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Back Off Pub Fuck

I was out in my local pub with a few of my girlie friends. we had been in there for a few hours and i noticed a hot indian guy keep checking me out. I went and stood at the bar next to him, he smiled and offered to buy me a drink so i asked for a double vodka & pepsi. I got my drink saying thank you, his name was Raj, we talked for a while before we both headed outside for a cigarette. We laughed and joked and Raj kept complimenting me how fit i was and how he wanted to fuck my white pussy.

Being d***k and horny I said he could and asked him to meet me round the back of the pub in 5 minutes. I told the girls id be back in a few minutes, they didnt batter an eye lid and so i went off to meet my Indian hunk. Sure enough Raj was waiting for me and we wasted no time.

We locked lips in a passionate kiss, his hands instantly went down to my thongs, within seconds they were down by my ankles and Raj was playing with my white pussy. He was fingering me so good i was enjoying it. I pulled out his big cock free from his jeans. I couldnt belive the size of his tool. I wanked him for a few minutes then got on my knee's and started sucking him. It felt so good having a big thick heavy cock stuffed in my mouth. I played with his tanned balls while giving him a great blowjob, his balls felt full so i sucked faster. Raj couldnt hold back anymore, he turned me around into doggystyle postioned and pushed his indian cock into my white tight pussy. I let out a cry of delight. Raj held my hips and started pounding me really good and hard. Raj had his hands now on my white titties playing with my nipples sending me crazy. He knew how to fuck a white girl good. Raj must have been going at me for a good 10 minutes before he told me he was going to cum, before i could say anything, he already had, Raj had cum deep in my pussy, and he didnt even have a condom on, He held his cock in me for a few minutes making sure none of his cum seeds escaped my pussy. Just then an old guy came stumbling down the alley way so Raj pulled his jeans back up and i adjusted my dress and put my tits back in. As i walked i felt his cum started dribling out my pussy and slowly easing down my thigh. I then sat in the pub my friends all knew i had just been fucked as they laughed and pointed at Raj.

One of my friends wasnt happy because I had just cheated on my now ex boyfriend.

I sat there for the rest of the night my pussy full of my indian lovers cum oozing from my white tight pussy....

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