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Me my husband his friend and my best mate

Before me and my huband married we had know eachother for 3 years we went out togeather he met my friends and i met his and we all grew a great friendship once we got married things changed sex became a ore it was just lay there get it done with and then sl**p but i was getting bored we needed to spice things up abit.
One night we decided to have a night in with friends he asked his mates and i asked mine we played poker and watched a film had dinner etc come the end of the night all except his best mate and mine had gne they were staying over as they had been drinking none of us were d***k just all merry.
We sat up into the early hours talking and yet again the subject of sex came up and it was about experiences what we had done and what we wanted to try
his mate steve asked me if id ever kissed a girl and i told him that at 16 i had my first lesbian experience he wanted to dig deeper and find out who.
Me and my friend looked at each other and laughed then it hit him it was with julie he said he had never seen 2 girls togeather and would love to i looked over at my husband as if to ask if he minded me kissing her he knew what i was asking and he knodded at me.
Julie turned to me and our lips locked her eyes closed mine were still open i was watching the excitement fill there faces i was getting horny and so was she when we finished steve sat back in shock.
My husband was facisnaited by watching us i could see his cock was already semi hard knowing he was horny i knew this was my chance to get him to spice things up i got up and went into the kitchen my husband follwed wow he siad that was so hot i leaned into him u no u cud always see more i told him how he said well we cud have a threesome he leaned back wot u would be ok ith that he asked me yeh id love it babe ok im game he said as long as ur ok with it i looked him in the eyes im ok with watching u and another girl especially my best mate ,his cock was rock hard by now.
Back in the living room we sat down julie got up to go get in her nighty after a few moments i made an excuse to leave the room i went into the spare room julie i need to ask you something yeh sure she said would you be up for a threesome i dont know hun i dont want it to cause trouble it wont julie you know it you were my first girl experience and id love you to be part of my first threesome please say yes hmmmmmmm ok she said i got all excited.
Dave my hubby had gone to bed steve was sl**ping on the sofa i went up to the bedroom and julie followed me in he opend his eyes to see us both standing there i moved my finger in the come here signal he got up on his knees and was on the edge of the bed .
me and julie stood in front of him and started to kiss her tongue in my mouth as we kissed with such passion i felt his hand grab my left tit me and julie started to undress each other just in our nix now i told her to kiss him i watched as they kiss it was so hot to see my husband kissing my best mate i was so horny i came up behind her and was kissing her neck and he back running my hands down her spine as her hands rubbed his cock my hands on her arse i got on my knees and slid he knickers off he full figured hips and down to the floor my hands against her soft velvet skin i kissed and garabbed her arse cheeks parting her cheeks i kissed her tight hole giving the odd lick .
I stood up she layed on the bed and dave parted her legs and kissed his way up her inner thigh and over her smooth pussy lips i was now licking and sucking her nipples fully erect in my mouth he slipped his tongue between her lips she let off a soft moan his tongue against her clit her body jolting all over the place i got up and straddled over her face her tongue flicked against my now wet pussy i pulled my lips apart as she drove her tongue into me slurping at my wet pussy i was rubbing my tits and leaning back it felt so good .
Now he was ready to get his cock sucked he layed on the bed and me and her both went down and started to tease his cock with out tongues while she was licking the tip of his cock i was sucking his balls and then swapping back and forth.
I want to taste her pussy so as she bent over sucking his cock i went up behind her and stuck my tongue into her wet mound fucking her with my tongue inserting a finger then another working them back and forth faster and harder .
Get on all fours i heard him softly say.
She got up onto her hands and knees he got behind her watched as his cock slowly entered her wet pussy slowly pulling back and forth fuck her harder i said he did as told i climbed infront of her as she licked my pussy he was getting so horny and ready to explode he pulled out and let it shoot all over her arse cheeks i came round and licked it all up she sat up on her knees and kissed me taking the cum from my mouth and swallowing every drop then i got down and sucked his cock dry.
He went off to get cleaned up me and julie were still so horny when he returned he asked for a moment alon with me julie left the room he kissed me and thanked me for tonight he had a great time i want u to be happy to he said i want u to go and wake steve and if julie is up for it both of you fuck him it would turn me on to watch you to with him and if your all ok with it id like to film it for personal use my eyes lit up really wow that is horny are you sure yes he said i left the room and went to julie who had just got out the shower.
Look i wanna know if your up for a bit more fun with me and steve she took a step back you and steve does dave know i nodded he asked me to wow he must be horny most guys wouldnt want to see there wife with there best mate i no trust me im just as shocked as you are ok she said id do it if you will so agreed as i went to leave the room and turned to her and said oh and dave wants to film it oooooooh he has got kinky hasnt he she laughed yeh im up for it.
I walked into the living room steve was asl**p i walked over to him i whispered steve are you awake he stirred and opend his eyes yeh whats up well dave wants to know if you will fuck me he sat upright sorry did i hear you right yep i replied he couldnt take it dave walked into the room have you asked him he said his head shot round to face dave for real mate yes for real steve he turned back to face me i leaned in and kissed him he responded dave sat on the arm chair as i straddled steve on the sofa this time julie came in behind me and slid my bath robe off my shoulders he couldnt belive his eyes we started kissing and touching she licked me and i licked her then we both licked and sucked on his long hard cock.
Before long we were fucking eachother hard and fast dave catching it all on tape steve shot his load into my pussy and julie cleaned it all out of my what an amazing night we all said.

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