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The Gloryhole

This is another true story told to me by a friend and he wanted me to share it with you. Hope you enjoy.
As I was growing up I was very close to my mom. My dad worked alot and it was my mom that I had around most of the time. Ever since I can remember she and I shared everything.
My mom is an average looking woman. She is about 5.5foot tall. About 130 pounds and nice wide hips and I am guessing "b" cup boobs and jet black hair with blue eyes. She looked good in bikini-she was not hot but she was not ugly.
During my final year of high school mom and I started to share our sex lives with each other. She seemed very interested in my conquest, how it felt, how it happened, she wanted every little detail. Mom had not had much of a sex life. She had only been with a couple of men before she met dad. She wanted to know more and seemed to feel confortable talking to me about it. She seemed to be living her sex life thru me.
After I started college I still lived at home. Mom continued her quest for sex knowledge thru me. We soon looked at porn on the internet together. Watching videos and live cams. Then one night we masterbated in front of each other. Watching my mom get herself off was so erotic.
Then we came across a video about a gloryhole. Mom was so fascinated with this. She stated that she had wanted to be used by a stranger, one she could not see and he could not see her. Mom asked me if gloryholes were real and where she could go see one. I told her I would find out and let her know hoping she would forget all about it. But mom hounded me until I gave in. I found an adult bookstore with video booths and went to check it out, and there were glory holes. I told mom about this and she wanted to go and see this. She begged me to go with her and let see these gloryholes.
So one friday night we drove across town to this adult bookstore. Mom was so excited I was not sure what to think. When we arrived we made out way to the booths and went in. The video started and we sat on the narrow seat and watched. Soon there was a knock on the wall and then a penis stuck out of the gloryhole. Mom was so excited that she squelled like a school girl. She reached for the semi hard cock and started to stroke it. Mom asked me if she should suck it and I told her to do whatever she wanted. I could not believe it when my mom knelt down and started to suck this strange cock. She had told me she never sucked a cock before but she was going after this one. After a minute the cock rewarded her efforts by spewing its load into her mouth. Mom gagged a little but swallowed the load. She came up all excited, mom said that she had always wanted to do that. Mom said she just did what she had seen on the videos we watched.
I was ready to go and asked mom to leave but she wanted to wait a little longer. Another cock poked thru the hole and mom was on it. She stroked it for a minute then she told me she wanted it inside her. I told mom not to as we did not have any condoms but she dropped her pants and pushed her pussy against the wall trying to get the cock into her. Not having much success going at it forward she then turned around and bent over and backed up against the wall, doggystyle. She smiled big then mom's eyes bugged and she said he was inside her. I could hear the cock slooshing in and out of mom's wet pussy. I could hear the man's body slapping against the wall as he banged away. Mom's breathing got heavy and I was starting to get turned on myself. Then I heard the man groan loudly and mom moaned also, then she exclaimed "oh my".
Then mom stood up, I looked at her hairy snatch and seen a large gloob of jizz hanging from her bush. Then mom reached down and rubbed it around. I could not believe mom let this complete stranger fuck her and cum inside her. Mom seemed not worried, she was excited about what had just happened. Then another cock poked thru and mom assumed the position. Again the slooshing and banging against the wall, the heavy breathing. I was getting turned on myself but at the same time I was jealous. I reached between mom's legs and started to rub her clit. within a couple of seconds mom had a huge orgasim, she grabbed and held my hand in place as she bucked and screamed. The strange cock inside her must have sensed all this and released its load deep inside mom's womb and disappeared.
Mom being exhausted from the orgasim sat on my lap to regain herself. She said that was the most amazing experience she had ever had. Then she noticed my rock hard cock straining to get out my shorts. She said that she would help me with that since I had helped her. Mom then pulled my shorts down and mounted me right there. Her hairy pussy swallowed my cock easily. She was going crazy working her sloppy pussy around my cock. I could feel a mixture of her juices and that of the two men coating my balls and wetting the bench beneath me. Then I realized that I was fucking my mother and that she was really going after my cock. Another minute later and I was filling her cunt full of my ball juice. She was so excited to be able to please me. We kissed deeply as my cock began to deflate inside her. We dressed and went home. As we drove mom said to me that was someting she had always wanted to do. And I said did she mean fuck some strangers and she said yes but that she also had wanted to fuck me for a long time.
After that date we went to the glory hole about once every four months and it would end with me fucking the witts out her gooey pussy. Mom and I fucked every chance we got. Then she started to fuck other men like crazy. She would tell me about each encounter and then we would fuck like crazy. I still fuck my mom every chance I get.

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