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Mommy's little boy/girl

It was summer and I was 11. I spent most of my days in our pool. It was just me and my mom. My dad had been gone since I was a baby. Mom worked so I had all day to myself. I liked being alone because I could take off my swimsuit and swim naked. This always made me really horny. After swimming I would go into my mom’s room and lay naked on her bed. I would be smelling a pair of her used panties and would be rubbing my cock against the sheets. At this age all I ever wanted to do was masturbate, and I did it a lot. I would usually think about boys while I did it. Sometimes I would think of chubby girls that I knew. I loved thick girls and still do. One day as I was rubbing my young cock in my mom’s room, and I decided to put on her panties. This made me really horny as my dick throbbed against the silky material. It got to the point where I would put on my mom’s lingerie while I masturbated. It was such a turn on. I loved her thongs most of all. I would get on all fours on her bed and look at my ass in the mirror on her dresser. It was hard not to cum instantly. On one Saturday afternoon my mom and I where spending time in the pool. She was wearing a very skimpy thong bikini. She is a very beautiful woman. She is ‘5’6 and weighs about 170lbs. She has large and very nice DD breast. Her ass is the definition of a bubble butt. Now I had never really thought about my mom in a sexual way but this day I was getting really hard looking at her. When she rolled over in her chair to tan her back I about came in my swimsuit at the sight of her ass. While she was tanning I pulled my little boy cock out of my swimsuit and started playing with it. I imagined myself with my face planted right between those lushes’ ass checks. I stopped right before I came, because I wanted to go get in her panties and finish. I knew she would be outside for another hour or so. I went to her room and put on my favorite pair of panties. They were a silky black thong. I put on some thigh high stockings and matching bra. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought how good I looked. At 11 I had no hair anywhere. I kept my hair past my shoulders so I almost could pass as a girl all dressed up like this. I got on her bed and lay on my stomach. I began to thrust my cock into her sheets. I was thinking about my mom’s great body, and all the things I would do to it. Just as I began to cum I heard my mom at the doorway say “You naughty little boy.” I froze with horror. My mom had just caught me masturbating in her lingerie. As I turned over I saw that she had a smile on her face. Why? She walked over to bed and sat down next to me. She asked how long I had been doing this. I told her for months. She looked down at my panties and said that I was going to have to wash the cum out of them. Then she reached down and squeezed my little dick. She asked If I ever thought of her while I was playing with myself. I didn’t want to tell her but I said yes. She said good. Then she stood up and took her bikini off. Her pussy was shaved and I about lost it. She said “now little girl take those panties off.”

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