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Alexander Campbell was apprehensive meeting his niece after 6 years. Her parents were recently killed in a road accident and she was left in his care. As he was coming out from his limousine, his eyes squinted shielding themselves from the glare of the sun. At the same time, he was searching for a chunky girl of 18 and he could see none. His assistant was there but there was only this tall shapely girl standing beside him.

"It couldn't be." He whispered.

As he remembered, Mia was a chubby and short girl of 12 the last time he saw her and not this tall, busty and sexy girl. The way she dressed herself was still similar, boring, with lack of any sophistication or grace; but her physique was captivatingly alluring. Behind the stiff cotton shirt buttoned up to her neck and the dull grey long skirt that reached her ankle, her sense of fashion could not hide the hot body hidden underneath. Alexander knew women well, and his reputation as a playboy was not something that he was ashamed.

"Uncle Alex?" The girl ran into his arms and cried.

"There...there Mia. Everything's going to be just fine. I'll take care off you." As he wrapped his arms around the supple young girl, his hands moved up and down behind her warm body under the coarse cotton shirt. He felt the straining of her tits on his chest as they shuddered when she cried. He signaled for his assistant to leave them and he left the uncle and the distraught niece. He looked at the house where his s****r used to live and felt sad that he was now the only living relative that this girl had. He let the girl cry for quite some time until her cry slowly subsided.

"Come on Mia. We have to go."

In the limo, the girl sat facing her uncle and he in turn was scrutinizing her under his gaze. She was too distressed with her predicament to notice. Alexander was quite pleased as he knew that the beautiful girl was brought up by strict Christian beliefs as her parents were devoted Christians. They home schooled Mia, their community was tightly knitted, and sex before marriage was unheard of in their community. His eyes moved to her prim white sandals and moved up her long legs hidden behind the oversized grey skirt. The white cotton shirt hung loosely on her frame while her blonde hair reached her waist. His eyes could not make out the size of her tits, but the memory of how they felt when she held him, made her uncle's lips curved slightly to form a hidden smile.

They reached the airport late in the evening and took a flight back to his home. The girl was awe-struck when she saw her uncle's house for the first time.

"Uncle's like a castle!" she murmured when she entered the mansion with her deep blue eyes glimmered mesmerized with her new home.

"It's not a castle Mia...but I'm planning to buy one." He joked and she smiled at him.

He brought her to her room and it was an immense room with a balcony of its own, a magnificent bathroom and all the necessity needed by a rich pampered girl. It was such a stark contrast to his niece, she was like an alien entity standing in the middle of the room with a small duffel bag that was carrying her whole memory and belonging of her previous life.

"It's...its beautiful Uncle Alex. I a princess."

"I'm happy you like it Mia. Why don't you shower and we'll have supper."

When she arrived at the dinner table, she had covered herself with a white cotton nightgown that was buttoned up to her neck, the sleeves of that wretched nightgown concealed her arms, and it was so long until it reached her ankle. He hated that nightgown. He would be glad to rip and tear that wretched material from her beautiful body and cover her with a delicate soft silk instead. Alexander was disappointed that he could not really see her body because of that horrid nightgown. He could only imagine in his mind that she was shapely, she had long legs, she had a gorgeous face and that was it. He needed to see more. His mind was racing to imagine his niece's tits, thighs, and ass and...pussy.

"Uncle Alex? You okay?" she timidly asked.

"I'm perfectly okay." He lied.

"Let's eat."

She forked some scrambled eggs and opened her mouth savoring its taste. She licked her lips relishing the flavor. Alexander in contrast was imagining the taste of his niece's luscious lips on him. He simply could not help it. He simply loved anything on two legs that was female, and specifically really hot beautiful sexy ones. He was so different from his late s****r. They were both brought up in a devout Christian community, but he found it suffocating. At 19, he left his hometown for good and paved his way towards success. He had worked so hard for the past 15 years and now he was a proud businessman and a distinguished womanizer. He lusted over gorgeous stunning sexy females. His niece had fallen into the category the moment he set his eyes on her in front of his s****r's house with that sad look on her face and the dreadful clothes that she was wearing. He had to fuck anything that fell into the category.

