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Fate: Noun
"The Development of events outside a person's control, regarded as determined by a Supernatural power."

The last few months had not been going well for Sam, he lost his job and his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. After bouncing around from job to job he landed in a garage. A massive step down from his last job but thanks to a love of Cars given to him by his Father he was happy. He quickly found a kindred spirit in Owen, a fellow Mechanic and car buff, the two became fast friends.

On one particular evening Owen was invited to go out for a night of drinking and asked his friend Sam to tag along. Sam wasn't much of a drinker but accepted his friends request out of kindness.

Being a "lightweight" came back to bite Sam in the ass as he got wasted after only a few beers. Not one to Abandon a friend in need Owen took Sam back to his place and plopped him on a couch to sl**p it off.

The next morning Sam was still kinda out of it. Owen found himself in desperate need of Coffee so leaving his friend passed out on the couch he left to hit up the corner Starbucks. Out in the hallway he happened upon his s****r Julie who was just coming home, her shift at the Hospital having ended.

"Hey b*o, you're up Early." Julie said.

"Shhh, not so loud!" Owen whispered.

He went on to explain a little of what I just told you, so we'll move on.

"So, I'm gonna get a couple cups of Java. You mind watching my friend Sam until I get back?"

"Sure no problem, I'm to wired to sl**p anyway." Julie said tapping Owen's shoulder.

Julie slipped into the Apartment and found a man roughly Owen's age sl**ping off the previous nights bender. As she gingerly stepped into the kitchen the sl**ping man stirred.

"Oww!" Sam grumbled as he sat up clutching his forehead.

"Want an Asprin?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, the size of a Buick if you have one."

"Sorry, only normal size." she said handing him a handful of pills and a glass of Water.

Sam quickly downed the pills and gulped the Water hoping they would work fast.

"Not much of a Drinker huh?" Julie asked.

"I used to be, that was ten years and 120 pounds ago. Now I truly am in every sense of the word a Lightweight."

Sam sat silent for a moment looking for his missing shoes while Julie poured herself a tea. Not one for awkward silences she spoke up.

"How long have you and my b*****r been close?" she asked.

"A few Months, ever since I started working at the Garage." Sam said.

"Have you been a Mechanic long?" she asked.

"Fixing cars has always been a passion of mine, a hobby passed down from my Dad. It's recently been my Job because I lost my REAL job".

"And what was that?"

"Until recently I was head of Sales for Zetronic."

"The Pharmaceutical Company?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, how do you...?"

"I work at Mercy Cross Hospital, we get a lot of our stock from Zetronic. Why'd they let you go?"

"Corporate Downsizing aka The Boss gave my Job to his Douchebag Nephew."

"Damn...I'm Julie by the way." she said.

"Huh that's funny!" Sam said.

"What is?"

"You're Owen's s****r right?"

"As I said."

"Owen Grabinsky, when he introduced himself I mentioned I knew a Grabinsky once upon a time. Her name was Julie too."

"Really that's odd, where did you know her?" Julie asked.

"Long way away from here. Loomis Colorado, Mr. Fredricks 6th period Algebra."

As Sam spoke he heard a soft clatter of Julie's teacup hit the saucer.

"Man what a tool, he'd always rag me. "Mr. Fletcher, the problem isn't gonna solve itself!" Sam said in an uptight, Nasaly voice.

"As bad as it was the one good thing about that class was Julie Grabinsky. She was this really shy kinda quiet girl who would always sit in the corner and scribble in a notebook. Everything Mr. Fredricks would say she scribbled down."

"So she was a Nerd?" Julie asked

"Some people saw her that way but not me, not by a long shot. She had this energy about her, a quiet beauty that none of the other Bimbo's in class could even touch."

"You really liked her huh, you ever ask her out?" Julie asked.

"I was gonna once, but I was very heavy and self conscious."

"What ever happened to her?"

"No idea, we came back from Winter break Junior year and I learned she moved. I finished school, joined the Marines went overseas saw combat for like two minutes, got injured and went to college on the GI has it really been ten years."

"You ever think to find her on Facebook?"

"She's probably Married by now." Sam said.

"Or not, she could be single. Working such crazy hours in a Hospital that they leave little time for a social life."

Sam stood to his feet, he could feel his face burning bright red with embarrassment. "You lose the glasses?"

"Contacts...and I dyed my hair." she said with a Smile.

Sam's eyes went wide as his words came back to him. "I just Realised I sounded like a creepy stalker a while ago." he said sitting at the kitchen table.

"I think it was sweet, I felt Invisible in Highschool. It's nice to know someone actually saw me."

"So what happened during Winter break?" Sam asked.

"Our father got Transfered and we moved out here." she said.

"Oh my God...your b*****r Owen he was a year behind us!" Sam said gently thumping his head with his palm.

As Sam and Julie sat at the Kitchen table reminiscing about old times the door opened and in stepped Owen.

"What was his throat permanently clogged or something!" Sam said with a chuckle.

"What do we have here?" Owen asked.

"Oh Owen you're not gonna believe this!" Julie said.


"This is Sam Fletcher!" she said grinning.

"Yeah I know what his name is." he said.

"Samuel Fletcher, we were in School with him in Loomis!" she said giggling.

"Really?" Owen said.

" fact hold on."

Julie ran to her room and grabbed a book then hightailed in back.

"Oh my god 'Constitutions 2003' our yearbook!" Sam said

Julie flipped through the pages until she landed on Sam's photo.
"Wow would you look at that, what are the odds?" he said.

As Owen Marveled over the sheer insanity of a shared past Sam found his gaze upon Julie, as their eyes met she smiled. Fate had seen fit to give the pair a second chance, and Sam was ready to dive in headfirst.

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