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The day that I discovered my cuckold fetish

In my country there are not the same racial problems than other countries, but some people (in special old women with a conventional way of though or envious white guys) still consider a taboo when they watch a white girl having a relationship with a black guy. It's not the same when young white guys have a relationship with ebony girls. Inside male though, it's ok and talk a lot about the good sex that they would be going to get.
My wife had a black boyfriend before me. When they brook up their relationship and Susy became into my wife, we had the nex conversation one night.

(I)-Have you ever f***ed a guy to have sex?
(My wife)-I haven't had the necessity to do it. A lot of guys wished have sex with me...but I'm thinking about Axel. In some occasion we had something like that.
-Did you f***e your ex to have sex using your strength?
-Well I had to f***e him but not using my strength...women we have another recourses. It was during our first holidays. We were having sex under the shower. I was so excited but he was even more excited than me and cummed immediaely. He couldn't wait for me.
He dried up his body and dressed to g for breakfast. I stayed naked and told him I was needing to cum. He didn't understand me. He said me that he was hungry and we might have sex after the breakfast.
Then I became crazy.
-What did you do?
-I walked toward the door and I kicked it violently. I shut it with the key ans said him that "none of us were going to go out, until he make me cum".
-And how did you f***e him to have sex?
-I turned him on until he begged me to have sex.
-How did you do to turn him on?
-At first I rubbed my ass over his dick. Later, I went down on my knees and, I gave him a good blow-job...he reacted quickly through an incredible erection. He begged me to allow him to fuck me.
-Did you fuck over your bed?
-No, we didn't.
-We could not reach the bed (due the excitation). We fucked standing against the clothier's door. He penetrated me by behind.
-Could he finally make you cum?
-Oh yes!
-And did you scream during your orgasm?
-A little.
-How did he do to obtain a new erection just few second after his first cum (during his refractary period)?
-Well, he had a good tool down there. Moreover, he was with me and I'm so sexy, don't you think?
-Yes, of course! But do you know not all men can do the same?
-Yes I do, but he never had erection problems. He could make me cum easily because I was so exited! That morning I had a terrible excitation.
-And what about him? Did he cum too?
-Yes, he cummed again during the standing fuck...only few seconds after my orgasm. I was still gasping when I heard he was having a new orgasm
-Did you feel better after your ex made you cum? What about him?
-Both of us remained so relaxed after our fuck. It was great!
-Your ex boyfriend is a first class male. He has an incredible potential and virility. I could not have done better than him. I would like watching you and Axel have sex in front of me. I would pay for that!
-Do you think? Perhaps it's only a fantasy for you...
-I don't think so. I think it would be wonderful if you could have sex in front of me. I would be so excited watching you fucking with your ex black boyfriend, that I would suck his cock if it necessary.

That was our first conversation about this topic. I hubby discovered that day, that I had an interracial fetish and a cuckold fantasy with my wife's ex black boyfriend.
I asked her for a lot of more details after that. I looked for pics from her and the ex...and I found some of them.

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