He could not sl**p. He kept on thinking about Mia and as the clock showed 3 o'clock in the morning, he rose from the bed as he had given up in believing that he could sl**p with Mia on his mind. He went out from his room and walked towards Mia's room at the end of the hallway. He stopped in front of her door holding the handle and thinking whether he should go in. Her lights were still on. Then, he heard a whimper from inside. After that, he could hear that she was crying. He opened the door slowly and poked his head.

"Mia? You okay?"

He walked into the bedroom saw his niece on the bed hugging both her knees sobbing. He came on the bed and instantly the girl wrapped her arms around her uncle. Alexander was more than happy to lend his bare chest to the sniveling girl on a bed. He was only wearing his pajama trousers and nothing else. He let her cry all her heart out. Then, he could feel her fingers moving on his shoulder, touching lightly the skin under it. He could hear she sucked her breath and quickly wrenched her arms from her uncle blushing as she realized that her uncle was not wearing any shirt.

Alexander found it most amusing to see the innocence in her eyes as she awkwardly was trying to put a distance between them but even though she had released her arms, he had not. His hand massaged her back and kissing the top of her head. Murmuring words of comfort. She gradually relaxed in his embrace; put her head back on his chest and she cuddled even closer; then sl**piness took over her. She slept soundly in his embrace.

He laid her on the bed and studied his niece. Her dreadful nightgown had risen showing him the smooth creamy skin of her thighs. They were supple and shapely just as he imagined. The nightgown had buttons from the neck to the waist and the girl's uncle could not resist the temptation. He delicately undid the buttons of Mia's nightgown. A cheap light brown cotton bra covered her tits. Her tits were surprisingly large confirming his impure thought that he had about her and he was delighted that her tits moved every time she breathed that made Alexander's cock quivered between his legs. His eyes stared at one dark brown mole at the top of her right tit. His mind was imagining how he would suck the mole on her tit with his mouth and his cock quivered with lust.

"Oh Mia...what a sexy niece you are." He whispered.

* * *

Alexander was relieved the next morning when he woke up earlier than his niece was. Her legs were wide apart; her left arm was covering her beautiful face while another arm rested on her side. The nightgown had risen and baring one of her thighs and part of her mound. Her pussy was not shaven and it was covered with a light pink panties. Her uncle's cock throbbed with the sight. A virgin pussy was waiting for him. Knowing that his niece had zero knowledge in sex, he was about to set his trap to fuck the luscious Mia. He knew that I would take time, but he too knew that having the girl living with him now, meant he had all the time in the world.

He slowly moved between her legs, laid his head delicately on her bare upper thigh, and he relished the feeling of his face on it. His face was merely inches from her pussy and he could even smell her making him fueled with lust even more. One hand rested softly on her young breast while his other hand on her pussy. He could feel within seconds that she started stirring with the intrusion. She moved her hip and her pussy strained under his hand. He closed his eyes quickly and pretended to sl**p. She sucked her breath when she saw her uncle between her legs.

He felt how difficult it was for Mia to control her reaction. Her whole body shuddered and trembled. He was relieved that the 18-year-old virgin did not scream, or bolted from the bed or simply kicked him out from her bed. He knew that she was confused with the new surrounding and the surprising sight that she saw between her lovely legs. He suddenly felt her long fingers gently touched his hand on her pussy trying lifting it away from her mound. He let her lift his hand a few inches from her pussy, but he purposely pulled his hand down gently slipping from her gentle grasp and his hand fell on her pussy. He felt her thigh started perspiring and realized that his niece was extremely anxious with her predicament.

Then, she tried to pull his hand on her tit away, but Alexander massaged her tit instead. She instantly quivered even more on the bed and the feeling of her whole body trembling and shuddering was enthralling to her uncle. He suddenly licked and nuzzled her now sweaty thigh making the girl shrieked. He continued nibbling her thigh moving higher to her pussy. The girl felt trap and he could feel how her body was shaking.

