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Buck and Rachel - first FFM threesome - part 3

After I came, I sat down in a chair and took a sip of my wine. I watched as Rachel and Susan started to kiss and stroke and feel each other. After a while, Rachel moved down to Susan's breasts, taking her nipples in her mouth, and then kissed her way down her belly to her pussy. Rachel buried her face in Susan's pussy, while Susan moaned. I was getting turned on again - what a scene! I watched for a while as Susan started to buck her hips and then gasped with an orgasm. Rachel kissed her way back up to Susan's mouth, where they kissed passionately. Susan then returned the favor - kissing her way down to Rachel's pussy and started to lick and finger her. By now I was back out of the chair and getting hard again. I got on the edge of the bed and kissed Rachel's mouth, then took one of her nipples in my mouth. I then put my cock up near her mouth and Rachel started to lick it - she then told me to go and take care of Susan.

I positioned myself behind Susan, who was on her stomach, face buried in Rachel's pussy. I grabbed her hips and had her lift a bit so that I could get under her to start to go down on her. Her pussy was extremely wet and she had a clit that was larger than Rachel's. I sucked on it, swirled my tongue around it and worked a couple of fingers into her pussy. I could here Rachel moaning - I knew she was getting ready to cum. She did in a few seconds and Rachel responded by grinding her pussy into my face. I felt Rachel leave the bed - and then a few moments later felt her mouth on my cock - and then felt her lower her pussy onto it - I was slowly being ridden by Rachel while Susan ground down on my lips and tongue - I thought I might suffocate - but it was a hell of a way to go! With a yell, Susan came, drenching me with her juices. She lifted herself off me - I panted as I was able to breathe easily. Rachel also got off my cock. I got up and positioned both girls next to each other on all fours, both their asses side by side. I slide my cock into Susan's pussy, slowly pumping her, while I worked fingers into Rachel's pussy. After a short time, I reversed and slid my cock into Rachel and fingers into Susan. I switched again, and Susan positioned herself in front of Rachel so that Rachel could go down on her again.

I kept fucking Rachel from behind, increasing my tempo, balls slapping against her. Susan moved away from Rachel and started to watch, fingering herself. It was more than I could take, I pulled out of Rachel and came all over her ass and back. Susan moved over and put my cock in her mouth, cleaning it and then started to lick the cum off of Rachel. I was spent for now. We all sat back and relaxed, drinking some wine, cleaning off. Susan proclaimed it was a hell of a birthday and she hoped all the rest of them could be just like it.

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