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The Secret to Cumming in Secret

The other night my girlfriend asked me not to cum in her because she didn't want to "get all sticky." She does that sometimes, and I did what I always do. I shoot the first few pumps of cum in her pussy, then pull out and shoot the rest on her stomach, pubes, tits, or whatever. This time, I shot the rest of my cum on her ass and the small of her back, because I'd been fucking her doggy style. I like fucking her from behind when she doesn't want my cum in her because I can get a shot or two more in her than usual and she can't see to wonder why I don't cum on her as much as normal, and I always have plenty of cum. The secret is to get your dick in her as deep as you can when you blow your wad. My girlfriend never notices she's wetter than normal, and anyway, she gets really wet for me when she knows we're going to fuck.

I learned the trick when I was dating my first girlfriend, back in high school. She was pretty goody two shoes, almost made valedictorian, kind of anorexic, and was a total freak in bed. Repressed girls make the best fucks. She was always concerned about "her future," though. and was afraid of getting pregnant, so even though she was on the pill, she would tell me not to cum in her when she figured she would normally be ovulating. She wanted me to use condoms with the pill but I told her there was no way I was going to do that. She was taking statistics that year and she calculated that the pull out method combined with the pill decreased her chances of getting pregnant by like .02%. I thought that was pretty ridiculous, and that if she cared so much about her future she should just get an abortion, so I would cum in her every time, then spray the rest of it all over her little high school tits, ass, tight stomach, or just smear it around her labia and her clit, cumming the rest on but not in her vag.

I always use a condom with a girl I don't know, or who I do know to be a slut, but with girls I'm dating, I never use a condom. It's like putting a raincoat on your dick. Cumming inside a wet, warm pussy feels so good.

Another girl I had in high school was this beautiful Mexican halfie who hated condoms. I wasn't going to risk knocking up a Catholic, but the week after I took her v-card she was on the pill, and we never used condoms again after that first month. She loved when I came in her. She's one of those girls who tends to cum at the same time as whoever happens to be fucking her, so I think she got conditioned to like my cum like one of those Russian dogs who salivate when they hear a bell. She never asked me pull out, which was refreshing after my first girlfriend, although it sucked how hard it was to get her to finish me off with her mouth, like the first girl I'd fucked would do. That nerd might have had hangups about getting creampies, but she loved to eat my cum, and she didn't have a gag reflex.

Anyway, the only time I ever came in this Catholic without her permission was like a year after I went to college. She had no self control when it came to some things. I saw her when I came home, and when we were making out, she said I couldn't have sex with her without a condom, because she was afraid of STDs, she said. She knew I'd been with some girls when I was in the dorms, and she'd had sex earlier that summer with a k** a year older than her who'd just graduated and joined the Marines. I'm pretty sure she was trying to make me jealous but she only made me think of her as even more of a cumdumpster. I got her naked down to her socks and her pussy was soaking my boxer shorts while I was grinding her and leaving her a hickey somewhere near her right nipple, and then I thought "fuck it" and just pulled them down and shoved into her. At first she tried to get me to stop, but then she gave in. She knew she was a slut. By the time she whispered for me to take her from behind and then started rubbing her clit, I wasn't worried where she wanted me to cum, even though she cried after we were finished.

The only other time I full on came inside a girl without her permission was with this one girl I wasn't really dating, more just hooking up with every couple of weeks over the course of a semester. She'd told me that she was on the pill but she said she'd never had a guy cum in her before. I only knew her because I'd been trying to get with her roommate, who had a pretty serious boyfriend. The roommate was this crazy petite, red curly haired, tanned exercise freak with proportionately gigantic, gravity defying tits. She was this tall, willowy, pale skinned English major with dark, almost black hair. They both looked like models without looking like each other.

