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First time gay

i m a 32 years guy frm chandigarh,and this was the true story of my life,every word is trueand i just wants to share my story with you,, i m always searching someone for my first gay sex, and finally one day comes when i touch somebody cock,he was guy working in phone billing department,his job was to collect money for bill payments,one day i recieve a call from that boy ,he ask my address to collect bill payment,i give him my address and then he comes ,he was a very shy guy i just try to talk sexy way and show some sexy movies in my laptop when he was watching i pull his hand on my cock but he was not intersted then i grab his cock ,it was so hard i was rubbing slowly,i think he likes my touching,i ask him to get his cock from pant but he didnt allow,but i unzip his pant and i was shocked seeing his cock it was about 8inch black uncut cock,i was so excited for sucking i just take his cock in my mouth,it was so warm,and this was my first time sucking cock ,it feeels so good,i cannot tell this in word,it was the most beautyful day in my life,he was also enjoying when i was sucking his ,i suck slowly and slowly it was so big,but i took deeep in my mouth he was very excited also
he grab my hair and said suck it ,i was already sucking,i can feeel his precum in my mouth it was very yumm y and salty i have taste my sperm also it was same like that, and i start sucking faster ,and then suddenly he discharge his cumm alll in my mouthhh ,oh my god that was a very big load ,i try to swallow it but i cant take it is very salty but yummy,i spit it out ,and then i ask him to suck my cock but he does not agree but i f***efully get my cock sucked only one time,after some time i was not discharge yet,i wants to cum but i cant do because i wants some more sex with him,i ask him if has any safe place where we can enjoy,he told me that he live with his uncle in 48sector chandigarh and he was in his office now,and he will come after 9pm,so i ask him him to go to his place,then after 20 mints we reached his uncle house ,he open his lock,then when i enter he closed it
,he then show his computer there he have very large collection of porm movies he told me to watch ,after few mints i was so horny that i remove his shirt and open his pant and start sucking his sexy big cock,this time i was enjoying more because we were at a safe place where we can do without any fear,i sucked his cock for 20 mints he was very close to discharge his cum but i ask him not to discharge ,i ask him to fuck my virgin ass,he agreed then i opened my pant and shirt,we are both totally naked then we sit on his bed,he took my legs on his shoulders and try to enter his cock in my virgin ass but his cock was not entering in my tight ass his cock was very big and then suddenly he discharge his cum onmy ass,but i ask him that i wants to be fucked hard,after 10 mints i start sucking his cock again and his cock was hard again now i ask him to get some oil in my ass and on his cock he do that and start to enter his cock again in my ass ,it was so hard cock and my ass was very lubricated that his cock enters in my ass ,it was so painful experience ,he has just enter only 2inches i start crying and tell him that pls get his cock out from my ass,but he didnt do that ,he push a big jerk ,it was all inside my ass,i can feeeel his cock in side it is very painful but after 5 mint he starts fucking slowly and then very fast ,i was feeeling so good that i m asking him to fuck me more hard and after 25 mints he discharge his sperm in my ass ,it was so warm inside my ass, i reallly enjoy that movement in my life,i will never forget that day in my life ,and some more day i only sucks his cock in my office and swallowing his cum.i luv swallowing so much that i always swallow every drop,,and after sometime his mobile phone was switch off and we cant meet again, ,but i always waiting for him,i know he will come inmy life again,,i have done sex with him only one time,but that was the amazing movement in my life,if you like my story then pls reply me on my id i and just waiting for my second experience with any of you,pls reply bye see u in reall next time .....

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