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In praise of older women- another true story

I’ve always fancied older women, ever since I was in primary school and used to look up the teachers skirts! However, as I’ve got older (I’m now mid 50’s) that little pleasure has become more and more remote.
That was, until last night………………………………
I popped out with a mate to the local pub for a couple of drinks, but found the place jam packed with OAP’s. We were lucky to get a seat and found ourselves alongside a couple of “older women” who were apparently by themselves. We got chatting and found out that they’d just moved into a new development up the road, which catered for the older clientele. They’d also been there since early afternoon as it was a social gathering with other people from the development. They had obviously had a few drinks beforehand!
To be honest, whilst they were probably mid to late 60’s they looked really attractive and were definitely out for a good time. We found out they were both widows and shared a flat on the development.
Anyway, one thing lead to another and we were invited back to their flat for a “coffee”. As soon as we got there, my mate volunteered to make the coffee with Anne, whilst I sat in the lounge with Gloria chatting about nothing in particular. Gloria looked really smart dressed in a dark pencil skirt and coloured top. She had nice legs for her age and was wearing quite high heels. She sat opposite me on the couch- her legs not quite together which gave me a good peek at her thighs. No stockings here though, just good old dark tights- never mind.
I enquired where the coffee had got to as Anne had been gone some time and was promptly told that Anne was “probably fucking your mate! Why don’t you go and find out!!”
Easing myself out into the hallway, I could see one of the bedroom doors was slightly ajar, and lo and behold there’s Anne and my mate on the bed. He’s stood over her and she’s giving him Head like it’s going out of fashion……
My cock is stiffening pretty quickly I can tell you! Turning round to return to the lounge, I come face to face with Gloria who simply asks “Want me as well?”
Guiding her back to the sofa, I ease her back and slide my hand between her thighs running my fingers up to her fanny, slowly rubbing her clit through her tights and panties. At the same time she’s rubbing my cock through my trousers and shoving her tongue down my throat at the same time. God I need to fuck her.
She asks me to strip and I quickly remove all my clothes. She takes off her skirt and blouse, and removes her tights. She puts back on her shoes and lies back in just her matching bra and panties- her legs wide open showing the outline of her pussy through her gusset.
She continues to stroke my shaft, but to be honest, after a skin full at the pub, it’s not rising to its best despite Glorias attention. However, she has a plan……

Quickly Gloria lets down her hair and uses the elasticated hair band to put over my shaft at its base- she then eases it around my balls as well, and voila, after a few moments with her mouth, my cock is back to its normal hard state- Good old Gloria!
It must be a sign of advancing years- I’m having trouble getting a hard on after a few drinks, and Gloria’s pussy, for want of a better word, is “dry”. Only one thing for it, and that’s a good oral session on her fanny. She slips off her panties and lets me go down on her after a bit of persuasion (“my old man never did that to me….”) and I ask her to hold her lips open so I can give her clit the attention it deserves- it doesn’t take long to get her juices flowing and she tastes absolutely superb. Gloria is “ols school” and probably hasn’t trimmed her pubic hair in a long time. It’s quite thick and spreading up her stomach and down her thighs and it really turned me on.
She didn’t take long to reach her climax, but was quiet when she came. She suddenly got very wet and her whole body tensed and shook. She lasted a long time.
I didn’t want to spoil things with Gloria, and could tell she wasn’t up for full penetrative sex (probably out of respect for her old man) but she did agree to toss me off on the sofa, so I just leant back and let her do her stuff. Slowly at first, but then harder and harder, and then stopping just before I came, telling me that “she would decide if I was to cum” She also sucked my nipples as she was wanking me off which I found a real turn on.
Eventually, she relented and took me over the top- my cum seemed to go everywhere- in her face; over her tits and dribbling onto her belly. God she was good.
Will I see her again? You bet!
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