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Lap Dance Heaven

Like most towns do these days we have our share of adult entertainment establishments. One day I decided to reward myself after a hard day’s work and visit one. As usual, when I entered the place in the middle of the day, the interior is very dark and I couldn’t see shit until my eyes could adjust. I walked in feeling like a blind man; my hands reaching out in front of me feeling around making sure I wasn’t going to run into something or someone. I hoped I wasn’t going to trip over a table but I didn’t mind if my arms wrapped around one of the ladies who were dancing there. Just as long as they didn’t grab one of the burly guys watching the dancers!

As my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness I found an empty table near the dance floor and sat down. Within a few moments a really young looking gal in very little clothing came up to me and took my drink order. I don’t think she looked more than 15 years old but I know she had to be at least 21 to work there. Damn, she was so petite and cute; the kind ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ fantasies are made of. Well, after I snapped back to reality, I only came in for the entertainment so I figured I’d just buy one beer and let it sit there.
Up on the stage a gal had been dancing when I first came in but the music was winding down and she was leaving the stage. She wasn’t carrying too many tips in her garter so I guess she hadn’t sparked the interest of too many of the patrons. But to be honest with you, looking around I only saw about 4 or 5 other guys around the place. And most of them were talking amongst themselves or with the bartender. Only one guy was talking with one of the dancers and they were in the corner at the bar.

As the music started again the next dancer came out. She was a very energetic gal about 5’8” tall with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. She had a long flowing veil that she flung around and covered most of her body with as she darted around the stage. Underneath you could faintly see a very nice very well tanned figure covered in a white g-string outfit. Throughout the dance she would only give you little hints of what was under the veil. For a brief moment the music faded from the first song to the second as she slid behind the curtain only to reveal herself once more for her second song. What my mind begged to be real was in fact real. She truly had one of the most beautiful figures I had seen in years. This gal was one of those gals you wondered, “Why was she working in a place like this?” With a figure like hers she belonged in Playboy or Penthouse magazines. Though tittie bars are notorious for crappy lighting, I could see fairly well, and I don’t think I could see one flaw in her skin. Not even a simple mole or beauty mark on her skin. Her breasts were natural and from my estimate the perfect looking 34 or maybe 36 either very full B cup or small C cup. Damn she was hot looking. For the beginning of her third dance, the nude one, I don’t’ think it took me more than 30 seconds to get off my seat and grab my wallet and open it up to grab a tip. I walked up to the stage and waited for her to come over to me. As she did I reached in my wallet for a single and at the same time looked her right in the eyes. I was mesmerized! As I took the bill from my wallet and tucked it into her half off g-string she bent down, looked at the bill, and then with a bit of a wide-eyed look said, “Why thank you very much, hon” and holding my face with her free hand kissed me on the cheek. As she slowly stood up my eyes glanced over her body as she backed away. Then I realized why she was so appreciative. Instead of a single I had grabbed a $20!! Oh well. She was worth it!!

Her third dance was pure torture. Though she was now totally nude she teased us all by keeping her arms over her breasts, hiding her nipples while she danced. Only once in awhile did she expose them when she would jump onto and spin around the pole in the middle of the dance floor. And when she did every guy’s eyes were following those nipples. Her pussy was shaved clean and was really nice. She had long lips that hung at least an inch and when she dance you could see them sway; that was hot. After she did her last dance she left the stage and the next dancer came on. She was not of the same caliber as the one before her. No one was!

About 10 minutes passed and I felt a tap on my shoulder. “May I join you?” I turned and to my delight stood that gorgeous dancer. Of course I told her yes and as old school as I am I stood up, pulled out a chair for her and slid it in for her as she sat down. “Wow, chivalry isn’t dead after all, is it?” I just chuckled and nodded. She thanked me for my very generous tip and then also told me that by the look on my face that she thought I probably made a mistake. She added she would at least come by and make up to me with a private dance. I admitted to her that I did make a mistake but I would have gladly “tucked” 20 “bucks” to keep her on stage. She told me I was sweet but she added that things were very quiet that day and since it was so quiet she was still going to give me a private lap dance anyway for being so honest. After a few minutes of idle chat she grabbed my hand and told me to follow her. Grabbing my now very warm beer we went to the private and dark dance area. The section is somewhat private in that it only has one way in and has a beaded entrance that hinders your view into the area. The three booths are well separated from each other so you can’t see what is going on in the other.

As the music started, standing in front of me between my parted knees, she removed her top and began her dance. Her breasts were perfect. They were natural like those of a 15 year old. Moving closer to me her legs began to interact with mine; her knees pushing mine further apart as they moved in closer. Turning around, with her back to me, she tugged on her g-string, bent over and tugged it to the floor. As she bent over her I leaned forward and kissed her ass. It was cool on my lips and I could feel all the little goose bumps on it. I could also see those nice long pussy lips of hers hanging down. I wanted to reach in and kiss them but I didn’t dare take that liberty. Standing back up she again did her dance and swayed around. As she lowered herself down onto my lap she lightly hovered over my groin waking up my cock. It didn’t take too much for it to start to stand up. I was wearing cotton shorts and was “commando” that day. The more she moved around the harder I got and the more my shorts moved around. It didn’t take too long before I grabbed my shorts and tugged them to the side so that the head of my cock would stick out the leg of my shorts. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact the first time she felt it against her thigh she reached down and touched it. That really was all it took and my cock really stood hard and tall. As she continued to dance I pulled even tighter on my shorts so almost all of my cock was showing.
She turned to me and whispered; “It’s really private here, you can lose the shorts” and with that she bent down and pulled them to the floor. My cock sprang up with freedom. With her back once against to me she went back to her dance. Slowly she lowered her butt down onto me. I wanted so much to let her lower herself right down on top of my cock but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. So I pulled my cock against my belly and waited for her to settle down against it. Perfect! She began to slide up and down against my cock like a pro. Damn, this was almost better than real sex. Well, not really, but it sure has hell felt great. Her ass and pussy with those long lips wrapped around it sliding against my shaft felt so great that I felt like I was inside her. I guess she knew I couldn’t take too much more of this and she stood up.

Turning around to face me she moved her knees together and got right up against my cock. Using her knees like hands they grabbed my cock between them as she rocked back and forth during her dance stroking me back and forth. Leaning forward she put her titties right in front of my face. This was an invite I was not passing up so I opened my mouth and took in one of her nipples as one hand wrapped around her ample boob and the other reached down to those sweet long pussy lips. Her nipple tasted sweet, like honey. She moaned and told me to suck it harder and nibble on it and to tug on her pussy lips. While I nibbled and tugged she reached down and grabbed my cock from between her knees and stroked it a few times. “Mm seems you like my dancing a lot, don’t you baby?” I couldn’t answer other than mumbling while nibbling. She pulled back letting her nipple pop out from the grip of my teeth, knelt down between my knees and said; “Now it’s my turn to nibble and do more…!” With one hand around my cock she wrapped her lips around my cock and feverishly suck on it. My head rested back against the seat and I closed my eyes. I was in heaven. As she sucked deeper and deeper her hand matched each stroke while her other hand massaged my balls. She must have known I was soon ready to explode because just before I let go with a load she took her free hand and took a finger and slid it into my ass and found my prostate and began to rub it. That was all it took and within seconds I was letting go with the largest orgasm I had had in years. She rubbed my prostate until she stroked every drop out of me. After a little clean up I thanked her for what was the best lap dance I had ever had and gave her a very generous tip.

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