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Krista's 18th birthday

My 19 yo ex-gf Kendra's parents were on vacation last weekend, so I was able to go to her house instead of having the usual hotel meeting with her and her bf Isaac. I was happy because I'd save some money anyway. I got there early Saturday...Kendra had just dressed and said she had to run to the store to get some things for her s****r Krista's birthday party. Krista had turned 18 yesterday, and Kendra and Isaac and some friends wanted to throw her a party before her parents got back. Kendra left and I turned on some porn to watch until she returned. Kendra had lots of group sex dvd's :) I had just gotten into one when I heard a noise from upstairs. Went up slowly to check, and found that Krista was home.....her bedroom door was cracked just enough to see in. I guess her bf had spent the night. When I peeked in I saw just 18 yo Krista (blonde, brown eyes, about 5" 6" and 115 lbs...nice perky titties like her s****r Kendra) sucking this dudes big dick. They were 69ing, and Krista was underneath with her head almost hanging off the bed. This dude was pumping her mouth roughly, and fucking her little bald pussy with a nice sized dildo. I immediately pulled out my cock while I watched and listened to Krista stuff his big dick in and out of her little mouth. But I had assumed wrong as the bathroom door inside her room opened, and some other dude stepped out. He asked Krista if she was enjoying her 18th birthday present! Krista popped the cock out of her mouth and groaned her pleasure. So this guy was her bf and had let her fuck another guy for her bday. Krista motioned for him to come over and he stuffed her mouth with his dick too. She really loved that shit...two nice big cocks stuffing her mouth! I was frantically rubbing my rock hard dick, and my elbow bumped the wall...busted! Krista got up, saliva running down her chin from the double blowjob. She said "Oh you're Kendra's bf right?". "Kendra and I talk about how you, her, and Isaac fuck all the time...I LOVE two cocks, but why don't you come in and then I'll REALLY have a nice birthday present!" Like I was going to argue. Krista hopped on her boyfriends dick, his buddy stuffed her mouth, and I stuck my dick in her dripping pussy along with her boyfriends. We fucked her hard and watched her suck the friends cock. Her bf really got a nice view because he was underneath and got to look up and see her sucking and jerking off his buddy's huge dick. Krista was having so much fun getting two cocks in her little teen pussy while sucking another off. Then we switched positions...she got in on her hands and knees, and I fucked her solo, while her bf and his buddy laid down in a scissors position so she could suck both of their cocks at once. Krista sucked them together, rubbing the heads together when she took them out of her mouth....and jacked them off while sucking them both. I could barely hold out fucking her smooth tight pussy and watching the double blowjob in front of me. Uh oh. Kendra had gotten home and had been watching her s****r fuck the 3 of us. She was FURIOUS. Only because she had missed so much fun! Somehow just her watching was a real turn on, and all three of us came....I watched her bf and his buddy cum in her mouth, the hot semen running down her chin...she tried to suck it all of it up. With that I shot a huge load into her tight teen pussy. Kendra came over and sucked my cock clean. Then she had the other two guys stand up and sucked their cocks too....she LOVES cum, so whatever Krista missed, she ate up...moaning that she wanted to be fucked like her little s****r just was!

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