pleasure. I pulled Gloria's legs up and pushed myself deeply into her wet and waitng kitty. I barely made a dozen thrusts before I exploded a huge load of hot pent-up semen into Gloria. I said, "Liz...bring yourself to a climax." Within a few minutes of rubbing herself, she screamed with pleasure, and I was amazed to hear Gloria utter a long, low moan of gratification as I thrust slowly into her kitty while I watched Liz go off. I said, "Liz...will you please stand up at the foot of the bed?" I said, "Gloria...please sit up." I gently placed my penis into her mouth and said, "Gloria...please suck me." As she complied, I said, "Liz...I would like to suck your nipples...please come closer." I sucked and lightly bit Liz's nipples as Gloria performed orak sex on me, and in a matter of minutes, was pumping another load down Gloria's throat.

After a bit, I said, "Liz...Gloria...lets'go downstairs and put our clothes back on." All three dressed again, and I checked to make certain all was in order. I had them sit where they were originally, and said in a slow and deliberate tone, "Gloria...Liz..."END". They took up right where they had left off, and after a bit, Gloria suggested we head for home. Cordial thankyous wer exchanged, and Liz told me she'd have to have me again. I chuckled at the irony, and said, "I would enjoy that very much." On the drive home, I tested Gloria for any residual memory, but she was absolutely without any other thab the night in general. When we got home, she asked of I would spend the night in her bed. I agreed because I needed more of her mature charms.

I had already decided to see what would develop between Liz and me.

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