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I was now on my first crusise on the ocean...I seen Melissa Gilbert up on the rail crying....I was running towards her when she jumped, I jumped in after her....Got hold of her and called for help but no one could hear me...we were adrift seems like hours with i see a small island and swim for it...
When we hit the beach some time later and i got a fire going and gather some fruits and anything else i could find...I ask Ms. Gilbert why she jumped ship ? Well she said that her and Bruce had parted ways and she was very upset about it all...I told her no man is worth killing yourself over !!! she told me she like to have her pussyeaten....and bruce did not like that BUT he expect a blowjob each and every time !!! Well Ms. Gilbert ...wait she said you can call melissa and then ask me mine name ...Well Melissa my name is chuck and as far as eating pussy i think that's a very good idea ...I like fur pie !!!! well Chuck i have a bald pussy !!!WOW I said ....never eaten one of those !!! It did not take us to much more talking and we were out of our chothes and holding and rubbing each other...Melissa you really have a nice set of boobs .....but can i see that pussy now ??? She slowly open her legs....WOW i said it's so smooth...I just shaved her this morning melissa said...May I have a taste Melissa ? I thought you would never ask Chuck ...go for it....after almost any hour of eating pussy she was ready for a nap....well she woke me up giving me a mind blowing blowjob i every had....she told me that Bruce said she gives lousy head....that's the reason he would eat my pussy......i must have done something right as he would cum in my mouth and all over my face !!! Well we started talking about my fantasy i would like to see cum true for me about her....Well ...Melissa you would not do it even if i ask real nice..go ahead and ask me Chuck ,I may surprize you !!! Well I would love to fuck you in the ass Melissa !!! Well Chuck you are the first real man to ask me to do anal sex...let's try it and be gentle and take it easy as i always wanted to try it myself too !!! it took us about 15 minutes to work my 9" dick up her pretty ass...and aleast another 20 minutes before we both came together there on the sands of a small ilsand......when i woke up i was in a cold sweat and back in the room at my apartment...and then i knew it was but a dream.....HOPE TO HAVE THIS ONE AGAIN !!!!

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