I'd been pulling my usual trick of cumming a few shots deep in her then rubbing out the rest against her clit since the first time we'd fucked after a party. Then, after we'd fucked this one time, we were lying in bed talking, and it came up that she'd hooked up with some random guy a few weeks before, again after a party. I asked her he'd used a condom, because I knew she didn't like them, but she said "Of course!" She said she didn't want to do anything too risky. I remember she grabbed my dick and said "This is the only one I let inside without a wrapper," then started kissing me and playing with my cock until I got hard again. I started fucking her for the second time that night. She came really easily, and while I was watching her have her fourth orgasm, I could feel myself starting to cum. I pushed as far as I could into her and started to squirt as I was bottomed out in her pussy, but then instead of pulling out and using the rest to mess up her dark pubic hair, I just pulled back until the head of my dick was only an inch or two inside her vag and kept shooting rope after rope of cum in her.

She was like, "Oh my God, did you just cum?" as my dick was still throbbing and pulsing inside her, and I was like, "Um, I think I did a little."

It was great. I remember watching her pull on these lacy trimmed, blue striped panties as she was leaving and knowing that they were going to be soaked through to her jeans by the time she'd biked home.

It's a little fucked up, I'll admit, but probably the best story I have about cumming inside a girl when she didn't want me to was with the English major's roommate. As I said, she was fine, but she had a boyfriend. She was cool, though, and I actually enjoyed hanging out with her, even though it was hard not to stare at her chest. I'd kind of been chasing her for about a year and we became good enough friends to offset my frustration with my slim chances of getting with her. I kind of thought I'd blown my chances of ever getting her naked after I spend most of fall fucking her roommate whenever it was convenient, but I guess the English major gave me good reviews.

My hometown is close to hers, except mine is bigger and much cooler than hers, and she had a friend from high school who'd moved there after she graduated, so instead of spending winter break at her place or her boyfriend's parents' house in whatever town in SoCal, she came up to a New Year's party where I'm from. She went to it with her friend from high school and saw other friends of hers from high school. One of these friends was a boy who had a crush on her in high school who made it very clear that he could reignite it. There, d***k at a party, she felt that she would probably reciprocate, and that the story would get back to her boyfriend. I happened to be driving from my first New Year's party, which was a classy, black tie affair, to my second party, which was mostly d***k twenty one year olds, when she called me.

"I'm at a party. I need you to come get me," she said.

"What? Why?"

"I'm very d***k, and there is a boy here, and I have to leave, and I can't make out with this boy."

I wouldn't have done it if it had taken any serious effort, but it was so easy. I asked her where was, and if she could go outside and tell me the cross streets. If it had been across town, I wouldn't have gone for her. If I hadn't already been driving when she called, I would have missed the opportunity.

The second party was close to my house, so I wasn't worried about drinking too much. We got there at about eleven thirty and I introduced her to my friends from high school. Someone gave me a vodka heavy screwdriver and she had about half a can of beer. It was a pretty great party. We counted down the ten seconds until midnight, and everyone kissed each other, which was hilarious, because it was mostly a sausage fest.

When it came time for me to kiss her, I was the perfect gentleman. I was so polite, I think she was disappointed. I could see in her eyes she was disappointed. I'm pretty sure she knew I had a crush on her, because she wasn't an idiot, and she realized that this was her chance to see if there was any chemistry, with the pretense that it was just a New Year's kiss. It's not cheating if it's a New Year's kiss.

She wasn't very subtle. After I turned away to talk to a friend, she put her hand on my shoulder. She leaned in so that her mouth was close to my ear and said she needed to talk to me out in the hallway.

"What is it?" I asked when we were out of the room.

"I want a New Year's kiss. A real kiss."

I protested. I told her that I couldn't, I wasn't that type of guy.

She literally grabbed my dangling, untied bow tie and started kissing me. It was not an innocent kiss. We had to have been making out for at least a couple minutes when the party host's girlfriend walked by, opened a door, and shoved us into a bedroom. We fell on the bed and within seconds I'd unzipped her jeans, slipped my hands between her thick hair and her thong, and had my middle and ring fingers inside her, rubbing her walls with the come hither motion. But a few minutes later after I'd stripped her down to only her underwear. she started to cry.

