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My Best Friends Grandma

My best friend Chris left for College a couple of weeks ago and I felt it would be a perfect opportunity to go see Norma. I had met grandma Norma and her husband Fred several years before out at there small farm. From the get go Norma openly flirted with me and it seemed like Grandpa Fred didn't much care. Plus to make matters more difficult she sometimes wore a night gown that every one could see thru, I could clearly see her herendous sized boobs with big thumb sized nipples, hanging a bit low. Chris said several times 'my grandmother really likes you, why don't you fuck her with that big dick your always bragging about''hay I told grandma that you have a really long dick and I'm telling you she just about creamed her bloomers in excitement' I'd punched him in the arm saying that would be gross and I wasn't interested in such because she was married. Chris thought the whole thing was all to funny and laughed to no end but I sure didn't, I'd get hornier than hell being around her and there was no doubt that she had caught me gawking at her, she had to have known my lust for her.
Well when Chris left for school I thought up the perfect excuse to go visit Norma. Fred and Norma had sold chicken eggs for years so I decided to call them my hands were shaking, being so horny and nervous. Luckily Norma answered the phone 'Norma' 'yes', 'This is Timmy, Chris's friend' her voice immediately perked up with excitement 'Oh hi Timmy, I haven't seen you in a while, how have you been? 'Oh just fine' 'How are you doing? 'Alot better since you called' my voice cracked with sexual excitement 'Are you still selling chicken eggs? 'We sure are, Freds at work and won't be back until six but I'll be here all day' 'Is it ok for me to come out to the farm right now and buy some chicken eggs' 'Oh you sure can' 'bye' While I was driving over there my dick was engorged and laying down the inside of my pants hard as steel. When Noma opened the back kitchen door she was wearing her paper thin night gown and a bit of make up which was a bit unusual and invited me in. I flirtingly said 'You sure do look beautiful this morning' 'Why thank you, why don't you give me a kiss you sweet handsome man you' We had always done a hello kiss before but this time instead of a quick kiss I deliberately started kissing her, she picked up on it real quick and grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down into her giving me a torrid pasionate kiss. It was like throwing gaseline onto a fire as we wildly kissed each other. After about fifeteen minutes of kissing she was more than ready for some more serious action. She backed up to the edge of the kitchen table and I pulled up her night gown, up over her head. She hoped up onto the home made but very sturdy kitchen table and I moved into her parting fat legs. I quickly dropped my pants and underwear around my ankles and was hobbled like a damn horse. My dick sprang up as I grabbed it and put my egg sized dick head at the enterance of her hairy pussy. Too quickly I thrusted forward all eight and a half inches of my uncondomed hard dick into my best friends huge tited grandma Norma, taking her breath away. She grabbed my right shoulder with her left hand and held on, looking deep into my eyes with mouth ajar. She gasped for breath and started to scream uncontrollably. A minute went by and she gasped and said 'ohh Timmy I knew you wanted me, now fuck me good with that big young cock of yours' her dirty talk really turned me on as I fucked her. I looked down and blurted out 'oh fuck you've got some huge tits' she gasped out 'you like my big tits Timmy' 'oh yes, yes I do' she labored thru screams and gasps 'Chris is right you are very big and oh so fucking hard, are you going to squirt in me? 'ughaa,ughaa, yaa but it's going to take a while' After ten minutes of wild fucking, I pulled out and stepped out of my pants, I threw a fat leg over my right shoulder and re entered her. she semi screamed 'ohh fuck me Timmy' as she rested her elbows on to the table, looking at me with glazed eyes, morbid approval and screaming the whole time. After several minutes her head fell back and she yelled at the kitchen table lights. 'oh fucking God Timmy, I'm gunna' she started to hum out a wine. There was no doubt that Chris's horny neglected grandmother was climaxing, years of sexual frustrastion blew as she continued to wine in delight. Like a dumb ass I continued to fuck the hell out of her. Norma had openly and deliberately flirted with me in front of Chris and her poor husband and now she was getting what she so richly deserved. I starred at her huge boobs laying on the sides of her chest wanting so desperately to suck on her nipples and play with them but instead I just fuck the shit out of her. Her pussy was too good of a feeling on my dick. Thirty secounds later she started to wine again and I thought wholly crap she climaxing again but this time I cheered her on by saying 'that's it! cum over my big dick' The thought was afterward; Hot damn! Chris's grandmother is one hot fuck! and we are just getting started, her old man wouldn't be home for hours so we'd have plenty of time. After her climax died down I pulled out of her and helped her off the kitchen table. 'oh my lord Timmy, I believe we need to go up stairs' her legs were wobbely but we made it up stairs into the spare bedroom. I layed down and she crawled up and impaled herself on my still hard dick then proceded to fuck her brains out cow girl style as I played, sucked and fondeled those gorgeously huge tits of hers. We've spent hours together since then and another perk is that I get all the fresh eggs I want.

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