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The Next Night, Part 2

For Marcela627252, once again

My desire momentarily subsided following an unexpected and amazing footjob in a public park, I look around and notice where we are. "Yeah, absolutely we can go to my place. I actually don't live far."

We gather our things and start walking. We chat as we walk, and I can't help but notice that she hasn't put her sandals back on, she's carrying them in her hand. "Let me take those shoes from you. You'll need your hands: Hop on." I stoop so she can get on my back. She giggles. It is silly, but still I give her a piggy back ride out of the park.

My condo is only a ten or so minute walk from the park. By the time we arrive, my desire has built up enormously and I'm starting to get an adrenaline rush just thinking about what will happen inside. But I play it cool. I unlock the door, turn on the lights, and give her a quick tour of my place. It's one of those warehouse-turned-lofts, where everything but the bathroom is in one big room. There are some curtains that can be pulled in front of the bedroom, but now they're drawn back. Standing next to her, I get a weird thrill looking at my own bed, wondering what's going to happen.

"Make yourself at home," I say as I walk to the kitchen (really just a corner of the room) to fetch a bottle of wine and some glasses. I pour us glasses and bring one to her as she's trying to decide which of my two matching leather couches to sit in (they are arranged in an "L" shape to give a quasi-limit to the living room). I notice that her feet are really dirty from walking in the park. "Here. Cheers to..." I don't know how to finish. She smiles. "You know, you haven't shown me the bathroom."

We get up and cross the room. I open the door, flip the light switch, and she instantly says: "look at that tub!" There's an oversized clawfoot, antique but very nicely restored, near one of the corners, but at least two feet from the wall in any direction. "I noticed that your feet at least are a bit dirty from the wet grass... would you like me to run you a bath?" She says, "oh, yes please!" and leaves the room.

I put in the stop, turn on the faucet, and pull some candles out of a drawer, which I arrange around the room and light. Then I turn the overhead light off. I have't seen her in a few minutes, so I go to check.

She's turned off the overhead lights in my condo, and turned on five or six lamps, including the ones on either side of the bed. I can't see her, but I notice a pile of clothes back by the entrance. She must be on the couch, lying so that I can't see her from behind. "Go back and get in first. I'll be there when I hear the water stop."

I gladly do as I'm told.

Almost forgetting that I can't run as much water for two as I do for one, I turn off the spout. The second I hear it off, my dick starts to get hard, despite the hot water. I hear her feet pad across my floor. I close my eyes.

When I open them, she's in the doorway, naked. Although we've already fucked, and she just got me off earlier this same evening, I realize I've not seen her naked.She is stunning.

She comes over to me, and lifts one foot off the floor, not toward the water, but toward my face.
"Remember this?" She says. "I told you earlier that we'd enjoy ourselves a bit later. I feel like enjoying myself, don't you?"

"Oh yes," I say, almost moaning.

She steps into the tub, slowly so that I can see very inch of her incredible body. She sits down, facing away from me, and slides up, her back to my chest. I put my arms around her belly. "Well, I can't feel that at least part of you isn't relaxed!" She reaches around and brushes my hard cock with her hand. She then moves away, stands up, spreads her lips apart
and says, "I could use some help getting clean." I grab some soap, work up a lather in my hands, and I start massaging her, first at her shins, just below the knees and just above the water. I work slowly up one leg, massaging her sensually and leaving a coat of foam behind. When I get to her hips, I move--barely lingering--across her front, covering her pelvis and mons with foam, and only just barely dipping a finger into her pussy. Even though the water is hot, her pussy feels hotter, wetter... it's intoxicating.

I lather the other leg. Then her midrift, then her back. When I come to her tits, I slowly work the nipples with my fingers until they're hard and slippery with soap. As I move to her shoulders, I see her start to rub her own tits, pinching the nipples until they're still harder.

She sits down to rinse herself. As she does, I sit down too, and I take her left foot from the tub and massage it, cleaning away any grime still left from the park. Then the right. She moans, relaxes, loosens.

"Let's go get wet." She says, and stands up. I quickly towel myself, not well, and that I take her towel from her. I pad her slowly, carefully, adoringly-- my drying as sensual as my washing.

We leave the bathroom and start walking toward the bedroom. "No," she says. "There," and points to my couches.

"I want you to sit on that one, and I'll sit on this one." I bring her back her wine glass, I take mine, and we sit.

"You're going to look at me and touch yourself, and I'm going to look at you and touch myself. When I say, we can touch."

Shit. I haven't been less than 2/3 hard since we got to my apartment and my cock is already starting to ache a bit (of course, her incredible footjob may have contributed!). Still, I take a big sip, lie back, and I start playing with myself. I pull my foreskin back and stroke my cock slowly, mostly from the tip to the middle. "Longer strokes," she says. and I start going the whole length. She has her legs spread apart, one extended across the couch, the other up on the back of the couch. One finger is moving slowly but deliberately up and down her lips, sometimes moving to jiggle her clit. I see a drip of wetness fall onto my couch. I notice that my cock is heavily lubed with pre-cum.

"In a second, I want you to lie back and close your eyes." I look at her, stop stroking, and lie back. I'm pretty sure a smile crosses my entire face. Then I feel it. I hope my eyes to hers, her tongue moving from the base of my cock to the tip.

Then, she GOES FOR IT! She's got her whole mouth involved instantly and after about a dozen slides down my cock, she has the whole thing swallowed! When she comes up for air, she spits a giant glob of saliva onto my cock, uses her hand to rub it around, and goes back down. My brain turns off.

The next thing I know, we've traded places, she's on her back and I'm on top of her, kneeling with my cock moving and in out of her puzzy. Her left leg is over my right shoulder and I can't stop staring at her pussy lips, being parted rhythmically by the motion of my rod.

Then, I'm sitting on the couch, she's squatting, feet on my knees, and fucking me with her back to my chest. All I can see is her back moving, so the feeling takes over. I've never felt anything so powerful, so primal.

She dismounts, leans over, puts her hands of my coffee table, and says: "Spit in my ass. Get it wet." I do. I even spit on my fingers and insert two of them, making sure it's well lubed. "Sit back down," she says. She climbs back up but this time positions herself so that when she come down, I'm in her ass, not her pussy. It's amazing! Such a tight, perfect fit!

She rides me like this for a couple of minutes. Then she jumps off, kneels down, and takes my dick back into her mouth. I pull her up, and for a moment, I kiss her passionately. Then, I tell her to stand on the couch. When she does, I pick her up, supporting her bum cheeks with my hands, her knees crossing my elbows. I lift her slowly, she reaches down to position my cock to her pussy, and then I lower her onto me. As we slowly start to fuck while I hold her, I walk over a wooden support column, and I put her back up to it. With the little bit of support she can get from trying to hold the wall, she starts fucking me like crazy. It's almost all I can do to keep us from falling over, but my cock has never felt this incredible, and I can see our mixed juices foaming and dripping to the floor. There's nothing in the world that can make me stop...

She cries out, not quite a scream... more of a howl. "I want your cum!" She says. I lift her off of me, lower her to the floor, kneel over her. She grabs my cock and starts pulling it, hard. Within seconds, I'm shooting all over her chest, shoulders, face, the floor...

After I shoot, I crumple on top of her. We lie in each other's arms. Soaked with sweat, sex juices, and now my cum. When we recover from panting to something like regular breathing, she says, "You know, I could use another glass of wine and another bath. Both."

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