She was blubbering about how she'd never done this before, and didn't think she would ever cheat on her boyfriend. "I don't even know where I am," she sobbed, and then really started to cry hard. If anyone heard through the door, they probably just thought she was a loud cummer. I didn't want anyone to think anything wrong was going down, though, so I put my arm around her and comforted her. I told her it was ok, that it wasn't her fault, that it was just alcohol and hormones, that she was only this horny because her boyfriend had been gone so long. She felt better and had stopped crying. I kept holding her, and she was still mostly naked, and I felt her relax and nuzzle into me like she was going to fall asl**p. I suggested we go back to my place, that it was only a few blocks away, and she agreed.

She put her clothes back on and I walked with her the long way home, holding her close because it was cold out and snowing lightly. She seemed to have forgotten about her boyfriend again, and when we stopped at the top of a hill to admire the view of the town, and the way all the lights caught the snowflakes as they fell, she put her head on my shoulder. That turned into a hug, which turned into a kiss. The kiss turned into my hand squeezing her ass, and when she stuck her hand under my overcoat and started rubbing my cock through my tuxedo pants, I told her we'd better hurry up back to my house.

I started undressed her standing up, making out with her. First I took of her sweater and her shirt, so that she was down to a black bra and jeans. I love it when they're in their bra and jeans. Of course, it didn't take long before her pants came down. She unbuttoned my shirt, and unzipped my fly. She put both her hands down my boxers and felt me while my hand that was holding her ass cheek slipped under her thong so that the tips of my fingers were spreading and going up her slit as I cupped the part of her leg where her ass meets the back of her thigh.

When I did that, she moaned, then rubbed the very tip of my dick with her forefinger and middle finger. Keep in mind I had been getting hard then losing it multiple times that night so there was a good amount of precum leaking out. She put her fingers in her mouth and said, "Hm..." Then she tugged down my pants and pulled me by my hips to the bed while I took off my undershirt. A minute later, I pressed my naked chest against hers for the first time, something I'd wanted to do since before the last New Year. We were really grinding now. The tip of my dick was pushed snug against her hole. The only thing protecting my penis from her cheating vagina was about half a centimeter of cotton, when all of a sudden, she panted, "Wait." She gently pushed me off of her and onto my back. "I've wanted to do this for a while."

I raised my hips slightly so that she could slide my boxers over my dick and off my legs. She kissed around the head of my dick, straddling me so she could rub her crotch against my knee. She felt so warm and wet. I almost wanted to cum when she started rubbing the tip of my cock against her lips. It's so tempting to just grab a bitch by her hair sometimes and hold her down while you shoot a load against the back of her throat. Instead I told her, "This isn't fair."

"What do you mean?" she asked. She popped the head of my dick in her mouth, then came off it with a sucking sound. She grinned at me.

"You're giving me head. Spin around," I told her.

She was shy, so I guided one of her legs over my chest then grabbed her hips.

"Keep going," I said.

She is shorter than me, but my dick was long enough so that she could get about half of it in her mouth while I ate her out. It's so easy to get a girl hot when she sits on your face because your hands have have such good access to her pussy. I knew it wasn't going to take her long to orgasm and I wanted to leave her wanting my dick, so I told her to turn around again and positioned her over my cock. She was still wearing her thong.

"Do you have a condom?" she asked.

"No," I lied. I knew she had sex with her boyfriend and was on birth control.

"I'm not safe. I fucked up my pill this month and I won't be ok until next week."

"Really?" I was pretty sure she was lying, because girls lie, and she just didn't want her boyfriend to see my cum leaking out of her over the next few days.

"Really. You can't cum in me, ok?"


"You promise?"

"Of course," I told her, and slipped her thong to the side. "It's ok."

She lowered herself down on my cock. She was riding me while I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, snapping some of the elastic in the waistband. I mashed my face into her breasts and sucked on the inside of her right tit. She sat up more. "No hickies," she said.

"Ok, come kiss me, then," I told her.

She leaned down again to kiss me, and started riding me more slowly. I grabbed her ass with one of my hands and matched her rhythm, helping her slide up and down my cock. She slowly got faster and faster, and was kissing me harder, when she said, "Oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck, oh," and rammed herself down on me and bucked around. I felt her get so wet, and I could have, maybe even should have cum right then, but I held it together.

