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L1 Lexi Seduces Uncle Billy

L1 Lexi Seduces Uncle Billy

By billy69boy

“Of course she can, Mary. It was thoughtful of you to call first and ask, but you know all of yours and Beth’s friends are welcome to stay with us when you come up to visit,” I answered, as I juggled the phone with one hand, and used the pool skimmer with the other. “Oh? A new friend you say? What’s her name? Lexi? Okay, I’ll try to remember it. See you all tomorrow then. I’ll have the pool clean and sparkling for you girls…okay, have a safe trip…yes, I’m sure I’ll like your new friend…oh; you KNOW I will, huh? Well, you and Beth certainly know what your Uncle Billy likes, that’s for sure,” I chuckled, “have a safe trip up sweetheart. Send my love to Beth and your mom…okay, bye,” I hung up, smiling to myself, and went about cleaning the pool in earnest.

They arrived late afternoon the next day, a five hour trip north for them. The girls tumbled out of their mother’s van, in unison, giggling and joking, their bags slung across their shoulders. It was hard to miss Lexi, with her long blonde hair and perfect body. She stood around 5’-7”, was well-proportioned for a school girl, and her smile was simply radiant.

“Uncle Billy, this is my friend Lexi,” Mary said rather formally. She grinned as she saw the expression on my face. I must have looked like I died and went to heaven.

“Hello Lexi, nice to meet you,” I muttered, as I held out my hand for her to shake. She kind of curtsied a little, and smiled at me as she accepted my outstretched hand. Beth followed, and hugged me warmly. “Hi, Uncle Billy,” she said, “where’s Aunt Barb?”

“She’s in the kitchen pouring drinks for dinner. I grilled up some burgers and dogs, and Aunt Barb made up a big salad for us”, I explained, as everyone made their way into the house, dropping their bags in the front foyer on their way through to the kitchen.

Barb’s s1ster Lauren hugged us hello, and volunteered to help, but everything was done except for the eating. Soon the kitchen table turned into a loud chat fest, with everyone seeming to talk at the same time. As I put platters of food on the table, I stole a glance or two at Lexi, and I was startled to see that she was watching me as well. I probably just imagined it, I thought to myself.

As I worked on the dishes, it was with great surprise and delight to see Lexi by my side, standing on her tiptoes so she could whisper in my ear. She said that she wanted to talk to me about something, and could we meet by the pool in a few minutes. Putting the last of the dishes away, I announced that I was going out to do a little gardening, and off I went into the backyard. No one even glanced up at me, as they were all too busy chirping away at the table. I opened the door and entered the cabana, which also doubles as a shed for my gardening tools, lawn mower and workbench. Within two minutes I was pleasantly surprised to see Lexi standing in front of me, wearing a big sheepish grin, and blushing a bit. I cocked my head and raised my eyebrows slightly, waiting for her to tell me what was on her mind.

“Uncle Billy…er…is it okay if I call you Uncle Billy?” she stammered nervously.

“Well, of course, Lexi, I will be honored if you do,” I answered calmly, even as my heart was thumping out of my chest. “…so, tell me what’s on your mind, sweetheart.”

Lexi’s cheeks flushed, and she cast her eyes down to the floor. “It’s just that…” her voice trailing off, “well, Uncle Billy, I’ve heard your nieces talking about you, and, well…I want you to do some of that stuff to me, “ she finally blurted out, although not much above a whisper.

My cock instantly filled my gardening shorts, and I could hardly breathe for several seconds. It seemed like it took forever to respond. “Oh, I see…well just what did you have in mind, Lexi?” I answered, in as disinterested a tone as I could muster, and concentrated on steadying my voice.

“Well, I’m not too sure yet, but one thing I want you to promise is not to tell anyone else, especially your nieces!” she insisted. “I don’t want them to get mad at me for telling you about what they said and all…”

“That’s fine with me, Lexi, it will be our little secret,” I assured her, and she smiled up at me. She stepped toward me and wrapped her arms tightly around my waist, her head resting on my chest. I could feel the firmness of her breasts, as she pressed them against my chest. She looked up at me, and all of a sudden she was all business: Looking around inside the cabana/shed, her eyes stopped for a few seconds, and she stared intently at my workbench. Then she looked up at me again, and said, “Meet me in here at 2AM. Sharp. Do you have any candles?”

“Yes we have a bunch of them we keep out here for when we lose power in storms”, I replied.

