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Many years ago my daddy married this attractive blonde woman named Samantha she was cute had money and was really nice to me so I went to stay at her house for the weekend best choice ever I was 12 I wanted nice things and to be around nice people and she seemed ok to me one thing I didn't count on was she was married before and as a 12 year old wide eyed trusting c***d I didn't think much of it until I meet him Markuss a 14 year old who pissed me off he poked me annoyed me yelled screamed and acted a total ass to me for a week I dealt with him but my mom never raised a fool I decide to beat him at his own game and when I tell you I did I beat him whooped his ass I was the most annoying c***d you could ever imagine so he said sorry and we became best of friends playing chasing and sl**ping together we were like 2 peas in a pod lol but then I noticed he paid a lot more attention to what he wore how he acted and the way he smelt around me but yet again being 12 I just kinda brushed it off so one night after eating dinner and going to bed I asked him why he acted so weird around me and he said because he liked me but yet again 12 kicked in and thought he mean friends so I just laughed and gave him a hug saying I like you too and imagine my surprise when he says really and shoves his tongue down my freaking throat I was so surprised scared and oddly turned on so him being 14 was stronger that me and he had wrapped his arms around me so pushing away not an option so I just went with it then he started moving his hands up my body and I'm not that big so not much ground to cover before you hit my spot then he started rubbing my ass and I could only think what the fuck man your touching me this is wrong but my body was saying what the fuck man your not moving fast enough hurry up and do me he payed me on the bed slowly and gently which felt good I mounded and grounded as he kissed my thighs and rubbed my navel all I can remember saying was don't stop Markuss don't you dare stop I clutched the spread as he slowly undressed me and then he undressed himself and got on top of me and being a virgin of men and women I just followed what he did but with a certain flair to it I moved slowly and sexy and he loved it then he did it he started rubbing my hole and all he said was your tight for now he slowly and gently slid his dick inside me and to me at first I felt a bit of a painful burn then all I felt was pleasure now he was big and thick to be 14 so his slow pushing felt a bit painful the first few times they he adjusted me and he pumped as hard as he wanted giving me all the pleasure I wanted while still getting his we rolled tossed and turned all the time he was still in me then I got the upper had and pushed him on his back and I rode for what felt like hours then out of nowhere he just started moaning louder and I felt something warm and wet fill me and at first I was very surprised then he pulled out and cum dropped and then gushed from me wetting my thighs and legs and fell on his chest both of us breathing hard and tired I went to sl**p naked wet warm and on top of him and to this day were still together I love him I love Markuss

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