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In the lounge with my sexy Daughter

As soon as your mum fell asl**p I turned my head to look at you. You looked me straight in the eyes and very slowly began to open your legs... Hmmm I was thinking as more and more of your delicious creamy thighs were exposed. Mum coughed and you snapped your legs shut. Damn I thought. Then watched again as you very slowly opened your legs till I saw a bit of white ;) Yeah I was thinking as Daddy loves white knickers! Then you lifted your finger to your lips and shhhhhd me then traced your finger over your lips, down your neck and onto the top of your tits. I just stared at you as you cupped your beautiful tits and began began squeezing them. Daddys cock was twitching in my pants as I looked down to see your legs open wide enough for me to see the whole front of your tiny white knickers;) Here I was sat in the lounge with my wife and my daughter, my wife, your mum was asl**p and you, my daughter, our daughter, (who is absolutely fucking gorgeous by the way;) was being naughty and showing me, her daddy her sweet hot young body - wow, I gotta tell you princess-Daddy's dick was throbbing!! Mum moaned in her sl**p but it didn't bother us, we were lost in a different world, a world of naughty lustrous kinkiness - a world of tender loving i****tural love/need between a daddy and his stunning daughter!
You softly moaned giving me the "Look daddy" look. I just watched as you reached behind you and unfastened your bra... then to my eyes delight, I watched in silent as you slowly pulled your top down over your lovely tits... They bounced freely as you pushed your top further down,,, Oh myyyy......
Sweetheart, your titties are fucking beautiful! wow princess - your nipples look very hard;)
Suddenly there were heavy gunfire on the television startling your mum who bolted upright and looked right at me.... Could she tell by my flushed face? Could she see my erection pushing my trousers up? omg was I caught? ... ...
Hmmmmm mum moaned and just settled back down on the couch but this time lifting her legs and lying on the sofa on her side... ... ... ... ... Mum looked after her body and looked great for her age and tonight she wore a simple knee length dress. Lots of her creamy thigh on show - wow I was in thigh heaven as my head turned left to see your open thighs and right to see your mums slightly open thighs;) hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
You did not alter your clothing to hide yourself when mum woke up? It must have been this as you simply sat back and lifted your legs and rested your feet on the edge of the chair - - - opposite me! Your bulge was beautiful baby ohhhhh what a beautiful looking pussy you have! hmmmmm Only just covered by the flimsy thin white piece of lace o-m-f-g-
I couldn't help but to lower my hand and stroke my throbbing cock over my trousers... ... ... Remember, I'm facing mum so I gotta be sooo careful ;) ... .... Did she see me??
You hissed at me to get me out of my trance like state, and you traced your fingers down over your belly and onto your knickers... I sat there and watched as you slowly stroked your tiny knickers into yourself making them wet;) - The more you played - the more wet they got and soon I noticed that daddy could see right through them wow I was staring at my daughters wet pussy and the best bit about it was - you - were showing me!! i just couldn't hold back baby and tugged at my zipper - I had to show you what you was doing to me honey;) Daddy's cock was bouncing like mad and needed to be released!
Again we both heard mum cough but again neither of us even looked!!
just as I was pulling my zip down, there was a silent bit on the movie..... All we could hear is the tear sound of a zip trying to be undone quietly lol Mum shifted again in the background and I turned my head for a second and was stunned at the sight before me... As mum shifted her dress had ridden up loads and her legs were open. Her black lacy knickers on full show... Aaaand , if you had turned your head a little, I know you would a seen mummys knickers too ;) - Did you??
you just smiled and watched as I reached in took hold of my throbbing cock and pulled it out into the open for you... You gasped and moved your tiny knickers to the side - hmmmmmmm baby ...

you wanna go on from here;)
Love ya baby - Daddy xx

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