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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 11)

Chapter 11

Having left Flora and Jason temporarily to their fate, Mandy bustled
about the house, daydreaming about new torments and preparing dinner.
Her spike heels clicked loudly on the kitchen tiles. Despite what she
had told Jason, she had neither the need nor the inclination to go
shopping. She was a firm believer in safety, and she checked up on her
two subjects periodically through the peep-hole.

As she was eating a snack lunch, she heard a yelp from one of the dogs,
and looked out the kitchen window to check on them. One of them, Zeus,
was apparently sl**ping peacefully right below the window. She
shrugged and had started to set out dishes on the dining room table
when the doorbell rang. She jumped. That sound hadn't been heard
since her father had installed the automatic gate seven years ago. She
was suprised it still worked.

"Now who in the hell can that be?" she wondered aloud.

"The dogs'll tear them to shreds if they're not careful."

She hurried to the door and opened it. On her doorstep stood a tall,
attractive man wearing a mustache and a bowler, and carrying a sample
case. He looked a bit old to be a door to door salesman, and she
thought, a bit familiar, too. None of the dogs were in sight.

"Hello!" he said, before she could ask who he was, or how he had
avoided becoming Rottweiller food. "I'm giving away free samples of
Forest brand air freshener!"

He held up an aerosol can. "Just smell this springtime-fresh scent!"
Before an irritated Mandy could tell him, "We're not interested!", the
man let go a shot from the can, enveloping her head in a cloud of

It doesn't smell like air freshener at all, she thought, as the
daylight began to dim around her, it smells....

The 'salesman' stepped forward quickly as her knees buckled, caught her
as she toppled, and lowered her gently to the floor. Moving fast, he
pulled her inside, grabbed his sample case, looking once around
outside, and closed the door. The whole exchange had taken less than
fifteen seconds.

Inside, he knelt by her head, felt her pulse, examined her pupils.
"Perfect," he muttered to himself, "Now where's that slave, Flower, or
whatever she calls her..." He peeled off the false mustache as he
headed for the stairs. After searching the house, he finally
discovered Jason and Flora by following faint noises coming from the
basement door. He stood staring in appreciation at the two for several
minutes, and then chuckling, returned upstairs. Flora and Jason missed
him completely, since Flora had her back to the door, and Jason
couldn't have made out a face that far away, due to his distorted view
through the silicone rubber helmet. Even if they had seen him, they
would have been quite beyond caring in any case.

The new visitor checked Mandy's u*********s form most carefully then,
examining fingernail color, and palpating with the skill of a doctor.

Indeed, he used his stethoscope and bl**d pressure cuff as if from long
experience. From his sample case he removed a small syringe and gave
her a carefully measured injection. She must have been close to coming
around, as she moaned shortly and fell silent again.

At this, the doctor, or salesman, or whatever he was, demonstrated
considerable strength as he picked up and hoisted her body into a
fireman's carry. He carried her to the lift, seeming to know precisely
where it was, took her upstairs, and deposited her on the floor, next
to her bed. After a trip outside, he returned hauling a heavy steamer
trunk and two large suitcases. From these, he produced several shaker
bottles, plastic bags full of bandages, and various articles made of
rubber. On the bed, he spread a large plastic sheet and sprinkled it
liberally with talc. Again he lifted Mandy's inert body and dumped her
on the bed. He pulled off her hair, which proved to be a wig, and
lathered her short-cropped hair with shaving cream. Soon, her now bald
head gleamed in the bright ceiling lamps.

Next he laboriously unlaced her boots, then removed the rubber
miniskirt, bullet bra, and gloves.

"No underwear today?" he asked her inanimate form, "you must have been
expecting somewhat more intimate play later, hmm?"

He paused in his work to take off his tie and roll up his sleeves.
Manhandling a limp human body was hard work, even for someone in
excellent physical condition.

He powdered her nude body thoroughly with talcum and then searched
through her closet until he found a very thin black latex catsuit, with
attached feet and gloves. It was one of her best ones, custom made to
her exact measurements, with molded breast cups, and attached hood,
feet, and gloves.

He spent the better part of an hour getting it on her limp and
uncooperative body, then covered the back zipper with a thin strip of
rubber, cemented in place. Except for the open face of the hood, she
was now sealed in a water- tight covering.

After the cement had dried, sealing her securely into the thin, shiny
black suit, he paused for a moment, admiring his handiwork.

She looks like she's been painted black, he thought, as he gazed at her
immobilized form. Definitely the best rubber work I've ever seen. If
she doesn't go bankrupt first, she'll have the best collection in the

To be sure, the suit was well-made, and it fit her body like a second
skin, forming a smooth, shiny coating from her head to her toes.