"Uncle Alex? Uncle Alex? P...please wake up." He could hear her voice.

"Uncle Alex?

Alexander opened his eyes slowly and pretended to be disoriented. Trying to push his body up, he put pressure on his hands that were on her tit and pussy. He could see how she held her breath and her eyes started to be hazy from the lust he had stirred in her.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry Mia!" He moved his body away from his confused and flushed niece.

She immediately covered her legs with her nightgown.

"I'm sorry Mia. I'm so used of sl**ping with women...and..." and he let his sentence trailed.

"You wouldn't understand." He simply finished it.

"Why don't you shower and be ready for breakfast. See you downstairs?" And, he simply left her room.

* * *

He enjoyed the company of his niece in his big house. He had bought her numerous new clothes for her to wear and insisted for her to wear them if she did not want to embarrass her rich powerful and successful uncle. He worked from his home as he had many people managing his business elsewhere. He was pleased that his niece had begun wearing more up-to-date clothes that suited her age and her sultry figure. She was still shy when he complimented her, but he noticed that the girl would do anything to make her him happy and he could not wait for her to make him an even happier man. She too did not mind if he kissed her on her lips, lingering there, just enough stir her curiosity; or he simply hugged her to comfort her when he actually was enjoying her young sexy body. He too noticed that she would sometime observe and study him when he was not looking. She was particularly curious about the women that would occasionally sl**p with him. Alexander was pleased when he could detect a hint of inquisitiveness in his niece regarding his sex life.

One morning, he searched for her all over the house, but she was nowhere to be found. As he was about to give up, he saw her at the pool sitting soaking her long legs in the pool. He also realized that he had never seen her swimming in his pool.

"Morning dear."

"Morning Uncle Alex." She smiled at him.

"Have you taken breakfast?" he asked and she nodded.

"Why don't you go for a swim? I think I have bought you a few swimsuits."

"I can't. I don't know how to swim." She admitted.

"Really? Why don't I teach you? Then, you can go swimming whenever you like."

Alexander waited for his lovely sexy luscious niece by the pool. He was in swimming trunk and he knew that his cock was straining in it. He had waited three long months to actually fuck that virgin pussy of hers. He fucked numerous occasions with various different women within the period, yet Mia's hot body was invading his mind and soul. His cock was throbbing with apprehension.

Mia walked down the stairs heading to the pool wearing a white swimsuit. Alex's eyes enjoyed the view of her tits, her shapely figure, her long lean legs and his cock pulsated with the sight of her pussy cradled by the swimsuit. She had shaved her virgin mound to his delight and that too intensified his lust for him. She timidly went to her uncle, uncertain and nervous. He could see shadows of her nipples and that too excited him.

"Come Mia, don't be afraid."

He held her hands and brought her slowly towards the deeper end of the pool. She was petrified and her hands moved further up his forearms to secure her body. Her arms moved even higher and held Alexander's shoulder while his arms had snaked around her waist. Their legs suddenly tangled and Mia lost her balance but her uncle instantly tightened his hold on her waist and instructed to relax, but Mia was too frightened that she held her uncle's neck to gain her balance and ended up sandwiching her ample tits between her hot wet body and her uncle's tone and lean one. Alexander could feel her tits through the thin material of her swimsuit and his eyes raked her young body in the wet white material that was now clearly visible to his eyes. Her hard nipples felt like two hot torturing device on his chest. His cock twitched each time her nipples moved on his chest.

Alexander suddenly felt Mia wrapping her legs around his waist because of her panic. He moved his hands to hold her ass and pressed her pussy to contact with his cock. Her light brown eyes flickered into his. Confusion. Lust. Fear. Her uncle could see those emotions in her eyes. He slowly lowered his head to her wet lips and licked her lower lips. Tasting. Testing. Then, he nibbled on it. Immediately, her chest moved with her ragged breath making her tits move agonizingly on her uncle's chest.

