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My ex wife caught out by webcam

Me and my ex wife owned a couple of flats near the city center,one was taken but the other had been empty for weeks when i recieved a call from a young guy called Dedryk,he spoke in broken english and we arranged to meet up at the flat so i could show him round,i was taking Jen out for a meal and she,as usual looked sexy as hell when she came out to the car,short tight summer dress and white strappy heels,she was always on the sunbed and had a fantastic colour.We pulled up to the flats and i saw this guy standing outside,he was huge,mid 6 footer and built like bulldozer,the first thing i thought was i was going to be mugged but he came over and greeted me in his african/english tone,he seemed a really nice fella,we chatted and he told me he had not been in England that long and just needed somewhere to sl**p during the day as he worked nights,i thought he was a doorman but i didn`t ask,he paid 3 months up front and moved straight in.
Dedryk was a model tennant,never caused trouble never paid late and kept the flat in top condition,when Dedryks laptop broke i lent him one of mine to use as it had a good webcam and he wanted to keep in touch with his f****y back home.One weekend i was away in London and Dedryk had tried video calling me on my works laptop but the picture was fuzzy and the sound broken so he rang my mobile to say the laptop had broken down on him and needed an administrators password,`the laptop was my wifes old one,i`ll get her to phone you` i replied.I called Jen and she said she would sort it.
Later on that night i got back to my room and heard my laptop beeping with a couple of instant messages from Dedryk,i opened the wecam up but it was pitch black,i couldn`t hear a thing and realised he must be at work.I awoke an hour later to laughing,i had fallen asl**p by the computer and wearliy rubbed my eyes,the screen was showing the lights on in Dedryks flat,i could hear giggling in the background and realised the dirty bugger had brought a girl home so i had a sneeky perv at the screen,i could hear voices but couldn`t hearwhat was being said then out of the blue got theshock of my life as Jen,my wife walked past the screen.
I sat back in amazement,Jen sat on the edge of the sofa,crossing her legs,she was in her `fuck me` outfit she would wear forme when i get home from weekends away.Dedryk walked into shot,naked,holding the biggest dick id ever seen rubbing it along Jens face,her eyes lit up with excitement as she struggled to get her hand around the girth and fed it to her mouth,she just about fitted his bell end in her mouth as she sucked away eagerly,his hands grabbing her huge false tits and squeezing her nipples,he pushed her back as she opened her legs and pulled her tiny thong off,Dedryk reached under the pillow and pulled out a tub of lube and smeared it over his shaft,kneeling between her legs to eat her pussy.
Jen was purring with delight as his tongue worked away on her clit,his fingers filling her soaking hole,standing up he leant over her gripping her thighs as he rubbed his thick manhood along Jens tiny slit,her moans getting louder with anticipation as his cock parted her lips and slowly slid in stratching her hot pussy,she shrieked as he pushed harder,he worked his cock into her with care as he slid in another 3 inches while his finger played with her ass.
I was horny as hell and soon had my keks around my ankles with my cock in hand furiously tugging away as this b**st sorted my sex mad wife out.It didnt take long before Dedryk had worked up a rythem on her hole but only fucking her with half his length because any more hurt her.He flipped her over as her widened gaping hole oozed it`s cream,and he worked her from behind his huge hands on her tiny size 6 waist making her pant with every thrust.
Id shot my load at the sight of my wifes dribbling fanny and by now was just toying my balls,as he was still fucking my wife with vigour,by now her head was buried in the pillow and her moans were muffled,he pulled out his cock and sat back and slid his tongue in Jens ass as he fingerd her stretched pussy,working two fingers inside her ass as well made her squirt her cream over his face,her body shaking with pleasure,he stood back up and pushed his cock in her ass,her screams filled the room,he couldonly manage his bell end as again Jen`s cum gushed from her well used cunt,forcing his cock out,Jen collapsed on the sofa trying to get her breath as he stood over her,she peered through her sweat ridden hair giving him a d***ken looking grin.

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