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MILF & Young Teen Boy

Jerry had only met brads mum once before, so the thought of being alone in the house with her while he waited for brad to return from soccer practice made him a little worried.

He knocked on the door awaiting her to open it and let him inside, he listened and heard and heard someone come running to the door, a women answered the door, long black hair, glasses, wearing only a towel clearly showing the shape of her huge size F boobs, and smooth long shaved legs, she smiled,
"Im so sorry Jerry, i wasnt expecting you here for an hour! Brad dosnt arrive until 5:30"
"Oh god, im, im so sorry, i thought he said 4:30" he stuttered
"Oh darling its perfectly fine! dont apologize, please come inside! would you like something to drink?"
"oh no im fine thankyou miss anderson" he said
"Ok, well look, the tv downstairs is broken so ill show you upstairs into my room and you can lay on the bed and watch tv there"
Brad thought about it, he came to the conclusion to just agree with whatever she said instead of refusing causing further conversation
"Ok miss anderson, thats very nice of you"
"No problem at all darling! here follow me up stairs"
Jerry followed his friends mother up the stairs, he had never realized that she had such a nice ass for her age, he could see the two perfect buns peeking out from under her towel as he walked behind her up the stairs
"Just in here" she directed
"thankyou" he said, as she followed into the room first, she bent over holding the towel to her chest as brad sat on the edge of the bed, he watched her as she bent over fiddling with tv settings to get it to turn on, he sat in silence, before him he could see two lovely clear ass cheeks, she turned around in an instance causing Jerry to instantly look in the opposite direction to where he had been looking, he heard her giggle,
"well Jerry the tv is on, heres the remote, you can watch whatever you like, im just going to jump back in the shower, if you need me just give me a call"
without thinking about it Jerry nodded, then realizing that his friends mother had walked into the bathroom right next door to the bedroom.

He sat there as a few minutes passed and then he began to wonder about how old his friends mum was, he thought, Brad had told him his mum was 48 but she looked a lot younger then that, suddenly a loud banging sound and Jerrys named came from next door " *Bang* *Bang* Jerry! *Bang* Bang* Darling!" he began to walk to the bathroom door, "Uh, yes, miss anderson?"
"sorry love! do you mind collecting me two towels from the drawers in my room to your left?"
"Uhhh, sure thing miss anderson"
he walked to the doors shaking, he did not feel very comfortable with this, he collected the towels and returned to the door
"just leave them here miss anderson?"
"Oh no darling! come in please! I dont want to leave the shower and get the floor all wet now do I?"
"o, o, of course not, sure sure, thing miss anderson" his palms grew sweaty as he turned the door handle and closed his eyes tightly shut
"oh sweetie its perfectly fine, i dont mind if you see my body! open your eyes"
"i dont think its ok miss anderson"
"Oh honey! your too sweet! but really its fine! you wont know where i am if you dont open your eyes!"
"oh.. oh.. ok then.." he opened his eyes, for a second or two all he could see was bright white light, then finally his eyes adjusted and he he saw his best friends mother standing, completlely nude in the shower, it seemed like time stopped, the water ran down her long black hair, over her piercing blue eyes and her plump red lips, down past her collar bone and over her huge boobs and erected large nipples, down onto her slim stomach, then to her waist and then over her soft, tight, shaven pussy, down onto her long soft legs, only for Jerrys eyes to return up to see her large, plump ass, he finally realized he had been staring
"Oh my god, im so sorry miss anderson, i swear i didnt mean to stare, i didnt, uh, i just, im so sorry"
"Darling honestly its perfectly fine! it dosnt bother me! i am seriously quite flattered, you can just leave the towels there you sweet boy, ill be right out"
Jerry turned and powered walked out of the room closing the door, he had never been so embaressed, but he couldnt help it, he had never had sex and she was so beautiful, he laid back on the bed and thought about what he had just seen, his cock grew harder in his pants as he thought of it more in detail, without even realizing he was groping his cock and jerking it back and forth, he couldnt help it, all of a sudden he heard the water from the shower stop, he quickly took his hand from his pants and wiped them on his pants.

