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Goodnight treat.

Hi. I'm Brandon. These happened when I'm still working as a Salesman. our company provides us a staff house so all the employees in one branch live together. Our house has two rooms. Me and Rob (my staff) shares the same room. three of my staff in the other room and two more in the living room. All in all we're seven.

It was the end of the month so we received our salary. Me and my staff decided to go to a disco bar since we don't have work for tomorrow. We drink a lot and dance and dance until 2 in the morning. We we're all d***k and decided to go home. Since everyone was d***k we all fell asl**p easily.

I'm not sure if what time it is, I went outside to pee. As I return to my bed, I've noticed that Rob does not wear anything. His right hand was place in his head, his left hand in his right nipple and his dick was semi erect pointing on the right towards me. Damn I'm no gay but it really turns me on. I stared as his cock for a minute. I want to touch it and suck it. I look at his face to check if he was asl**p. He was snoring so he must be deep asl**p. I raise my right hand and touch his dick. My heart is thudding so fast like it was going to explode. I touch it again and wank it. It starts to get hard. I wank it until it was fully erect about 7". I swallowed so loud that feels like I'm thirsty. I glace again in his face, still no movement. I bend my body and lick his head. Damn it feels so good! I inhale a lot of air and suck all his length. I can't explain what I feel but I really like it. it taste like salty with a smell of soap. I move my mouth up and down and suck his dick so slow. As I'm sucking him a felt his hand on my head. I freeze and I don't know what to do. I looked at him and he smile back.

"why did you stop?"

"sorry I did not mean to hmmm----"

He grab my head and return it to his hard cock. I suck it again this time with passion and eagerness. He fuck my mouth so deep and I almost choke but I did not care. He moans saying "oh god, oh shit..oh yeah..." his voice was so sexy.

As I'm sucking him, his hand rub my back until he reaches my ass. Put inside my boxers and take it off. Grabs my hard cock and wank it so fast.

Never in my life that I felt this so good. I have hooked up with girls before but the passion I feel inside was like everything.

He holds my head and pushing it slowly upward like guiding it to kiss his abs, his nipples, his neck until I reach his lips. I kissed him so wild and wet. Our tongue playing inside our lips moving so hard and swallows each others saliva.

"Lets do 69" he told me.

He pushed me to his left and he positioned his dick in my face and he face my 6.5" dick. We suck each other. Men he was so good! I feel like exploding on that very moment. It only takes few minutes before I exploded. He release my cock and wanks it until it was done. A minute passed and he exploded in my mouth.

He lie down next to me and looked each other for a couple of minutes without saying anything.

"I never thought that your gay" he said.

"Me either, I only find out now"

He kissed on the lips and hug me. Since then we became closer to each other. We spend our nights with full of joy and passion. There are more. When we first have our anal sex. when we went on our company seminar. when we did it on the beach. I'll tell them to you next time.

I hope you enjoy reading it. Sorry I'm not a good writer.

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