“Good. I don’t want to turn on any lights, but I would like to be able to see what you are doing to me,” she stated matter-of-factly. She turned toward the door, then stopped and looked back.

“Oh, Uncle Billy, by the way, I’m still a virgin, and I’d like to stay that way for a while…but I’m sure you can think of other things to do to me,” she smiled, as she stared directly into my eyes, then she walked out the door and back into the house.

My mind reeled with possibilities. Left alone, I could drop my defenses, and my whole body just shook, so violently that I had to sit down for a few minutes and calm down. I went over what had just happened in my mind, and I could tell that I was still in shock. Lexi was so adorable; I could hardly stand to look at her. Her young, firm body was beautiful to behold, and she had such a pretty face, framed by her golden blonde hair. Just the thought of her standing before me, ready and willing gave me a rush up and down my spine.

In the stillness of the night, I quietly pushed open the door to the cabana, and I was a bit surprised that Lexi was already there, sitting in a lawn chair. Her face was illuminated by a candle lazily burning on either side of her. She was wearing a black negligee in the shape of a mini dress, only skimpier and sheerer. Her erect nipples shown through the flimsy material, and I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties, because her legs were crossed. Her fingers were mindlessly twirling a lock of her long hair, and she smiled up at me, her eyes twinkling and mischievous.

“You’re late,” she whispered in a sexy, sultry voice, as she rose to greet me. As I approached her, she met me halfway, and immediately trapped me in a tight bear hug. “Thank you for coming out to play with me tonight,” she cooed, as she presented her lips to be kissed. She tasted sweet and minty, like tic-tacs, and it made me smile to myself. Her mouth was also on fire, and it wasn’t because of any mint candy either. Her tongue went wild inside my mouth, and I just hung on and followed her lead. Wow, how could a young school girl know how to kiss so well, I thought to myself?

Her hands were all over my back and my neck, and she had the nerve to grab my ass cheeks and squeeze them boldly and with authority. Finally she pulled away and held me at arm’s length.

“Everybody sound as1eep when you came out?” she asked. I nodded. “So what do you have planned for me, Uncle Billy?” she whispered coyly, as she looked up into my eyes, her hands behind her back…she was rocking to and fro, and jutting her proud tits out for me to admire, which I did. I guess she saw me leering at them, because she grabbed my hands and placed them gently on her pert teenaged mounds, and covered my hands with hers. Instinctively, I squeezed them gently, and I could feel their heavenly smoothness and hardness through the thin veil of black material. Lexi groaned and closed her eyes.

After a minute or so, she pulled my hands away, and guided them down each side of her slinky little night gown, until she reached the hem, which just barely covered her fine round ass. She used my hands to pull the hem up, and then she ran my hands up and down her bare hips, then back behind her body, stopping on her ass. My prior question about whether or not she was wearing panties was instantly answered. Her tight, firm bottom felt so good, I could have stayed right there for hours, getting to know her sexy ass in so many intimate ways, but Lexi had other ideas:

“Tie me up on your workbench,” she said, as she walked toward it, carrying the two candles, without sounding the least bit shy or self-conscious. It was then that I noticed she was wearing a pair of extremely high heels; black, to match her outfit. As I followed her over, she stopped in front of the workbench and bent over, leaning her upper body down onto the surface, and resting her head on her crossed arms. Not surprisingly, her negligee rose up and her bare bottom was revealed for my eyes only. She spread her legs provocatively, and wiggled her behind at me, giggling in anticipation of what might happen next.

I moved in toward her, my head and cock throbbing in unison. I realized how lucky I was to have this vision of beauty asking me to “do things” to her. My hands trembled as I placed them on her naked ass. Squeezing gently, I leaned down, and tenderly kissed each cheek, inhaling her sweet scent at the same time. I stretched her apart, and my nose and tongue attacked her most personal and intimate orifice. She squirmed and wiggled, as I licked her pucker, and f***ed my tongue deep inside.

“Ooooh”, she cried, as I penetrated her forbidden passage with my stiff tongue, darting it in and out rapidly. “Mm, Uncle Billy, that feels Sooo good! “ I continued to massage her ass cheeks, while I locked my lips on her sweet ass. But, remembering how she talked about wanting to be tied up, I stopped abruptly and stood up.

