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My own personal nurse

Last week I came down with a small cold I caught at a time out with some friends. I decided it was best to stay home and rest my head. Leanne called like she normally does every morning to check up on me before class. I explained that I was sick with a cold. She asked to come by after class in the afternoon and I told her she can come over anytime.

Later that day Leanne arrives. We hug and kiss as she walks inside my apartment. Leanne cooked dinner for the both of us. She asked if she can stay the night to keep an eye on me since I was ill. I told her yes and she asked to change in my clothes for pajamas. I gave her a pair of clothes too large for her to wear. But I thought it was cute to see a small Asian girl who is really cute wearing my clothes. We get into bed to cuddle. I rub my sore feet together. she notices and ask if I would like my feet massaged. I nod my head yes. She gets the lotion, pours some on my soles of my feet and begins to rub my feet. Never had my feet received so much love. Leanne and I joked around as she rubbed my sore big feet. I noticed her concentrating on my feet as she massaged them. Since I have long feet like a rabbit I decided to playfully rub my feet on her face. I use my right foot to rub her cheek softly. She sees my toes rubbing her face and kisses my toes. Giggling I asked her to kiss my feet. Even though I have a foot fetish I thought it would be kinky to have my girlfriend to give my feet love. By now she is licking my soles and sucking toes. My cock getting hard I begin to rub my cock. She notices. Leanne decides it's my turn and puts her feet to my face. Her feet are dirty, but I could care less. I smell them as they touch my face. Her small pedicured feet rubbing my face. It was her turn for her feet to be loved. Sucking her dirty toes, licking her soles, kissing her feet; anything made me hard. Leanne suggested to rub my cock using the lotion. By this time I could tell she was horny. Not wanting to pass up a golden opportunity. I take the blanket off and strip my pajamas off. Easy as making a pie. She is sitting cross legged at my cock. With the lotion in her hand she begins to pour it on my erected dick and balls. The cold lotion felt like I was being tickled in a way. Her hands now rubbing my dick I begin to moan. I don't know if this genetic or just common belief with Asian women, but Leanne was a master in massages. She was sucking my dick and playing with my balls. Looking down at her I saw her feet by my hips. I grab her feet and position them on my dick. He soles resting on my johnson. without a beat she begins to use her feet up and down on my cock. Toes gripping my shaft as her feet rubbed my hard cock that was getting larger. Up and down, up and down her feet went hitting my balls and rubbing the head of my penis felt great. Looking at her having fun giving me a footjob felt awesome. She was playing with herself while she gave me a footjob. I decided I wanted to make sweet love to her. Sitting up I leaned forward face first to her crotch. I loved how she can read my mind and took off her pajamas to allow me to eat her pussy. Eye-to-eye with her wet pussy brought out the a****l in me. I went face first eating her pussy inside and out. Her body tingling with pleasure. With myself on top of her I positioned myself to fuck her. Her firmly underneath me I push my dick inside her pussy. She moaned as the tip of my head enter her and she got louder as my dick with deeper with every inch. My body thrusting my cock inside her felt good. I forgot feeling sick and loved every second I was fucking her. Her pussy tightening around my cock as I went balls deep. We were inseparable. It felt like molded into one person. My cock inside her as we rolled over. She was on top of me and in control. We started to go slower now and we locked lips kissing. She used her tongue which felt great. In the mirror I could see our reflection. My face poking out looking at her on top of me. Lowering my hands to grip her ass I begin to go hump her harder. I grab her and sit up. Eyes locked we kiss. Standing up I still have her in my arms. My dick still insider her pussy. Nothing has felt more empowering. I loved how she lets me have total control. She told me she loved me and I told her I loved her too. We made out and got back onto the bed. I was on top again. My body was telling me I was ready to cum. By this time we were both sweaty. I was balls deep when I came insider her pussy. A huge cum load unloading inside her. Her hands scratching my back as she orgasimed. We feel asl**p together that night. Her in my arms as we dreamed away.

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