A few seconds later the door slowly opened, "thats strange" Jerry thought "she couldnt have dried off that quickly"
All of a sudden the door was wide open, and his friends mother was standing in the door way, dripping wet, fully naked
Jerry was shocked, he sat, in silence, only staring
"Well my sweet boy" she said walking closer to the bed "you already have seen me naked, and after my husband died i was so very lonely, so i thought we could maybe, have some fun" she said climbing on top of Jerry pushing him down onto the bed, she dripped all over him, "and i know you want to because i can feel that hard cock of yours bulging in your pants"
"but but.. uh miss anderson, your getting everything wet"
"Oh trust me darling, i was wet the moment you walked in the door when you arrived"
"but you see, im a uhm..its my first.. uhm.."
"are you saying your a virgin cutie? trust me, that makes it even more hot"

She reached down groping his bulge and began to bring her head down to his cock, she pulled off his pants and ran her soft hands over his throbbing cock, he moaned softly, "You like that sweetie?" he nodded, she smiled and began to bring her plump red lips to his cock, finally taking the head in her lips, she took it out and began to lick it from the base to the tip, then put it back in her mouth, this time deepthroating it, faster and faster, jerry laid back on the bed and enjoyed the feeling of his best friends mothers lips wrapped around his cock, she sucked it faster and harder, "cum in my mouth baby, i want to feel your cum in my mouth, i want to swallow it"
"Im, uuuh, sooooo, close, oh yes" he moaned as his cock throbbed while being sucked harder then anyone before, "im going to uuuh" he moaned shooting his huge load right into her mouth, he arched his bag while he came, still shooting into her mouth, once he had stopped she licked all the drips off his cock and finally swallowed all his cum in one huge mouthful, "yummy, i love young cock" she said rubbing her nipple, "now darling, your going to return the favour, i want you to eat my cunt"
"but miss anderson, are you sure this is a good idea, do you really want me to?"
"mmm yes baby boy, i want to feel you tongue inside me, please" she moaned as she laid on the bed in front of him and spread her legs, she ran her hands over her legs and curled her finger signaling for him to come closer,
without even thinking Jerry began to bury his head deep into her pussy,

he could feel the warmth and wetness as he licked her clit and flaps, he brought his fingers up to her pussy and buried them inside her as he ate her pussy hard, and pushed her hips into his face and grabed his hair and moaned for him "fuck yes, oh god, i love your young tongue inside me, fuck yes baby" he buried licked and fingered loving the taste of his her pussy, "oh, baby, put it in me, please, i want you inside me please baby"
"ok miss anderson"

She turned over onto all fours and began to finger herself, he looked at her asshole and her pussy in which her fingers were deep inside, "fuck me doggy style you naughty boy" she said taking her fingers from her pussy and immediatly putting them into her mouth, sucking her own cum from her fingers, he grabbed his once again hardened cock and pushed his cock into her pussy, at first the head of his cock then finally it all slid in, he had never felt anything like it, the warmth of the tight pussy wrapped his cock as he pushed in and out, he ran his hand down her back and softly grabbed her hair, "mmm you naughty boy, i love it, stick your finger in my ass to, yes stick in in there!"
without even thinking Jerry reached down and began to finger her asshole, she cried in pleasure, he fucked her while tugging her hair and finger her warm tight asshole, "mmm baby boy, im going to cum, lets cum togethor, oh yes uuuuh" she cried, Jerry began thrusting harder and faster feeling the cum build up inside him, she began screaming in pleasure "fuck yes! oh im cumming! fuck!" he thrusted harder shooting his cum deep inside her wet tight pussy, he pulled it out cum still dripping from his cock, she turned to look at him and sat on her knees, "here sweetie, let me clean you up" she moaned softly she sucked then remaining cum clean from his cock and they both returned to get dressed, they exited the room as Brad walked in the door, "oh hey jerry!"
"uh uhm," jerry began to stutter
"I was just showing him the tv upstairs!" said brads mother
"Oh yeah, the one downstairs is broken" agreed brad

Little did he know what they had been doing.





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