“What?” she cried out in protest, as I grabbed some rope and proceeded to lash her ankles to the workbench legs. “Oh!” was all she said, in recognition.
While I went about tying each of her legs to the bench, she spoke: “You know, Uncle Billy, just because I want to stay a virgin, doesn’t mean I want you to completely ignore my pussy. You can lick it or do whatever you want, just as long as you don’t break my hymen, that’s all.”

I received her message loud and clear, and knelt down behind her, and my tongue found her clean shaven, wet pussy. She yelped, as my hot tongue swirled around her engorged clit, and then plunged deep into her sweet pussy. She tasted so good, like young pussy does. It made me think of my lovely nieces. I tongue fucked her relentlessly, as I slid two fingers into her, being careful not to go too deep or too rough. Her outstretched legs began to quiver and shake, and before long, her body jerked uncontrollably, and I knew she was having her first orgasm at the hands (and mouth) of her beloved Uncle Billy.

Lexi stood up and turned around to face me, after I untied her ankles. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close. Her eyes twinkled brightly in the candlelight, and she grinned at me from ear to ear. I was speechless with gratitude to share this intimate moment with her. She whispered in my ear: “Thanks Uncle Billy that felt great.” Then she kissed me fully and deeply on the lips.

“Now it’s my turn,” she gushed slyly, “but I’m not thinking about any of that gentle stuff you did”. I must have had a puzzled look on my face.

“Uncle Billy, just work with me here,” she implored.

“Tie my hands behind my back,” she instructed, as she turned around, wrists at the ready. I wrapped a few coils of rope around her slender wrists and fastened them tightly together. She whipped around and immediately knelt before me, her face just inches away from my screaming cock.

“I want you to fuck my throat,” she stated matter-of-factly. She must have seen my eyebrows rise up two inches in surprise, my eyes wide and unbelieving.

“I mean it, Uncle Billy, grab my head and shove your hot dick down my throat and fuck it hard. NOW!” she demanded. Wow, I had to admit that I was shocked at her brazen demeanor, but I did my best to comply. I aim to please, if nothing else.

I presented my throbbing fuck rod to her eager mouth, and she tried to swallow it with one gulp, choking herself in the process.

“Take it easy, Lexi, not so fast!” I admonished. She took a deep breath, and swallowed almost my entire shaft in one try, holding me hostage in her throat while she sucked my shaft vigorously. I never felt anything quite like it before. I knew right away that I wouldn’t be able to take too much of this without blowing my load.

Lexi spit my cock out and gasped for air, tears running down her cheeks. When she could speak, she looked up at me pleadingly: “Hold my head steady by pulling my hair, and then bang my face as hard and fast as you can.”

With that, she wrapped her soft lips around my manhood, and seemed pleased when I took two fistfuls of her hair and rammed my cock deep into her eager throat, time and time again. The feeling of my balls slapping under her chin was exquisite, as I filled her throat with my hot meat. With my fingers intertwined in her hair, and both hands holding her head tightly in place, I proceeded to pound her hot mouth and tight throat for several strokes, until I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I pumped her throat full of my sticky jizz, ramming her throat rough and deep.

Finally empty of cum and energy, I slumped down into a chair, breathing rapidly, as I watched Lexi lick her lips and smile up at me.
“That was fun, Uncle Billy. You are pretty good at the rough stuff. I can’t wait to play some more with you,” she cooed, as I freed her bound wrists.

“I would like that, Lexi, yes,” I replied. As she nestled onto my lap and put her arms around me, I had to ask: “So, why the secrecy?”

“Oh, you mean about not telling the other girls?” she asked. I nodded.

“Well, it’s just that they tease me about being a virgin. They think I’m some kind of a Miss Goody Two Shoes or something, like I haven’t done anything yet. What they don’t know is I’d already been involved in a Dom/Sub relationship when I was 15, and my Dom was 29. He is my girlfriend’s br0ther. Even my girlfriend didn’t know about it. It didn’t last too long, because he wanted me to do his friends and fuck other guys, and I wasn’t into that. But he was the one who first throat fucked me, and I found out I really liked it, and the rougher the better.”

All of a sudden, my cock was up and standing at attention. Just the image in my mind got me so aroused, I couldn’t believe it. Here she was, checking me out for herself after hearing about some of my exploits with my nieces. I was honored to have gotten her attention.

“Well, Lexi, I will do my best to satisfy your every desire whenever we have a chance to play together,” I stated humbly.

“Oh, Uncle Billy, it will be very soon, I promise you,” she breathed into my ear, giggling and squirming around on my lap.

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