"I've never cum that fast before," she said, collapsed on top of me.

"Do you want to go again?" I asked. I rolled her over on her back and she was so light that I could just lift her up so my dick didn't even pop out of her. We started fucking her the way I wanted, elevating one of her legs so I could thrust deeper, pulling her thong farther to the side up her thing.. I mostly just wanted to see her tight tits flop around while I pounded her. She had such a tight body and was by far the hottest girl I've fucked to date. I knew I couldn't take much more of this before I'd have to cum, so I decided to take her from behind.

I can't believe she was still wearing that thong. It was getting so stretched out. When I got off of her, I lay down next to her and rolled her over on her side, then just ripped the weak elastic waistband. I shoved them out of the way, then started fucking that little spoon. I love taking girls that way because their pussies get so tight when they're on their sides and their legs just milk your cock. It's also great to fuck a girl on her side because you can feel her up so easily. Her tit, her ass, right there for you. You can grab her upper shoulder then tuck her arm under you. That way you can really handle her chest. They fucking love it when you grab their other wrist so you can feel them up with your free hand anywhere you want, however you want, and they can't do shit.

I had her like that, and I was close to cumming. I knew I only had a few minutes left. I let go of her wrist and told her to touch herself. She licked her fingers to wet them and started rubbing her clit. Her breathing got more shallow.

"Do you want to cum on my tits or in my mouth?"

"I don't know. Both."

I stuck my fingers in her mouth and she sucked on them, rolling her tongue around them so I could remember what it felt like. Part of me wanted to cum all over those lips and face and send them back to her boyfriend. I pulled my fingers out with a popping sound, then squeezed her tit, rolled one of her nipples around with my fingertips. Then, I ran my hands down her to her ass. I squeezed her cheek and started fucking her with more leverage. She was breathing faster now.

"You like getting fucked by me, don't you."

"Ohh, you feel so good."

"You wish I could cum in you."

"You can't, no! I'm not safe."

"I know, baby, don't worry. You just feel so good to me."

I fucked her extra hard for a couple of thrusts. She moaned softly. I rubbed my hand around her ass and into her crack. She was so wet down there I realized I could probably stick a digit or two up her hole. When I tried it, she gave another moan, and I pushed my fingers deeper so I could feel my dick shoving into her pussy.

She was rubbing her clit very fast now, and I figured she was only seconds away. She panted "My ass."

"What?" I was so close, too.

"I want you to fuck my ass." She was tensing up, about to cum. "I want you to be my first."

"Fuck," I said. This was too much for me. I started thrusting harder and harder. I could have cum in her mouth, on her perfect tits, in her virgin ass, but I knew what I wanted. I wanted my semen to drip out of her, and I was going to make it happen.

"Oh fuck," she said, and I could tell she was cumming. I shot one squirt of cum in her immediately, then another.

"I'm going to cum," I told her, as I pumped two more ropes in her.

"Don't squirt in me!" She rolled over, and I popped out.

I blew the biggest load I've ever seen, painting my cum all over her asshole, her crack, her cheeks, the backs of her things, and her cheating little slit. I can't even imagine how much of my cum must have already been pooled up in her.

We lay still for a minute, just breathing and holding each other, then she shifted around so she could inspect her lower half.

"You didn't cum in me, right?"

"Baby, I would never do that."

"Shit," she said, "I'm a mess. Do you have any kleenex?"

"No, sorry. Why don't you use your underwear?" I pointed at the tattered rag that was still around one of her thighs.

"Shit, they were a present." She took them off and wiped my cum from her. "What am I going to do with these?"

"Here, I'll take care of them." I took them from her and tossed them in the trash. "I'll take that out first thing tomorrow."


"No problem," I told her, then pulled her naked body close to me, completely exhausted.

I still have that crusty, tattered thong. In fact, I had them in my pocket the next time I wore my tuxedo, the next winter, when I was the English major's plus-one to the wedding. That cheating slut married her boyfriend about a year later, and they already had the cutest little three month old when they did. Weird, but the baby didn't look much like her husband.

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