His next move was to the bar, pausing for a sample of scotch on the way
to his car. After retrieving several more cases from the trunk, he
began a tour of the house, assembling a strange array of utensils and
supplies from his car trunk and the kitchen.

After twenty minutes, he was ready. He began wrapping her body, from
the toes up, in white gauze bandages. When she was practically
mummified, he made another trip outside, returning with a six foot long
board, three feet wide, and covered with a plastic cushion. He tilted
it against a dresser and unceremoniously nailed it to the floor, after
which he lifted the mummy from the bed and set her on the slanted
board. It had a small ledge at the bottom which her feet rested upon.

After making another trip to the kitchen, he returned with a huge,
heavy pot, and setting this aside, he again checked her vital signs.
Apparently satisfied, he opened the pot and removed a roll of wet
plaster bandage. He carefully applied it to her u*********s body,
forming a plaster cast. Roll after roll, the cast moved up from her
feet toward her head, covering her in a smooth, warm, and thick layer,
surrounding even the individual fingers, which he splayed wide upon the
board. When she was encased up to her neck in a rapidly hardening
total body cast, he cleaned up his mess and carried it down the hall,
to a guest room. When he returned, he pulled from one of his cases a
heavy leather helmet equipped with a large, stuffed leather gag, and
put it on her head.

When it was tightly laced, and he was certain she was breathing easily,
he locked the door, pocketed the key, and went downstairs.

When Mandy awoke, she lay still a moment, wondering what had happened
to her. I remember that salesman, she thought, and then... nothing.
His face had seemed strangely familiar...

About this time, she realized that she couldn't move. In fact, she was
held so rigidly immobile, that for a moment, she couldn't imagine how
it had been done. Oh, NO! she thought. It's Dodds, it must be! I
should have known I was overdue for one of his visits, why didn't I
recognize him? And just when I was really starting to have fun with

...what in the world has he got me in, a block of cement?

Although she would have vehemently denied it to almost anyone else,
Mandy was not one hundred percent dominant. When she had lived with
Mr. Dodds, she had spent many happy, sweaty hours in bondage. With
women, she tended to be dominant. With a very few men, she felt

Maybe that's why I've been going easy on Jason, she thought.
Damnation! What HAS he got me in- a body cast? She tried to wriggle a
bit, just to test the limits of her bondage, but found it quite
impossible. Every inch of her body was enveloped in something hard and
inflexible, except her head. She realized from the strong smell of
leather that her head was laced into one of his hand-tooled bondage

It fit her head as if it had been made from her measurements, (it had)
and the high, curved collar allowed very little movement. She tasted
the leather gag filling her mouth, and felt her nipples grow stiff.
She grinned to herself within the helmet. Damn! she thought, betrayed
by my own body.

After what seemed a very long time, Mandy jerked awake, not realizing
she had fallen asl**p again. Someone was making noise in the room. A
soft voice she now recognized as Mr. Dodds' said, "Well, my dear, how
do you like my handy-work? Yes, yes, I know, I'll remove the gag in a
moment. Let me just get my things ready."

A minute later, she felt him undo the lacing at the back, and shortly
she was blinking at the bright overhead light. It took her a few
moments to work the stiffness out of her mouth and jaw.

"I see you let me stay in my own room, at least," she offered.

"Yes, well, don't worry," Dodds replied, "you folks won't be staying up
here long. I have great plans for you all."

"I'm sure you do."

"Why, Mandy! You sound petulant, almost as if you aren't glad to see
me. And after we had such fun together on my last visit. Don't you

Mandy certainly did remember, and remembering, her nipples grew hard
again, and she felt a slight warmth grow in her crotch.

"You bastard," she exclaimed softly, "you've no right to come barging
in here, knocking people out and covering us up in... in... what the
hell have you got me in, anyway?"

She looked down. For the first time she saw the plaster cast, molded
closely to her body, mummifying her. She was impressed, but tried not
to show it. "Well, anyway, I was just getting reacquainted with an old
boyfriend, and now you show up! I..."

"Now, now," interrupted Dodds, "don't get yourself in a snit. We're
all going to have a wonderful time, and you can have him all to
yourself when I leave. By the way, how long was he planning on

"Won't say," she answered, pouting as a c***d might. There might have
been a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth.

"Now don't be petulant, my dear," countered Dodds, smiling an almost
fatherly smile back at her, "you know how unpleasant I can get when
people try to defy me." He stared fixedly into her eyes.

For a few moments, she stared defiantly back, then she broke into a
grin and shook her head.