He carried her to the edge of the pool while kissing his niece fervently. He f***ed his tongue into her wet warm mouth and she timidly accepted his kisses. He used his tongue and slowly f***ed Mia to open her lips and she did just that. His cock throbbed even more as her timid wet tongue tangled with his experienced one. He could hear his niece moaning as he deepened his kisses. He then placed her on the edge of the pool with him bobbing in the water between two delicious glistening young virgin thighs. His face was strategically facing her pussy. He put both his hands on either side of her inner thighs. She tried to press her legs together feeling so exposed in front of her uncle. He stared into her eyes and she little by little yielded to his demand. He used his fingers to pull the material of her swimsuit covering her pussy to one side and for the first time Alexander could clearly see Mia's pussy.

Her innocent beautiful body was flushed, her eyes were hazy and her sweet lips were slightly opened as she exhaled and inhaled her now ragged breath. Alexander first used his fingers to play with her pussy lips while his eye never leaving his niece's lovely face. He rubbed her pussy lips and she instantly stifled a moan. He smiled as her vagina began to pump her delicious juice from its core and continued massaging her pussy lips. Her thighs trembled and shuddered with the unknown new sensation that was building in her young body. Mia wet body arched when Alexander used his tongue to lick and nuzzle her pussy. Her uncle licked either side of pussy lips trying hard to touch her clit. Her vulva pumped more of her warm juice from its core. His tongue now could taste her juices and he knew that his niece was feverishly lusting for him.

He could feel her fingers frantically touching his hair and his neck. She started moaning when he licked and teased her clit while her pussy dripped more juices from her sheath. He eyes were focused on her vulva and he slowly drove his tongue into it. His niece buckled and gripped his head with her thighs as she gasped and whimpered with pleasure. She too had moved her hips and was thrashing on the edge of the pool relishing the alien feeling she was experiencing. He drove his tongue in and out of her vulva and she tried again to grip his head with her legs. Her uncle increased the movement of his tongue, as he not only was fucking her drenched pussy with his tongue, but he occasionally would use his fingers to stroke her inflamed clit making Mia wild with lust.

"Un...Uncle Alex. Please!" She was pleading.

She was pleading for fulfillment. Her uncle was more than willing to help his niece experienced what lust and fucking was all about. He thrust his tongue incessantly into her wet canal while his thumb rubbed her clitoris in unison. She screamed her uncle's name when she cum. Her hip spasm with her climax and he lapped all her warm juice and sucked her pussy tasting her. His lips and chin were coated with her juice and yet he continued to drink her essence. Her shuddering and quivering body slowly relaxed but she would still moan and quiver each time her uncle licked her sensitive clit. She lay on her back panting and gasping for air and her young supple tits trembled with each ragged breath she took.

She did not even notice that her uncle was carrying her back into his mansion and she was brought to his bedroom. He laid her on his immense bed in the middle of his huge elegant bedroom and Alexander peeled off the wet swimsuit from her body. Mia was naked for her uncle and his eyes roved over the teenage body from her blonde hair, her ample tits, her creamy abdomen and shapely thighs and to her still sopping womanly core. Alexander loved the way her cheeks were inflamed by her innocence and her eyes were averted from him while she nibbled her lower lips.

Alexander took off his swimming trunk from his wet body, his niece's breath became more erratic, and her eyes flickered to his body yet averting them still. Now, he could see the whole body flushed and trembled with the lust that was burning in her. He crawled onto the bed and knelt at her feet. He then touched her right ankle, her eyes instantaneously flickered to his face, and then they were focused on his throbbing cock. Her hazy eyes flickered to his eyes, and they went back staring at his thick throbbing cock. He gave her an assuring smile and raised her right leg to his mouth and he kissed her ankle delicately. She sighed as her uncle kissed her ankle and she closed her eyes with delight.

Suddenly there was a light knock on the bedroom door. Alexander immediately put her leg on the bed, gave her a light kiss on her lips and went down from the bed. Mia could not hear what they were talking about but when her uncle turned to face her, he was smiling.

"Mia... Mia... Mia! I think I have to make love to you in Paris. We are going there in two hours. I have to attend a meeting and after that... my lovely Mia... you are going to be mine."

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