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Orgy, or decide

I was 19 years old and boy do I remember that night like it was yesterday. My friend Kay just moved into her new apartment, I already had my own place and had a roommate named Mindy. Mindy, Kay and I have always been friends since high school. Mindy and I decided that we wanted to have a girls night out, just relaxing drinking beer, chatting. We called up Kay and asked her if she was up to it, which she was. We all agreed that night beach would be the most relaxing.

We went to the store and got some beer, and a bottle of vodka for shots. Loaded up my car and we were on our way. Since none of us were planning on going into the water we wore shorts and a tank top. It was arounds 7pm, the sun had been down for about an hour and the beach was dark and quiet. We made a little picnic and started chatting. Kay's "fuck buddy" Ronny (none of us had boyfriends) at the time called her up and asked to come over. She told him we were at the beach and conviently he had two of his buddies from out of town staying with him.

Kay invited them down to the beach, Mindy and I saw no harm in making new friends. The boys showed up about 30 mins later, they looked average. Nothing special in my opinion. We sat on the sand, took a couple pictures, had a couple laughs, took a couple shots. It was all in good fun. rain started dripping and we decided to all regroup at Kay's new place. She lived about 15 mins away from the beach, when we got there we all sat on the living room floor and Steve (one of Ronny's buddys) came up with the idea of truth or dare. It started off really innocent, but as expected with any group of half d***k adults it got less and less innocent with every request.

Steve dared Kay to lick his neck, Kay dared Ronny to kiss her butt, Ronny dared Mindy to suck on my nipples, Mindy dared me to flick my tongue on her clit so forth and so on. Ofcourse with all this licking and sucking you quickly had a room of very horny people. We ran out of liquor, and started to get sober much sooner than we wanted to. With that, the dares got more innocent, Mindy dared Steve to show the group his five fav sex positions using me as his lab rat. Fully cloth, we started with my legs on his shoulder, then with me straddling him, the third position was doggie style...I felt his very hard cock pressing against my ass, I knew he was very horny. The forth position was with my legs wrapped around his waist in missionary, his hard cock pressed directly on my pussy.

I looked in his eye and it was as if we had an unsaid agreement, he lowered his head and we started making out, his trust his tongue down my throat and I lapped at it like a kitten with milk. He bit into my neck and squeezed my breast. I heard the faint sounds of my friends whispering in the back ground, I could bearly hear anything over my heart beat. I remember Steve asking for a condom and my very tight shorts being yanked off my hips. He next thing I felt was a very hard cock filling my pussy. His dick was so hard and hot, it filled me right up. He went streight to work pounding hard in my tight pussy. I moaned and bit my lips as he fucked the daylights out of me, I opened my eyes once to see my friends still sitting on the ground with there mouths wide open in amazement.

He flipped me over and arched my back so my ass stuck up, he f***ed his throbbing cock down my pussy hole and pounded hard. I screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I heard similar sounds coming from the floor as I saw Roger licking at Mindy's pussy and Ronny fingering Kay's cunt. I was being fucked so hard that my mouth was drying out. I heard the words "fuck me" slip from Kay's lips and I was amazed to see she and Mindy had switch partners. Roger was pounding Kay's pussy hard as Mindy f***ed Ronny's cock down her throat.

I erupted in a violent orgasm. I was frail and weak and ready for Steve to come. Not a moment too soon Steve pulled his cock out of me, yanked the condom off and sprayed his load all over my big ass. He grunted and moaned, never letting go of me while he came. I fell on my side and felt the warm come run down my ass, Steve and I curled up in each others arms and watch our friends fuck like a****ls on the ground. The boys came almost spontaniously, both blowing there load on the girls tits and faces. After everyone was rested, we cleaned up and got dressed. The boys left, but Mindy and I stayed the night.

Steve and I hooked up a couple times more while he was still in town. We have lost contact we each other over the years though.

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