"Very well," said Dodds, "if you won't talk, you don't need your head
free." He rummaged through her closet. "Hmmph. Cleaned house again,
eh? Well, I ought to find something suitable downstairs."

He walked out the door, and returned minutes later with a heavy wad of
black rubber in his hand.

"My my," breathed Dodds, "This is new, Flora must have been a very bad
girl." He held up the hood for Mandy to see. She gulped: it was only
too familiar to her, since it had been custom made to her own design.

It was made of very thick rubber, the front molded into a feminine
face. It was equipped with an inflatable penis-gag with a tube through
it for breathing. A short, thick hose leading to a small rubber bag
was attached to a fitting at the mouth. Heavy laces closed the rear,
and a panel with a locking zipper secured them from prying fingers.

She clamped her mouth shut, refusing to ask for mercy.

Mr. Dodds opened the hood wide, and f***ed the dildo gag between her
lips. He smiled. "Oh come now Mandy, you're not resisting much.
You'll never get sympathy that way- you're enjoying yourself to much"

After opening the breathing valve wide, he pulled the heavy hood over
her head, and laced it up tight. Mandy moaned something. Dodds
listened to her breathing for a moment, then fitted a puffer bulb to
the valve between the molded-in lips of the mask.

A few pumps visibly swelled the mask at the cheeks, and brought a few
satisfactory moans from inside the immobile, shiny black head.

When the pump was removed, he stood grinning down at her for a moment
before returning to his work. He had brought in several plastic tarps
and an evil-looking motorized surgical saw.

After laying things out, he searched through her closet for various
rubber and leather articles for several minutes, occasionally chuckling
or muttering to himself as he discovered items of interest.
Reappearing from under mounds of leather and latex, he hauled out his
booty and piled them on the foot stool at the foot of the bed.

Again Dodds stopped to listen to her breathing. It was long and
breathless sounding now. He knew that the rubber bag at her mouth was
forcing her to re-breathe some of her exhalation, concentrating the
CO2, and making her feel breathless. He chuckled to himself. "Still
want to keep secrets from your master, dear?" he taunted. He spoke
normally, knowing that she would have to control her breathing and
strain to hear his words. "Well, we'll give you another HOUR OR TWO to
think it over." A long moan came from within the mask. Apparently she
could hear him well enough. He picked up the stainless steel

"I'm going to cut you out of your cast now, Mandy. I want you to
remain completely still until I tell you otherwise, alright?"

"UM-HMM!" Mandy grunted.

"You may feel warm spots, or vibration, but don't worry, you can't be
cut." He plugged in the motorized saw. It was a medical cast cutter,
with an oscillating head that would cut the hard and brittle plaster,
but nothing soft or flexible, such as flesh. He flicked the switch and
a high pitched whine filled the air. He bent to his task.

It took him just under half an hour, to finish the job. He had cut
carefully around her entire body at the sides, leaving the body cast in
two pieces. Gently, he lifted the top half from her body. He set it
aside for the moment, and helped Mandy to her feet. Being held
absolutely immobile for many hours had not helped her muscles any, and
she collapsed on the bed, the bag on her hood swelling and collapsing
in a fast rhythm as she gasped for air. Quickly, Dodds attached cuffs
to each of her limbs, and before she could recover her breath,
stretched her arms and legs toward the bed posts with long leather

"That should keep you for a bit," he said.

After washing the plaster dust off of her suit, he picked up one of the
bundles from the bed and grinned.

"Now this suit here... this is a very nice piece of work. It must have
cost you several hundred pounds, at least!"

It was a complicated-looking full body suit.

"However..." he said, pacing back and forth at the foot of the bed,
"however... I would wager... that you never expected to have this used
on yourself!"

He held the thing up to look at it, turning it this way and that in the
lights. "You know, it appears to be sized for your slave. I'm sure
you wouldn't dream of wearing something so obviously designed for

sexual torment, so it must have been intended for Flora. It might be a
tight fit, but that's nothing that a little lubrication won't cure."
The sightless Mandy moaned again, wondering which her many diabolical
designs he held. She knew how sensual the suits felt when worn by her
slave, and how difficult they could be to endure after a very short
time. But if it were sized for Flora... she doubted it would fit her
larger frame very well. She also realized that latex stretched a lot,
and that an overly tight fit wouldn't bother her tormentor at all.

Dodds picked up one of the many bottles lying about and slathered a
thick greasey liquid over her latex-covered body. She hummed softly
with delight and squirmed sensually on the bed, arching her hips
upwards as his hand passed over her crotch.

"My," exclaimed Dodds as he unzipped the new suit, "you certainly seem
eager, but you know I can't let you off that easily."

