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I absolutely know the reason I love SSBBW’s! I have an aunt named Joyce, who is my father’s s****r; yes, people gain weight as they grow older, but even when I was a c***d, Joyce was a very, large woman, weighing between 250-350 lbs. She was married to a man named Greg, who was significantly smaller, probably about 160 lbs.

Joyce was fun-loving, kind, and funny; all my siblings and cousins flocked to her, even though she and Greg didn’t have any c***dren of their own to play with us. However, we loved spending the night with her and Greg, who wasn’t as ebullient as Joyce, but who was also a kind person.

One weekend, when I was about thirteen, I spent the night with Aunt Joyce and Uncle Greg. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up, needing to use the bathroom, and went down the hall, which took me by my aunt’s bedroom. As I passed by her door, I heard noises that I had only ever heard in my imagination…a bed creaking and a woman moaning and saying, “Fuck me…fuck me…put your dick inside that wet pussy!” Instantly, my dick was hard, and, instead of going to the bathroom, I rushed back to my room to jack off my young cock, imagining my aunt’s large thighs and her ass shaking as Uncle Greg fucked her. Needless to say, I came pretty quickly with those images in my mind.

After that night, every time I looked at my aunt, I could only picture her large ass shaking and her tits swaying as she was being fucked by my uncle. Throughout my adolescence, one of my favorite fantasies was picturing Joyce and Greg fucking each other and remembering how she sounded as she begged my uncle to fuck her. Imagining that never failed to make me cum pretty quickly. And, of course—as I slid my hand up and down my dick—I always fantasized about me fucking her from behind so I could see her big ass shaking while I fucked her!

When I was 22-years-old, my uncle Greg died of a heart attack, leaving Joyce a widow at the age of 54. Not wanting to be alone for awhile, my aunt Joyce had a string of visitors staying with her for awhile, and, at one point, I was one of her guests. When I pulled up, she came out to greet me at my car, and as I unloaded my luggage, I couldn’t help myself but to steal glances at her large ass and her huge boobs.

After supper, Joyce and I went to the living room to watch a movie. We were both on the couch and, right after the movie began, Joyce lay down in my lap with her left arm d****d across my thighs as she faced the TV screen. I know that she was only seeking the physical presence of a loved one, but, still, I was caught by surprise, especially because of my fantasies of her. Thus—no matter how much I willed myself NOT to—my dick began getting hard; “No, don’t,” I thought to myself, as I felt it pushing against my pants and right against her arm. However, I guess now the thrill of being caught made it even worse because my cock swelled even further.

Now feeling my cock, Joyce leaned back to look up at me; “Oh, my, god, CJ,” she said. “Greg hasn’t been able to do me for a long time. I was hoping you would want to fuck me tonight.” Then she raised up, undid my pants, and lowered her head onto my dick. For the first time in nearly ten years, I was finally going to be able to fulfill my fantasy of fucking my fat aunt Joyce!

After several minutes of having my dick sucked, I said, “Get undressed.” She stood up, and we both took our clothes off. I knew I wanted to eat her pussy, but, first, after nine years of imagining it, I just wanted to see her big ass from behind while I fucked her.

I stood behind her and pushed her forward so that her hands were on the couch and her big, beautiful ass was before me. I grasped my cock and put it at her pussy lips, then slid it forward; it easily slid into her wet cunt. As I began slowly fucking her, I said, “Oh, fuck, Aunt Joyce! I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long! You are so beautiful and so sexy, and I’ve always wanted to watch you while I fucked you from behind!” Now I was fucking her faster, her huge ass shaking and her large stomach beneath us bouncing against my thighs as I fucked her hard!

“YESSS!” she screamed, as I fucked her, “Fuck your old, fat aunt’s pussy! Fill my cunt up with your cock! Give it to me! Give it to me! Make me cum! MAKE ME CUM! MAKE…ME….CUMMMM!!!!!” she screamed as she began quivering all over and so I suddenly shot my cum into her pussy to cum with her while I grabbed her big, sexy ass.

A few minutes after I came, we began fucking again, for the second time that would be only one of many!

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