He untied one of her legs and began pulling the thick rubber onto it.
The entire suit was made of very thick red latex and was fitted with
numerous straps and d-rings molded and cemented to the rubber along the
limbs and torso. The torso itself was in effect, a Victorian corset,
having steel boning and canvas sewn and glued between the double layers
of the suit. The feet ended in reinf***ed straps, holding d-rings.
The arms were terminated in heavy and snug mittens, again with d-rings
attached at the ends.

As he slithered the heavy rubber up over her glistening feet, he
smiled, listening to her excited breathing hissing in the rubber bag.
The legs of the suit were sized too small for Mandy's more voluptuous
figure, and Dodds had to strain a little to pull it over her legs.

Soon he had the body of the suit wrestled over her torso and was
sliding her arms into the mitten-ended arms of the suit. These too,
were a bit of a struggle at first, but soon slid on with a liquid
sigh. Straps were buckled tightly over the wrists, then the long back
zip was laboriously pulled up, and the undersized suit slithered

He threaded the rebreathing bag from her mask through the open mouth
hole of the suit's hood before pulling it on. After coating the hood
she was already wearing with more of the thick lubricant, he f***ed the
heavy red helmet of the punishment suit over it, zipped it up the back,
and laced it tight. Fortunately for Mandy, the only part of the suit
that wasn't made to be a tight fit was the neck, or she might have had
difficulty breathing.

Her head was now encased in two layers of latex, making almost a
quarter- inch of rubber, holding her head and neck practically rigid.

Finally, laces were threaded into the dozens of small d-rings on either
side of the zipper, and he began pulling. The built-in corset had been
tailored to Flora's smaller figure, and he stopped for long breaks
several times, using the opportunity to check on his other two
prisoners. Slowly, Mandy's waist adjusted to it's new shape. As each
lacing session brought the suit tighter and tighter around Mandy's
torso, it f***ed her body into an improbable, yet very exotic-looking
hourglass shape.

He laughed to hear her grunts and wheezes, interspersed with moans of
pleasure as the compression of her body excited her. When the lacing
was complete, he wrapped a measuring tape around her waist.

"Incredible!" he proclaimed softly, "barely twenty-two inches, over the
outside, that would be about twenty one under the suit."

Despite the radical cut of the corset her hips and bust were at their
normal size, of course, roughly 38 inches. For anyone else, this might
have been impossible. Only Mandy's routine corseting allowed him to
accomplish the drastic reduction. She writhed on the bed now, her
breath coming in shallower gasps. Mr. Dodds allowed her to suffer for
a moment, then removed the rebreathing bag from her helmet, knowing
that she would be inhaling far less air with her ribcage compressed.
He looked around the room.

"You know, I really can't fault your taste in furniture," he
commented. He was tying pulleys to the heavy top rails of her French
provincial bed.

He smiled to himself, knowing she couldn't hear him very well inside
the two thick rubber helmets.

"These frames make one wonder," he continued, "whether the whole French
nation was kinky. They're ideal for people like us." He was clipping
the puley ropes to the rings at the sides of her suit. When they were
all secure, he released the straps at her ankles and wrists and started
hauling on the ropes, one by one. Mandy moaned in fright after a few
tugs, probably because she hadn't figured out yet what was being done
to her. As each rope began to take part of her weight, he would tie it
off, moving to the next, repeating the process until she was suspended
upside down over the mattress. Then he reattached the straps to the
rings on the feet, mittens, and helmet of the suit, and stretched each
one tightly to the corners of the canopy frame. Next, he fastened
additional straps to the many d-rings on the sides of the limbs and
torso of the suit. Each of the outside straps he stretched tight to
the canopy frame, while each of the inner-facing ones he pulled taught
to it's mate on the opposing limb. The last touch was to remove the
pulley-ropes, so that the heavy suit and straps alone supported her
weight. When he was done, Mandy was suspended between a web-work of
straps, the rubber suit stretched out a little at each attachment

When finished, Mr. Dodds stepped back to admire her. She was still
wearing the the thin latex catsuit underneath of course, but with the
addition of the shiny red bondage suit laced tightly over it. The
straps pulled this out from her body at dozens of places, and this,
combined with the tightly stretched mittens and feet spreading her in
mid air, made her body appear stretched as well into a strange, yet
erotic caricature of the female form, the stretched points giving the
red rubber the appearance of thorns.

She was taking deep breaths now, her breasts heaving, in order to get
enough air in the confines of the suit, and Dodds watched her for
several minutes.

After a short while he nodded to himself, hefted half of the cast under
each arm, and whistled his way downstairs.

To Be Continued...

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